Is Delta Domestic First Class Worth It? [My Thoughts]

As a starter, it’s essential to know if the Delta domestic gives a better comfort if you travel in first-class or just if it’s simply a show-off that rich people overrated.

To put it simply, you can identify the worth if you look into its good and bad along with the overall experience of enjoying the seat, Stateline TV, meals, and so on.

In this guide, I’ll share some views and then you can decide, is delta domestic first class worth it or not. Keep On Reading till The End…

Why Is Delta Domestic First Class Worth It!

No matter where you are traveling to, I can assure you that you’ll get the lavishness and max comfort in the first-class, unlike other classes.

Here are some of the reasons why Delta domestic first-class is valuable and useful to a certain type of flight taker.

Why Is Delta Domestic First Class Worth It!

Luggage Allowance

One of the coolest things about the Delta flight in first class is it lets you easily get your luggage when you reach your destination. Meaning saves your time and effort. But it has some rules to allowing the luggage inside the checking point. These includes:

  • You can verily take 2 bags with 23 – 32 kg or 50.71 – 70.55 lbs bags.
  • The length, width, and height of the luggage need to be under 62 inches or 157 cm.

Entertaining Options

Delta domestic first-class comes with a bunch of entertaining options for you to enjoy during the flight. You’ll get a satellite TV with a free Wi-Fi connection to watch your favorite stuff on it.

Plus, there’ll be power outlets with a USB hub inserting option to simply charge devices when the battery is low.

The air hostages will offer you magazines and newspapers which is a great option to spend time reading.

But wait, there’s more! You can also get access to workstations with printers to complete tasks in a personal zone.


The seating environment of the Delta domestic flight in first class in great in one word. It has a bigger and wider main cabin compared to the other 2 classes (economy and business).

The seat let you have legroom for up to 8” with 3” extra space on the back. On domestic flights, the Delta first-class seat is around 20” – 21” in width with a 35” – 39” pitch. And, it contains 2 – 2 patterns to rest well.

You can have the 2 seats all by yourself but need to pay for them. I would suggest checking what size do you need two airline seats in case you need them.

Back to the point, the seat can recline to a few inches which helps you to sleep if you feel exhausted or simply want to stretch your leg.

Meals & Beverages

Based on your flight miles, the foods and beverages can be different. Shorter flights will give normal snacks while the longer flights offer restaurant-level meals. Let me show you a real-life example:

  • For 500 Miles: You’ll find packaged snacks and a clean water bottle to enjoy the short flight.
  • For 900 – 1,500 Miles: You’ll get mango juice with lemon ricotta pancakes, meatballs, or a superfood grain bowl. It can change and sometimes offers a food box filled with fruits and meals with a beverage.
  • For 1,600 – 4,500 Miles: In a long flight, you’ll enjoy Cajun-spiced salmon with fettuccine, bread roll, meatballs, macaroon, and many more. If the length of the flight is more, you’ll get quality and fine dining meals.

Overall Experience

It’s awesome to travel on the Delta domestic first-class flight. From the long lines at the gate to the in-flight journey, you’ll find no hassle unlike the economy and business classes.

However, you’ll have to sacrifice some things like bad audio with headphones (which seem cheap in quality). I would suggest using your headphone instead of the given one to listen to the sound better.

The scenery from the plane window seat is great so as is the behavior of the air hostages. This means the whole thing about going on this kind of flight do worth it.

Pros & Cons Of Delta Domestic First Class.

After knowing the delta domestic first class review, it’s still not enough for you to decide if it’s good or bad. Check the given ups and downs to understand if the flight is worth it or not.


  • Big and lavish seating area.
  • The screen of Stateline TV is huge to see better.
  • Loves the meals and beverages which are filled with taste.
  • It cost around $650 – $1,200+ in general, which is less than first class cost international flight.
  • The overall behavior and appearance of the Delta domestic first class.


  • It offers cheap-quality headphones.
  • The seat can’t be turned to lie flat.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a first class domestic flight?

It can cost differently based on airlines. For example, the united airline charge around $550 – $950 for domestic flights in first class. Then again, Delta airlines can charge more for first-class domestic flights (which I’ve mentioned above).

Does Delta domestic first-class have lounge access?

Yes! The Delta domestic first-class has lounge access as the Sky Club is free. If you have a lounge membership or credit card, it’ll be a lot easier to get lounge access.

Is first class or Delta One better?

The Delta one is better than first-class due to its comfort, premium meal, and lie-flat seat. The Delta first-class seat can recline but can’t change into bed.

Wrap Up

Still, asking is Delta domestic first class worth it? Hope not! A lot of people love it to get the legroom and seat access that the economy and business class can’t provide.

In my opinion, you should try it if your priority is comfort, better treatment, and hot meals. Otherwise, I would suggest not to waste more money and instead get an economy ticket to find the similar stuff. Hope this piece of content helps you get the details.

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