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Heading for a vacation also often means you need to click some Instagram worthy pictures looking dolled up. And your makeup must accompany to help you look pose ready. Well, some people can rock without any sort of makeup. But there are also the ones who love to wear it quite anywhere.

Doesn’t matter if visiting a friend or simply flying to a far situated tropical paradise. You always have the scope to buy some after reaching destination. But if you already own all your favorite makeup products, there’s no point in spending. So, traveling with your makeup is the best thing to do.

Now, what if you want to pack the things into your carry-on? Can you bring makeup on a plane and if yes, then what exactly are the rules? Let’s find out…

So, Can You Bring Makeup on a Plane & Exactly Which One – Let’s Find Out!

Makeup is basically a bunch of different stuffs combinedly called that. And some may be fine to bring inside the plane whole a few could not be allowed. Here are the most commonly asked makeup items and information on whether there is safe to bring on a plane.

Can You Bring Makeup on a Plane & Exactly Which One – Let’s Find Out

Powder Based Makeup.

The makeup items that are in powder formula are okay to bring in hand luggage. But even with the non-liquid formula, there is a TSA rule to follow. And this regulation applies to any powder-like belonging that weights more than 12 ounces. These need to go through further screening.

If not, then it’s okay to keep them inside your bag. And you don’t need to take them out as well. Even if you are carrying salt and pepper, these are also under this ruling. And if the TSA fees like checking, they will ask for further screening. But usually, it’s just because weight seems to be equal to or more than the 12-ounce ruling.

Now there are also airlines that don’t allow powder makeup inside handbags. Maybe you can bring them inside the checked bag instead of in such a case.

Liquid Makeup Items Inside Hand Luggage.

Liquid makeup item is okay to bring inside your carry-on luggage. But there’s a specific weight rule you must follow for that. It cannot be more than 3.4 ounces or 100 ml each bottle that carries liquid. Also, all the liquid containers need to be inside one big zip top bag. This one needs to be of one-liter size.

If you are carrying a liquid foundation, make sure the expensive huge bottle is not accompanying you. Instead, go for smaller containers. You can buy yourself some travel kits too. These are small in size and will carefully carry your expensive foundation. You can bring the original package inside checked bag.

If possible, go for the powder alternatives. There are even powder lipsticks available that you can use instead of the liquid formulas. The same goes for cream blushes, you can simply choose powder formulated ones. Since there’s a more serious restriction with liquid carrying, it’s best to not bring those consistency items.

Carrying Perfume Inside Plane.

Usually, perfume bottles are very huge. And so, you cannot simply bring them if the main bottle is more than 100ml. Size perfumes are not something you can transfer to a small carriable size travel kit, maybe skipping it would be the best thing to do.

However, there are many solid perfume stick verities available that you get instead of the liquid ones. These are fine to bring and there’s no issue with liquid formulation.

Perfume can be a subject of causing irritation to someone boarding with you. A few people have allergies to certain smells. if you accidentally chose to bring a perfume that causes irritation to someone traveling, things can be pretty devastating. So, it’s best to not put on any perfume for the flight.

What About Nail Polish?

Nail polish bottles are usually very tiny and so it should be easy for these to fit into the 3.4 ounces liquid rule. However, you can do another little trick to skip bringing the nail polish inside plane. Simply get some fake nails and paint them with your favorite shades. You can easily carry them along with some nail glue. You can carry these instead of many liquid nail polish bottles and there will be less trouble or worry to deal with.

Also, remember that nail polish usually come with a very strong smell. Inside a bounded place like a plane, there can be suffocation or irritation to people around you. So, it’s best to keep such items not included in your purse unless not absolutely possible.

Keep in Mind:

Your mascara is also considered a liquid and it falls under the weight rule.

You are allowed to bring only a one-quart size bag inside the plane generally.

Traveling with powders can invite secondary search. Usually, it’s still fine to keep them included.

Mirrors are not specifically talked about in general guidelines. However, there should be no problem with a tiny mirror that has no sharp edges.

Wet wipes are not considered liquid and you can carry them.

You can carry nail polish remover but it’s best to not open it. Because there’s acetone in most nail polish which is known to be flammable.

Wrap Up

Can you bring makeup on a plane without causing any problem? You now already know the answer is different based on what makeup you’re referring to. But generally, it’s alright to bring an understandable amount with you. As there can be a need to put on a little makeup on the flight before landing.

TSA regulations are becoming stricter and so there are noticeable changes in terms of makeup and toiletries. So, knowing further about the guidelines is really important. For better understanding, you should contact your airlines or check their websites. Be aware of the specific rules they may have so that your trip is free from extra hassle and stress.

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