How to Hang Outdoor String Lights on Deck – 6 Ultimate Guide!

How to Hang Outdoor String Lights on Deck

The wholes summer was well spent out on your deck space. Now even after sunsets, you want to spend your good time out there. But not in darkness for sure. So, getting some cute outdoor string lights to make the whole space dreamier is what you’re thinking of. Kudos to That Idea!

The beautiful ambiance and glow of string lights can make your outdoor space so much more elegant and cozier. Today I’ll be talking entirely about how to hang outdoor string lights on deck and it won’t take very much effort nor time.

Here’s How to Hang Outdoor String Lights on Deck:

There are quite a few ways to achieve a proper hanging of string lights in your deck space. Let’s get into it.

steps of How to Hang Outdoor String Lights on Deck

1. Start with a Good Preparation

There must be a plan in your mind about where you want to hang lights on your deck. Start by simply laying them along the deck. Then hold them up. You would be able to decide from where these need to be supported. And then get a pencil to mark the spot. You can also use a piece of painter’s tape. This spot is where lights will attach with support posts.

Now here a few things that need your attention. First of all, make sure the supports are around eight to ten feet apart. That’s the sweet gap to help in holding string lights better. Also, try to have a friend or family member to help you with the whole process.

Another thing you want to take care of is about leaving a little slack. This slight amount of slack in string light will allow better hanging results. Also, you want to ensure that there’s a nearby power outlet for the plug. And that’s all about the preparation for hanging outdoor string lights on deck.

2. Selecting Your Supplies Sensibly

You can hang your string lights on one of these two things. Some furring strips. Or simply go with a thin wooden post. Furring strips are great for hanging less weight stuff such as string lights. These are pretty thin, usually comes in one to two inches.

Apart from these, you can also go with wooden posts. The latter works better if there’s a chance of heavy wind or rain. As these are strong enough to withstand such climate conditions. Another factor to look into with these is getting enough posts for supporting all string lights. You can get the wooden or firring posts at your local hardware store easily for pretty reasonable pricing.

3. Give the Posts Some Paint

Think about using some matching stain to make those posts go well with your existing deck. You are about to fix those posts to the deck, and anything that does not compliment your deck’s existing color might not be a good inclusion by the end.

So better go with some color or pain themes. You can blend the posts with your deck. Or go for an accent post. By adding stain or paint, you also increase the strengthening factor of the posts. These will last longer because of the extra layer.

One thing to note is buying paints or stains that are compatible with outdoor use. Also, make sure you give the stain enough time to dry completely before using. In case there is existing paint on the posts, simply remove and repaint it.

4. Cup Hooks to Posts’ End

A tiny and curvy shape is what cup hooks consist of. There should also be a screw on one end. This helps to hang the light from posts. Before actually installing these to your deck, try attaching it with the posts. That way things become easier. At the very end, attach the cup hook. This is the area where the light will start hanging. You can manually screw these hooks to post. Or try some power tools such as a drill for creating holes. Just ensure the hooks are going all way in. And also, you need to secure it properly to post before proceeding.

Another tip here is relating to purchasing the cup hooks. This time also you want your cup hooks to match the deck. At least something that will complement the décor. There are silver and gold color options that usually works pretty well. However, you can also explore other color options for these, a little time spend in a local home improvement store is usually all it takes.

5. Installing the Posts on Right Spot

The installation of posts in your deck is not a very complicating thing. You just need to make enough efforts for creating a secure attachment. Go for nails or screws, whatever feels comfortable to use. Just safeguard the main purpose which is fixing firmly.

Measuring the pot’s height can also help. As you’ll be able to maintain a similar level for all of them while mounting. This will give a clean look once you hang the strings. When mounting, you can go either inside or outside of the deck. Both are fine so following your preference.

In case you are using furring strips, be as gentle as possible. These are pretty fragile and quite easy to get a crack if you try hammering or drilling too hard.

6. Finally, Hang Beauty

Now you have the supports ready for getting lights on it. Simply go from one post to another for stringing lights. Make sure the plug is closer to a working outlet. You want to maintain a loose hanging. So, there’s a slight under strain outdoor elements to the whole thing. All you are left to do is turning those lights on and enjoying the beauty.

Wrap Up

And that was all about how to hang outdoor string lights on the deck. Most people would prefer to use their deck space for such lighting themes. However, if you only have a patio to work with for hanging the string lights, then go with a planter instead of wood poles. You can find out more about how to hang patio lights without nails if you don’t want gaps messing with the whole clean outlook. In both cases, the end results should be sparkling, shining, and comforting.

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