Tips To Get Into Fitness If You’ve Never Worked Out

If you have never worked out before, getting started on your fitness journey can feel intimidating. You might be picturing a gym packed with people lifting huge weights and feeling totally out of your depth. 

While this might be the case for a very small number of gyms, there are so many more ways that you can get fit and feel confident in yourself. Getting fit is about more than just weight lifting and you will find it’s a lot easier than you’re imagining to get started. In this post, we explore a few ways to get into fitness if you have never worked out before.

Start small before working your way up 

Working out can feel intimidating if you have never done it before, so this is why you should start small before working your way up. Begin by lifting smaller weights and running less distance than you might be aiming for. 

This will enable your body a chance to get used to the change and also to give yourself a realistic chance of success. If you start too big it can be disheartening and you might end up giving up before you’ve even completed any goals you want to smash.

Try different exercises to find the one you love

There are so many exercises out there, you don’t need to just hit the treadmill. Look into a gym such as HOTWORX that includes things such as yoga, pilates, and other classes to try different exercises before deciding on what you enjoy. 

Many people find mixing up their gym workout with exercise classes a lot more fun and a great chance to meet other people too. Don’t be afraid to keep trying new things until you find the one you absolutely love. Fitness doesn’t need to be boring or something to dread. 

Keep it fresh and interesting and you will be much more likely to keep persevering. You could also try a sport such as golf or football if you fancy it!

Go with a friend or family member

Sometimes getting fit and doing these things is a lot easier if you have someone else to motivate you. This way you can see it as a chance to catch up, to have someone to encourage you (and vice versa) as well as a way to get more fit. 

Speak to a friend, family member, or partner and see if they will come with you to the gym, to a class, or for a run. You’ll be surprised at how much more you enjoy it!

These are just a few top tips that should help you to get into fitness if you have never worked out before. Getting fit doesn’t need to be difficult and instead should be a journey that you can embrace and enjoy. 

In fact, many people end up getting the bug for working out and wonder just why they didn’t start sooner. What are some top tips you have for getting into fitness if you have never worked out before? Let us know in the comments below, we’d love to hear from you!