Is an eBike Worth It? 5 Reasons Why Electric-Assist Makes Sense

Electric bikes, or eBikes, have become increasingly popular among cyclists in recent years. While many traditionalists balk at the idea of using an electric motor to assist their ride, sometimes an eBike makes sense. 

Even professional cyclists use them for recovery. An eBike can be a tool for many purposes. So if you’re on the fence about how you feel about them, consider these five reasons why utilizing an electric-assist motor makes sense.

1. Exploring Mountainous, High-Elevation Terrain

For cyclists who love to go deep into nature, like mountainous terrain in the high country, sometimes an eBike can help you go further. We’re talking rides that include several thousand feet of climbing but take riders to stunning vistas and exhilarating descents.  

An electric mountain bike can help make these rides more manageable, allowing you to conquer steep inclines and tackle high elevations with ease. With an electric-assist motor and durable 3”+ tires, you can reach more distant routes and lesser-known scenery.

2. Make Recovery Rides More Effective and Fun

For cyclists who train regularly but need to mix up their training with recovery days, an eBike provides a great tool to ride with electric motor assist. An eBike can provide a nice boost to get out and ride without over-exerting yourself on off days.   

This is especially enjoyable for cyclists who train regularly on road bikes and gravel bikes but want to mix up their off days on an electric mountain or fat bike. The versatility keeps cycling fun and novel, particularly when it’s something that an athlete does virtually every day.

3. You Want to Ride Further But Need a Boost

No doubt, cycling can be a great way to explore new places, trails, and terrain. But sometimes, the distance and terrain can be daunting, especially for older or less fit riders. With an eBike, you can tackle longer-distance rides without as much fitness and fueling required, as an electric motor can mitigate the worry of running out of energy or getting fatigued. 

Whether you want to explore a new trail, take a scenic route over a mountain, or get across town without relying on an automobile, an eBike can help you to cover more ground and get more out of your cycling experiences.

4. You Use Your Bike for Utility, Cargo, and Commuting

For those who rely on a bike for day-to-day activities like commuting, running errands, or carrying heavy cargo, an electric bike can be a real game-changer. The electric assist that an eBike provides can help make these trips more efficient, reducing the physical strain on your body and making it easier to overcome the elements, be it elevation gains, weather, and headwinds. 

Nowadays, there are many great eBike options that offer added utility and cargo-carrying capabilities. Some of the best electric fat tire bikes have rugged 4-inch wide tires, rack mounts, and the ability to carry up to 300 pounds of cargo. Combined with a 750-watt or 1,000-watt motor, these eBikes are made to work.

5. You’re Recovering from an Injury but Still Want to Ride

An electric bike can be a great tool if you’re recovering from an injury but still want to ride. Depending on the nature and stage of the injury, some people can still pedal but just can’t pedal very hard without overstraining their injury.

The aid of an eBike can do most of the work for you, enabling you to still ride but without the exertion required to cover distance or climb hills. This ability to still ride and stay active can actually help you recover from an injury. There’s ample science that supports active recovery, and eBike can be a powerful tool.

Last Word on eBikes

Whether you’re wanting to tackle mountainous terrain, recover from an injury, use your bike for daily activities, or just want to ride farther, an eBike can be a great investment. If you’re considering an eBike, these are just a few of the many reasons why it might be worth investing in.

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