5 Best Wetsuits for Triathlon and Open Water Swimming

Unlike traditional wetsuits that are used for scuba diving and watersports, triathlon wetsuits are designed specifically for open-water freestyle swimming. Not only is the wetsuit’s neoprene material unique, but the thickness of its paneling is tailored to improve rotation and buoyancy, as in freestyle swim stroke, which is the fastest and most preferred technique in triathlon and open water swimming. 

While there are many different styles and price points, there are certain brands that have stood out from the pack in creating the best triathlon wetsuit. Each brand uses a high-quality neoprene, triathlon-minding design and innovative thickness paneling to optimize freestyle swimming. 

Here are our five favorite websites for triathlon and open water. In addition to these top-five picks, we recommend checking out more swimming wetsuits for triathlon from the leading brands.

1. Orca Athlex

The Orca Athlex is a full-sleeve triathlon wetsuit that’s designed for competitive triathletes who seeking optimal flexibility and mobility with their wetsuit. Made with Orca’s Infinity Skin 2 lining and Smoothskin finish, the Orca Athlex is incredibly lightweight and feels like a second skin. It’s noteworthy for its range of motion in the shoulder area.

Designed with Orca’s flagship Yamamoto neoprene material, the Athlex makes for an excellent wetsuit for athletes seeking a performance upgrade with their swimming gear. Although the Orca Athlex wetsuit is a high-end option from a reputable brand, its cost comes at an entry-level price tag for performance triathlon wetsuits. 

In turn, it’s an ideal choice for athletes competing at various levels, from sprint-distance triathlons to Ironman distances.

Find the Orca Athlex available in Men’s and Women’s by visiting Orca.com.

2. Xterra Volt

If you’re looking for a top-quality sleeveless wetsuit at an affordable cost, then the Xterra Volt is a great option worth a look. Xterra is one of the best triathlon wetsuit brands in the business. And the Volt is a longstanding model that’s stood the test of time in the triathlon space. 

The Xterra Volt is made with a thin yet strategically-balanced 3/2mm neoprene construction. This design is intended to maximize both material flexibility and water buoyancy. The Volt is finished with Xterra’s X-SLICE tri-suit coating, which minimizes open-water swimming resistance and enables you to swim faster.

Check out the Xterra Volt sleeveless wetsuit in Men’s and Women’s by visiting XterraWetsuits.com.

3. Synergy Endorphin

Synergy Endorphin is a full-sleeve triathlon wetsuit that’s highly engineered for swimming efficiency. Its 5/3mm neoprene thickness paneling is made for optimal buoyancy and mobility. A thinner 2mm neoprene around the arms and shoulders makes it ideal for freestyle-driven swimmers.

Synergy Endorphin is manufactured using Yamamoto neoprene which is highly streamlined in open waters. It’s also coated with SCS silicone which makes it more resilient and resistant to tear. Unlike some triathlon wetsuits, Synergy Endorphin comes in a wide range of sizing options, so you can find the perfect fit for your body composition.

You can find the Synergy Endorphin wetsuit in Men’s and Women’s by visiting the website SynergyWetsuits.com.

4. Orca Apex Flex

The Orca Apex Flex is a professional-grade triathlon wetsuit that’s designed for elite athletes. It’s ultra-thin at a mere 0.5-mm neoprene thickness but also offers one of the most comfortable linings with a titanium coating for optimal thermal insulation. It’s not a cheap option. But if you’re looking for the industry’s best, the Orca Apex Flex is worth checking out.

It’s a full-sleeve open-water swimming wetsuit that’s specifically tailored for freedom of movement and flexibility. The Orca Apex Flex is made with Yamamoto neoprene technology, Smoothskin finish, and Infinity Skin 2 lining. The composition delivers an optimal range of motion in the upper back and shoulder area.

Level up your triathlon swimming gear with the Orca Apex Flex. Find it in Men’s and Women’s sizes and learn more about the suit’s specs at Orca.com.

5. Blueseventy Helix

The Blueseventy Helix is also a professional-level triathlon wetsuit that’s a premium upgrade option for competitive athletes. The Helix is also mindfully designed with neoprene paneling for greater upper-body mobility for shoulder flexibility. It’s also specially engineered for maximum allowed buoyancy, providing an extra boost for streamlined freestyle swimming. 

The Blueseventy Helix has unique neoprene distribution that utilizes neoprene thicknesses strategically to maximize buoyancy in the core and thighs while minimizing neoprene thickness in the back and shoulders, and back. This design provides optimized body rotation and range of motion. 

As a 7th-generation wetsuit from Blueseventy, the Helix is a staple option for elite swimmers and triathletes. In turn, it’s not a budget option, but it does provide significant ROI. We recommend buying it directly from Blueseventy in Men’s or Women’s. Learn more at Blueseventy.com.

Why Invest in a Triathlon Wetsuit?

Sure, triathlon wetsuits can be a costly investment that ranges between $100 and $1,000, depending on the model. But if you’re serious about competing in triathlons or simply performing your best. You’ll notice the substantial speed and efficiency gains with a triathlon wetsuit. 

Not only do these swimming wetsuits help with buoyancy and flotation, which can be helpful in rough waters, but the materials they’re made from are faster and more slipstream in the water. Of all the expensive gear that goes into triathlon, a wetsuit is a great investment that delivers high ROI. 

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