Can I Have a Phone Charger in My Hand Luggage or Carry On?

Sometimes we travel for work. And then there are vacation plans that are completely personal, to get some good time spent with friends and family. Now in both cases, it’s true that traveling can be tiring. All of the questions and confusions that arrive before and sometimes even after last moment packing are all legit cases with most of us who travel. And this includes both less and more frequent travelers.

That is why getting your preparations right with answers to some really common queries can help less down that last-moment stress. One very familiar question that flight takers often come across in their mind when packing is about carrying a phone charger. Well, what are the rules regarding, can you carry your phone charger in that hand luggage or even checked-in bag, let’s find out today.

Rules on Carrying a Phone Charger in One’s Hand Luggage.

The short answer is yes, and that’s quite true with most of the airlines existing these days. However, to be completely sure, there’s no alternative to personally checking the website of the airline you’ll be flying with. As allowance and restriction to items can change based on which airlines we are talking about. And sometimes due to sudden incidents and occasions, the airline may put some special rules that you might not get to know without being in contact with them directly.

Can I Have a Phone Charger in My Hand Luggage or Carry On?

Typical Phone Chargers (Both Plugged In & Cordless Ones).

Phone chargers come in two types usually. One needs you to have some sort of electricity source, which is the plug-in type. While the other sort does not need a cable connection with your phone and is good to use without any cord. Here are the guidelines to follow when traveling with these two types of phone chargers.

Plug-in Phone Chargers Are Permissible as There’s No Battery Relating Issue to It.

All sorts of chargers that are plug-in type are good to go inside your handbag. Just make sure there’s no battery that comes with it. However, there’s usually less chance of you being able to use this style of plugged-in charger. As there are usually no power sockets inside most airplanes. Perhaps a USB port that you can use for your smartphone. For simply carrying the charger along with you to your destination, there’s nothing to worry about.

Try to Keep Your Plug-In Charger Inside Your Handbag Instead of Hold.

Even if you are not able to charge your phone on board, carrying the charger inside handbag is still a good option instead of having it inside a hold bag. As bag missing could be a case and, in such situations, you definitely need access to your smartphone as well as a charger if there’s no charge in it.

Cordless Chargers Are Permissible on Board & Apparently the Wiser Option to Consider.

Now talking about the general situation, you should actually consider portable cordless varieties of chargers when taking one on the flight. These are completely okay to bring inside the plane and there are no typical rules to follow regarding it.

More than the flexibility of it, there’s another good reason why a cordless charger should be a better option for bringing onboard. That’s because in some cases, the plug-in may not be available in front of your seat. And in such moments, not being able to charge your phone can make the flight frustrating and uncomfortable. So, take the tip if you can.

What About Power Banks?

Some people like to carry their power banks along with a USB cable to charge their phone. Now things can be pretty different when it’s a lithium-ion battery we are talking about. As these are definitely something airlines consider tricky items.

Not Inside Your Checked Bag.

In any case, just make sure you are not thinking about putting the power bank inside checked luggage. Lithium batteries are same as spare batteries and would fall under the regulations regarding it. The security officer will most likely open your bags and break in if situation demands. Also, most big airlines consider it as a forbidden item to keep inside checked baggage.

Carrying Power Bank in Hand Luggage is Permissible Only If It Does Not Exceed 100Wh Voltage.

There are restrictions with packing the power bank inside your hand luggage, but it’s not entirely forbidden. The voltage will play most crucial role here. Anything that does not exceed 100Wh is usually okay to bring. Also, make sure you leave the power bank with some charge. If the officials in-charge of security ask you to switch it on and prove that it’s a power bank, you should be able to do that.

100-160Wh Power Banks Need Passenger Approval by Air Carrier.

Any power bank that comes with voltage ranging between 100-160Wh will require further checking. Also, you cannot carry more than two power banks at the same time. With the granted passenger approval, you may be able to bring it since hand luggage, but there’s no confirmation.

Sometimes staff members may ask you to turn on the phone for checking purposes on board. So it’s better to get have charge in phone before getting on the plane to keep things in your favor.

More Than 160Wh With No Power Rating Are Restricted inside Cabin Area.

Simply don’t bring power banks that are more than 160Wh voltage types. These are usually, without any doubt, considered forbidden inside a cabin area. Especially when there’s no way to identify the power rating.

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Wrap Up.

So now you know whether you can have a phone charger in your hand luggage or not. Also, the matter of power bank was something that quite relates to this whole situation and someone may consider bringing it along with their charger. So, it was necessary to spill the information on power banks as well.

Hopefully, you won’t be having any doubts at this point about these smartphone charging accessories. Have a safe trip and keep things better. Try to get your phone charged before taking the flight and it would help you avoid any problematic situation on board.

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