How to Get Rid of Bumble Bees Naturally Without Hurting?

How to Get Rid of Bumble Bees Naturally

Bees are not our enemy by any means and you should not be thinking to get rid of them without any reason. Usually, when someone looks for how to get rid of bumble bees naturally, they actually mean not to harm these creatures, just a way out to keep them away due to quite a few reasons.

Maybe you or a family member suffer from a severe bee allergy, which means a single sting is enough to kill. Or simply because you don’t want your kids to get a sting anytime sooner. Perhaps there are some really aggressive bees trying to be offensively hurtful and you need to do something about it for your family’s safety. There are even more stories to wanting such a thing as getting rid of them. Let’s talk about both the non-drastic methods for now.

How to Get Rid of Bumble Bees Naturally with Less Harm to Them?

Now nobody is encouraging you to think about killing the poor thing. If you believe the situation can be handled without completely removing them, then try a few not-so-severe ways first. You can follow some really simple and less cruel methods to sidestep any potential harm from bumblebees. Keep in mind, that this is not a thing you do for fun. If the nests are pretty far from your residential, you can leave it alone and not try absolutely anything.

Please remember that bees are very important to us and the whole world. The threat of extinction to them around globe is really painful and one should seriously try their best to not harm these beautiful livings without any reason.

On That Note, we’ll talk about some non-lethal ways and then provide lethal hints just in case hoping you’ll be responsible enough to know the difference between right and wrong.

How to Get Rid of  Bumble Bees Naturally Without Hurting

First, Try Nest Relocating

Now, this can be a bit risky to do as disturbing a bumblebee nest is an invitation to get stung. It’s also a threat to their life cycle because without new queens there won’t be several generations coming or existing. However, if you’ve decided to take the risk instead of killing them, here’s what you need to do:

Look for a specific site that does not expose to prolonged sun. This can be a few feet away from the original site. The spot also needs to be free from any vibration due to wind or human. Bees are usually tired during the night so you can try moving best at that time. Also, bring a red light for the mission as bees cannot see in that color. You must also wear proper clothing with long sleeves and pants. Don’t forget the rubber gloves too.

When moving the nest, try not to breathe as it’s enough to alert clever bees. If it’s a bird nest box then it’ll be easier to relocate. You just need to plug up any hole for entrance as well as openings and then take it down. It should remain on the level while you relocate. The nectar of bees can fall if you accidentally tip nest. Once you place the box up, take plugs out at noon.

If the nest does not contain a moveable thing, try making a suitable one first. Plant pots are a great option. You can also use large wooden boxes. Using a shovel, pick up the nest and put it into your made structure. You can also use a spade. It should stay stable as well as upright. Then you can relocate the nest with whole structure.

Essential Oils Can Help

Essential oils are great to get rid of bumble bees naturally. The clove, citrus, cinnamon, and peppermint ones are really good at repelling bees. Simply use some cotton balls to soak them with these oils. And then place them around your house.

If you want a repellant for your body then make it with peppermint, lemongrass, and citronella essential oils. Another recipe includes witch hazel along with lavender, peppermint, and tea tree oil. You just need to spray these solutions on yourself as well as your clothes.

Some also say that mixing essential oils with water and then using it on outdoor gatherings as well as decks or patios works excellently to repel insects. Once a week is all it takes for good results.

Now when it comes to using cinnamon, you need to be a bit careful. This can be dangerous for bees. In cases, the low doses can help to treat honey bees that suffer from disease-causing bacteria. And so, this helps with no potential damage. But if you go for high doses, which means more than 10% oil solutions, it can kill honey bees. The bumblebee is a larger variety, but it still can be a pretty dangerous for them. So be aware of what proportions you use.

Garlic to Keep Them Away

Another amazing kitchen found insect repellent ingredient is garlic. It comes with not much threat to even the adult bees. In fact, this can actually help to prevent some diseases especially in commercial colonies of honey bees.

Garlic works wonderfully due to the fact that bees hate its smell. Also, it helps to mask the attractive odor of flowers nearby your home avoiding bees to come around. And this also makes sure the bees are taking shelter somewhere else far from your house. Simply use the extract of garlic or its powder form. You can also boil one whole garlic in 16 oz of water for at least ten minutes. Then use that water as a spray to keep bees away.

However, even if it’s quite non-toxic, you should not put the spray or powders directly on or near the nests of bumblebees. That would be pretty unnecessary and dangerous for them.

Wrap Up

Now you have a few ideas on how to get rid of bumble bees naturally without causing any death. But sometimes the situation goes out of control. Handling bee nest might not be a very good idea for you, and once you’re releasing this single point, it’s best to leave the job to experts.

Also, sometimes the nests are laying on some difficult to reach areas near to your home that you cannot really deal with. If the situation demands professional help, it’s best to not ignore and call someone at your place.

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