Complete Guide on How to Grow Strawberries in Pots 6 Effective Guidelines

How to Grow Strawberries in Pots

Who won’t love the idea of having super sweet fruits throughout whole summertime? And if that’s a fruit grown by yourself, then the fun becomes double. Strawberries are great for such ideas and usually, you can cultivate them inside low maintenance tiny pots. Your deck can get some extra decoration meanwhile you grow some good stuff on it.

Now some may wonder why not grow them in gardens instead of pots. Well, these fruits are super ideal to grow in a compact tucked space without any problem. So, if you let them grow in a strawberry container size that is pretty small, chances of pests like slug attacking the sweet guy will also be pretty less.

Also, the pot grown strawberries are usually less prone to fungal diseases as well as bacteria. But to make all these good things happen, knowing how to grow strawberries in pots the right way is essential.

Let’s Know How to Grow Strawberries in Pots with

Some Effective Tips.

To get you started with all the information that you’ll need in this strawberry growing journey, this entire guide should come handy. From the usefulness of strawberries, best growing types to actual planting plus growing guide, I’ll keep you noted with everything hopefully by end of this.

The Benefits of Strawberry.

The silhouette of strawberry with heart shape, this is one tiny package that has all benefits hidden inside. From protecting your heart and enhancing good cholesterol to controlling increased blood pressure and even cancer guarding, you’ll get all these with it.

The fruit contains a high number of vitamins and fibers. An antioxidant called polyphenol is also high in levels inside strawberry. It contains zero sodium, fat, cholesterol, and a low number of calories. Not only this, but strawberries are also a rich source of potassium and magnesium. Eight strawberries contain the same amount of vitamin C as an orange.

Another fantastic fact that you may not. It’s not a fruit in reality, nor a berry. It’s one huge receptacle of the flower. The ones that are plump and deep red with a medium sized firm body, are perfectly ripped to consume.

The Right Type of Strawberries to Grow.

Before knowing the actual process, let’s figure out what type of strawberries are best fit for such cultivation. In general, you can grow literally any type of strawberry inside a pot or even a basket. However, a few types will fruit only once in a year. While some are good to yield over months.

The June strawberries are very generous to harvest for many weeks in summer. You get huge and sweet berries with these. Home gardeners love it and there are more than a few varieties to try with these. The best time to plant these is during late, mid, or early season.

The varieties that are good to harvest from late spring are day-neutral strawberries. These harvest through autumn as well. However, the size is pretty small compared to June varieties and also ever-bearing types.

Over the course of seasons, one variety produces many medium harvests. It’s the ever-bearing strawberries. These are also known to be less winter hardy. You can easily secure them during winter using some straw made mulch o or even shredded leaves.

Choosing Right Pot is Important.

The ones that come with urn shapes are best for strawberry growing. In variable areas, this needs to come with some holes down in the sides. Those holes may later result in looking messy but it’s still effective with growing strawberries.

The small plant comes with a very shallow root structure. And that’s why these are easy to plant in such pot. Also, it helps in allowing less contact with soil. And so, it reduces the chances of fungal and bacterial diseases.

You can easily cover these pots using straws or even sawdust. Go for pots that are made from plastic, wood, or even ceramic. The plastic made pots are pretty light in weight. However, these are prone to blow over.

Clay made pots that come with waterproofing agents can also work great. The ceramic made pots however with some good coatings can last you a long time. But these come with some extra weight. You can pick any of these that suits your conditions.

Planting & Growing Strawberries.

You will need a watering can and garden trowel. Also get strawberry crowns or seedlings, some liquid fertilizer, a potting mix, and a planting pot for the process. Then follow the instructions given below.

How to Grow Strawberries in Pots

1.Let’s get the plants ready for planting.

The bare root crowns or seedlings will be fine for starting strawberries. However, the ones that start in a tiny 3- or 4-inch pot will be able to grow better compared to bare-root crown types. In every direction, this plant will spread 2 feet most probably. So, when you are using a tiny pot, one or two plants should be in your planning.

2.Time to add the soil.

Now you need some potting mix. Go for the loose and loamy type to fill pot. It needs to hold water well. However, also make sure this is good in draining away any excess.

3.Planting phase.

Now you are ready to plant the strawberries. Make sure to keep the crowns a bit above soil surface. You want to create a tiny mould in the potting mix as well. Now carefully spread the roots. The root up to crown needs some covering next using potting mix. You also need to water the soil well. Once the soil settles with water, you can add more potting mix if necessary.

4.Placing the pot in right location.

The pot needs to stay in a spot that receives sun for at least six to eight hours. Also, if sunlight is one-directional in the spot you placed it, make sure to rotate your pot every three days. You should do something about protecting the plants from pests as well. Use some netting and fencing depending on where you place them.

How to Grow Strawberries in Pots

5.Regular watering is important.

If the soil looks dry even one inch below surface you should water it. However, don’t let the plant sit in a very watery or soggy soil. During the fruit forming phase, make sure to avoid any chances of dryness. Keep the fact in mind that water in a potting soil dries quicker than in ground. If you leave in a very hot and dry climate, regular watering is essential.

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6.Using Liquid Fertilizer Occasionally.

You want to add some supplementary; feeding for the plants at least once every three to four weeks. Use some high in phosphorous liquid fertilizer for better benefits.


And that’s pretty much everything you should be aware of while trying to grow strawberries in a pot. Knowing the fundamentals and small details of how to grow strawberries in pots may sound extra. But it’s important if you want to safeguard your attempt of growing some sweet results.

Be extra protective towards the plant during winter and don’t leave them in freezing temperature. You should also replace plants that are more than three years old as that’s when they start to die. The best rule of growing strawberries in pots is by considering them as annuals.

Keep enjoying lush leaves and lovely petals along with its colorful fruits by maintaining it the right way.

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