10 Beautiful Types of Vines to Decorate your Garden.

Types of Vines

Some are annuals while others are perennials. The deciduous types exist and so does evergreen kinds. There are even flowering and no-flowering varieties. And then again, the ones that love sunshine are quite opposite of shade dweller types.

I’m talking about vines of different characteristics. Yes, there’s a lot of variety to talk about when it comes to vines. And that is mostly good news for someone who would want to use vines to decorate their garden and make it even prettier.

But to decide which vine type will best compliment your traditional, cottage or contemporary concept garden, you need to know a bit more deeply about the popular types. And so, today we are going to talk about 10 types of vines that are our favorites.

Here are 10 Different Types of Vines That Are Great

for Beautifying a Garden.

There are types of vines that grow on trees as well as the ones that take over fences, separators, and even pergolas. Depending on how your garden looks and what would fit better both in a holistically and aesthetical way, the choice needs to be yours.

Types of Vines


The growing season from spring to fall is main period to witness a lot of varieties of clematis blooming. The perennial comes with showy flowers that are full of variety in colors and form. You get to see flowers from palest pink to even the deepest purple shade.

Some come with a marvelous sweet scent. Usually, clematis loves to keep head part in the sun. And it grows well with its feet part in shade. This means if you interplant the clematis with a low growing perennial, this will help to keep roots cool.

2.Sweet Pea

If you love the concept of a cottage-style garden, then this particular vine type is going to be your ideal bet. We are talking about the sweet pea. It’s one of those old-fashioned favorites that creates a very charming vibe.

This major vine plants identification is related to its unique pretty scent. It loves to stay within full sun. However, this variety also prefers to keep the roots shaded. You need to plant the seeds during early spring. That’s the peak moment of working the soil outside usually. Also, try soaking the seeds overnight. This will greatly help in germination.

3.Golden Hops Vines

The Golden Hops Vines is one uncommon category that comes with golden foliage in spring. And the leaves are lively even during summer and autumn times. Usually, with lovely leaves specimens, you will notice the beauty during mostly fall time. And so, this one can bring greenery to your home garden for three seasons.

4.Climbing Hydrangea

This all summer long vine loves shade, we are talking about climbing hydrangea. It comes with beautiful and tons of creamy white flowers. The vines are quite heavy though. And so, you need to grow this somewhere sturdy enough to handle this weight.

Usually, the structure against building or railing over fence methods work best with it. Also, you need to have patience because this vine type is pretty slow to grow.

5.Black-Eyed Susan Vine

The dark center of this charming flower is its most attractive characteristic. It also comes with beautiful creamy white petals. The pretty plant can also be found with apricot, pink, and sunshine yellow-colored petals.

It looks fab in containers inside your garden. Also climbing a trellis will make it look nice. It’s usually perennial in hot regions. However, most climates are fine to grow black-eyed Susan vine annually.

Types of Vines

6.Dutchman’s Pipe

The large leaves are great to give you that living privacy wall facilities while the tiny flowers are called pipes. Usually, flowers of dutchman’s pipe stay hidden due to the huge leaves. The color is quite a bland white type and so, you won’t really notice the flowers.


The Mandevilla is a tropical plant and it’s quite vigorous as well. It comes with huge pink, white or red blossoms that can be up to more than a few inches. In hot climates, the vine survives best in little noon shade. While it also requires some part to full sun in cases. It can bloom all season long with proper watering. Some people think these are a bit messier to handle indoors.

8.Trumpet Vine

The trumpet vine can also be called hummingbird vine. Because it literally attracts hummingbirds. This vine type comes with lovely trumpet-like flowers and blooms during all seasons. It can tolerate hot and dry soils pretty well. The fast-growing vine loves to stay in full sun. The best way to control spread of trumpet vine is by putting it inside a tub.

9.Morning Glories

The annuals are known for being cheap and great way adding some pretty color indoors.  Morning glory can be a perfect vine plant that meets these requirements. People love its blue flower variety called heavenly blue. Usually, gardeners find relief with this vine type since there’s no stress of transplanting it in a specific place.

10.Star Jasmine

The start jasmine is a vine plant that looks spectacular with its flowers shaped like a pinwheel. It comes with creamy yellow like flowers. Also, the plant grows and looks well on arbor or fence areas. You can also experiment with its placement in planters for cascading. It even compliments as a hardcover.

Wrap Up

And that was our few favorite types of vines. No matter what type you get fond of, make sure to well fertilizer your soil. It needs to be properly drained as well. Vines are a favorite of many due to the fact that it requires very less maintenance.

However, if you fall into a trap of some aggressive kinds, things become less beautiful and more horrifying. So, make sure you are bringing home the right vine type that provides the extra classic touch to your yard.

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