How to Tie Two Fishing Lines Together the Right Way!

Those who are into fishing will agree to the fact that there are many things involved with this calm but yet fascinating activity. For example, tying knots. There are quite a few types of knots you can make with the fishing line for certain purposes. But the most common one might just be tying two lines together.

This very basic knot can somehow seem confusing to those who are new to fishing. And for such folks, I’ll be talking on the topic. It’s going to be a complete guide on how to tie two fishing lines together using more than just one way.

Here’s How to Tie Two Fishing Lines Together Using Three Ways.

Tying two fishing lines can be done in more than just one way. To make it simpler for you, let’s keep the option to choose. I’ll be talking about multiples ways for your convenience. Keep on Reading…

How to Tie Two Fishing Lines Together the Right Way

The Surgeon’s Knot.

Start by placing both lines side by side to each other. You want them to overlap by around 6 inches. This will help in creating loop for both lines at the place where they are overlapping. At your right-hand side, grab both lines and then curl them to form a loop.

Now both the ends of lines need to pass through this loop. And this will help to tie a double overhand knot. It’s quite similar to making the regular overhand knot. In some cases, you may not have enough amount of slack for tying the overhand knot.

If that’s the case then simply start with a bigger loop than previous one. Now over and under the two lines, you want to cross loop ends back. Simply pull the ends and this will create a double overhand loop. The loop should still be loose. The knot will seem like a tiny braid. Now if you want to make a triple surgeon knot, then simply pass for the third time through loop.

Tighten the knot by pulling all four ends of lines. You want to make it as simultaneous as possible so that knot closes properly. Use a regular scissor or line cutter for trimming any excess tag end. This knot is a very simple one for tying two fishing lines but still pretty strong.

The Double Uni Knot.

The next type of knowledge you can use for tying two lines together for a simple and fast outcome is called a double uni knot. You can tie two knots with different and same diameters into this knot without any problem.

Hold one end of the line using your fingertips to make a circle towards back. Then let it come up in front of two lines where the overlapping should happen. The loop end needs to lay right across both parallel lines. It should be in the middle of where overlap will take place.

Through the loop around both lines, you need to wrap looped lines’ end now. Do this six times. While wrapping you want to leave the loop a bit loose. Now the end that you used for tying uni knot is known a tag end. The knot should be all way closed, and to make that happen you need to pull this tag end firmly.

The uni knot should look like a tightly formed tiny spring that has six stacked coils. Now repeat the very same process for tying other line’s end for making a uni knot. There should be two tight uni knot coming with some gap in between.

The long parts that were left unused are standing ends. You need to grab both standing ends and pull them far from each other or in opposite directions. So that the 2 uni knots come closer to each other. And it will form one double uni knot.

Use a line cutter or regular scissor for getting rid of any excess line from each knot. Make sure to pull knots together as tight as possible. And then go for cutting off the tag ends.

The Albright Knot

When you try to tie the backing line with fly line, things become a bit difficult. As there’s a chance of sliding. Using the Albright knot can really help in such a case.

Start by making a loop with one of the lines’ end. Then the other line end goes through this loop. Leave the thinner line to be this second one that goes through-line as that way it works better. The line’s tip needs to slide beneath loop. You need to wrap it around looped lines both strand and itself. Do this for all the strands of line. And keep on doing so until you’ve made ten wraps.

Now the wrapped line’s end needs to go back through this loop. It should be running parrel with itself. After pulling it through another side, you need to hold both tags end. Also, grab the standing line. Use your fingertips to do so.

After ward, you need to hold with one hand the looped with line’s end. Then with your other hand grab wrapped with line’s end. Pull the second one as long as knots are all way secured. Then using scissors or line cutters, simply get rid of any excess tag end. It should be close to the knot as much as possible.

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Wrap up

And that was how to tie two fishing lines together using three types of knots. These are the most common ones that are used for tying fishing lines, and also easiest types. One knot being weak can lead to unexpected failures for fishing. And you definitely don’t want that. So be aware of the right method of making these knots. And ensure all the line connections are strong, sturdy, and withstanding. Only that way you can avoid missing a big fish due to the sudden untying of lines.

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