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How to Hide Under Cabinet Lighting Wires with 7 Cool Hacks

When you think about areas that are quite decidedly dark and a bit dingy by looks, then probably a few kitchen corners and sections will be on that list. Especially the ones that are of countertops. Here because of cabinet’s above part, usually, main ceiling light is unable to enter the area.

This is definitely not good news for those who spend a lot of time inside their kitchen. And so, figuring out ways to fix this lack of illumination may encourage you to go for an under-cabinet lighting system.

Now, one problem got solved while another just hit your space. That extensive network of wiring now is left uncovered. And it is making the entire kitchen look quite untidy and messy. But don’t be stressed so soon, there are quite easy fixes on hiding those wires. Let’s talk about some of the handiest and simple methods on how to hide under cabinet lighting wires.

How to Hide Under Cabinet Lighting Wires

Here’s How to Hide Under Cabinet Lighting Wires – 7

Mind-blowing Ways.

All of these methods are a mixture of preparation, forethought, planning, and smart design hacks. You can use whatever best fits your kitchen space and under cabinet lighting problem.

  • If You Haven’t Yet Installed the Lighting
  • Try Hiding It Inside the Cabinet
  • How About Recessed Lighting?
  • Think About an Additional Panel
  • Cabinet Lighting Wires Are a Good Fix
  • Find Some Wire Channel Strips
  • Use Wooden Valances

1.If You Haven’t Yet Installed the Lighting.

In case you understood the possible wire situation inside your kitchen and decided to first find a fix then go for installation, then you’re indeed smart. The cables can be easily hidden if you simply install lighting at cabinet’s back area.

It should be right against the wall of your kitchen. You can then use some reflective paint on the bottom of cabinet. So that countertop can have illumination popping better each time you turn on the lights. Once you mount wires on cabinet’s back area, it’ll be much easier to hide cables onto the wall. And this will not require you to run any of the cables to cabinet’s front side that is visible.

2.Try Hiding It Inside the Cabinet.

You may want to get the maximum illumination going on your cabinet’s front area. So, you’d like to stick with installing it at the front of cabinet. In this case, to hide wires, you can simply try to keep them along the inside of cabinet. It’s not very hassling and needs a few easy extra steps.

Simply create some tiny holes on the very front of cabinet. Make sure it’s on the area that cannot be seen. And then you can run those cables inside these holes. Keep running them along the front of cable and bring it around side. So that wiring the cables to switch is possible. You can use vinyl to cover the cabinet’s bottom. And it will also avoid cables from being noticed.

3.How About Recessed Lighting?

Recessed lighting is a great way to hide cables and at the same time, it won’t interfere with space of your cabinet. In this case, you’ll need to make a bottom extension on your cabinets. Make sure that the recessed lighting is kept at a height of 2 inches. This will help in making the extensions stay aside from intruding counter space. Also, it’ll make the whole look more put together.

You may need to replace the cabinet frame to a piece that is wider. So that the new extension has enough accommodation. You should also try making the bottom extension detachable. Simply fix the panels to frame cabinets. Use screws or nails here. This removable feature will make it easier for you to repair or replace the lights when in need.

4.Think About an Additional Panel.

Now maybe you don’t want to go for the hassle of recessed lighting. In that case, you can still go for the conventional under cabinet lighting and simply add an extra bottom panel to hide it. Some even go for adding trim to hide under cabinet lighting.

Along the bottom of your cabinet run those wires and secure them into place. Then add the extra panel. You should create holes corresponding to where these wires will run to fixtures. And then it’ll be simpler for adding the panel over wires and mount lighting on it.

To make it matchable with the cabinet, you can also use some paint or stain. You can stain the entire thing yourself to make it look as even as possible. Use tiny screws for attaching the panel. So that it’s easier for you to remove or repair the light wiring if there’s a situation later on.

How to Hide Under Cabinet Lighting Wires

5.Cabinet Lighting Wires Are a Good Fix.

Underneath the cabinets, if there are spans and so, wires are hanging down, then you’d simply need some pinning here. Wires staples are okay to use if you’d want to. However, these invites hammering which isn’t very pleasing for your cabinet bottom. It’s also quite less appealing overall and might mess up the whole kitchen decor.

So, the best fix is definitely using some under cabinet wire clips. These usually come with an adhesive backing. And so, as an alternative, these are pretty convenient and less problem creating. You can check different types of clips and go for the ones that work best with these.

6.Find Some Wire Channel Strips.

Cable protectors are basically a wooden rectangle. You can get them of various lengths to match the wires. Using a cable protector is also a great hack for hiding those running wires that are visible. There are different finishes available with wire channel strips.

So, you can surely do some findings and get a suitable one for your cabinet. You can also try using some paint or stain to match the color of cabinet. It just needs to match cabinet or at least the surrounding. Instead of the wires, these look much better since it is straight enough to provide a neat outlook. Another great thing is that it’ll also protect the wires from damage.

Using a router tool simply create a groove into the wood. This is where the wires will lie in a bundled way. Then you can install the cable protectors over wire bundles. And this will hide those unattractive and untidy looking wires just like that.

7.Use Wooden Valances

In some lighting fixtures, the hanging design from underside of cabinet makes it harder for you to hide fixture or wiring. In that case, you can simply use a wooden valance. You just need some wood adhesive here. Then simply extend the cabinet’s front face and install wooden valance into underside.

If the wood doesn’t go well with your cabinet’s color, then use some stain or paint that can make it close to remaining furniture. And that way it’ll look much better. To keep the wires hidden, simply use some tie wraps or staples. And that will make the whole look complete.

Wrap Up

And that’s basically how to hide under cabinet lighting wires using some common tactics and hacks. There’s no doubt that under lighting fixtures are super practical, compact, and also versatile in making the countertop more work-friendly. Once you deal with the visible wiring issue, it’s going to be one great kitchen part that makes your life easier. Also, the best time of such planning is before installing under-cabinet lighting. Since then you have quite a few things to do on and the end result will be more put together. Also, you’ll be able to have access to a huge range of ideas to try in such a setup.

However, it’s also alright if you’ve already installed the lighting. There are still some solutions that can help you make any obstacle aside from keeping your kitchen looking stunning.

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