Can You Bring Weed Edibles on a Plane in 2022? – Tips & Tricks

Edibles are usually nothing but a load of THC-infused inside food products. And no, these are not just space cakes or brownies. Today you can even buy them or opt for making these at home as well. Flying with edibles may be something you’re wondering about for a while but can’t validate the possibility.

And that has a varying answer every time considering circumstances. You see, maybe you live in a state that has cannabis dispensaries where it allows recreational cannabis or recreational marijuana and wants to visit another state where also its quite legal.

But still, you won’t be able to bring it inside the plane. And in some cases, it’s still not possible even if we are talking about medical cannabis. Pretty confusing right?

Well, we need to talk this matter through in a wider perspective. So today’s topic will be entirely about the risks and chances of you bringing edibles on a plane inside your carry-on.

General Rules on Allowing Edibles on a Plane

cbd infused snacks on a bowl

The safe answer is no. According to federal Federal Aviation Administration or FAA laws, you cannot carry any cannabis product containing more than 0.3 percent THC.

The federal law definitely is applicable within its federal jurisdiction which includes airspace, aircraft as well as the airport. And when you enter that area with a such item, even if it’s medical type, you are guilty from the legal perspective of federal law. Unless it’s the less than 0.3 percent THC situation. Also, if the cannabis products are FDA approved, you can get a pass.

But then again, this rule of cannabis products allowance of federal laws keeps on changing and modifying. So don’t forget to check with your departure and arrival city’s laws and federal regulations regarding these items. You also want to figure out the rules with airlines you’ll be traveling along.

The Transportation Security Administration –which is popularly called TSA, just wants to ensure the security of their passenger as well as aircraft. And so, there’s no drug-related concern with them. But once they discover such things in screening, they’ll for sure contact the local law enforcement officer or the local authorities to deal with it. And in some cases, they’ll just ask you to throw it away.

Let’s talk about that part in the next segment.

Can You Bring Edibles on a Plane – The Risks & Chances

Carrying Marijuana or Weed-Infused Edibles

Usually, TSA agents would avoid stuff such as chocolate bars even if those are THC. They are not trying to find weed or similar things. The purpose is finding harmful objects such as weapons, bombs, or suspicious liquids. That’s why they usually avoid cases of passengers found with edibles.

TSA May Call the Local Authorities

When an agent figures out that your edibles are definitely infused with weed or marijuana, they’ll not handle the case themselves. The security in charge will more likely refer the case to a law enforcement officer of the airport security and will take charge based on the local laws of that country in their international airport.

In some cases, instead of feds, the TSA would call local police. If you are in a state that prohibits any sort of recreational weed, then this is the more likely case to happen. Back in 2016, there was a case at Jacksonville Airport. Passengers with cannabis-related products, cannabis infused products or edibles were transferred to law authority for detainment.

Marijuana Friendly State

In such a scenario, the passenger in question will need to throw the edible stuff away. And that should be it. There are also instances of police explaining to a passenger why it’s not permissible to bring such questionable edibles inside the plane. And politely ask them to throw the stash away.

Allowable Cannabis Forms

In countries with pretty strict laws regarding cannabis edibles, it is best not to bring any type or form, particularly when traveling. However, in some cases, you may consider bringing edibles that don’t seem to be suspicious and look similar to regular food items.

Here’s an idea on the whole matter:

gourmet chocolate cannabis edibles

Cannabis Bars & Truffles Are Inconspicuous to Carry

If you can’t help but carry edibles, go ahead with truffles or bar forms, as these are not very suspicious and can be tricked into regular bars as well as chocolate items. The same goes for gummies. However, you still need to know the rules in the country where you’re landing.

For instance, weed edibles in Australia may be legal to use for medical purposes, but you still cannot personally import these to the country. They will be confiscated at the border, and you could face prosecution. 

Vape Juice and/or Vaping Tools Are Strictly Prohibited Inside the Plane

Anything that is vape-related is forbidden inside a plane. You must avoid vape juice at all costs as these are pretty suspicious to bring and travel with. Any tools or equipment used in vaping or vaporizers are also prohibited.

Huge Fines for Carrying Joints, Blunts, or Raw Flowers

Depending on which state or country you are in, there’s a risk of having to pay a huge fine for carrying such a form. You should be aware of the law for both the arriving and departing country.

Cannabis-Related Products Based on Medical Exemptions

It’s no secret that there are many medicinal purposes for cannabis. And that is why in some special cases you may bring medical marijuana along inside a plane. Just don’t forget to bring the prescription as proof of medical purpose. Also, only bring the required dose.

Although the TSA security officers consider medical marijuana, do not try carrying illegal drugs by any chance because such will remain illegal at all times.

Proper packing is the key here, for sure. You can simply put them inside a regular food packing so that TSA is not able to spot them. Even if it’s risky, that’s the only way to bring a few for the traveling session.

Wrap Up

Edibles are definitely not a good idea to bring inside the plane when infused with questionable things. But if it’s hardly recognizable as anything suspicious, maybe you can give it a try. Just make sure it blends well with your regular non-problematic edibles so that there’s less risk to it.

However, the best thing to do is simply avoid such items and don’t bring edibles on a plane that is technically not permissible. Be completely aware and properly informed of the risks associated with carrying weed edibles on a plane and follow the tips and tricks we discussed earlier.

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