How Does a Mother Deer Find Her Fawn & Help

One very common situation that some people come across during spring is discovering a fawn out of nowhere. You may not be the heartless ones who can simply avoid and walk away. And so, to find out what to do next for the missing fawn you may want to know more about some deer facts.

For example, knowing how does a mother deer find her fawn can be helpful for you to understand ways of letting both meet quicker. So today let’s help you solve such a situation where a helpless fawn needs your desperate help. Also, you’ll get to know something pretty interesting.

Everything About How Does a Mother Deer Find Her Fawn & Ways to Help.

Having knowledge regarding a fawn and mother deer can make you more aware and useful for the situation. There are certain things you may end up doing that can cause problems to the fawn. And probably it’ll never be able to meet its mother. That’s not something you want for sure. So, stay till the end of this discussion to completely grasp whole point.

Everything About How Does a Mother Deer Find Her Fawn & Ways to Help

A Bit to Know About Deer Fawn.

After being born, fawns are totally dependent on their mother, and also, they stay hidden for a few weeks. If the fawn you discovered has only four baby teeth, then it is just a newborn. While if there are premolars and baby incisors, then it’s a few months old.

The child should stay with its mother for a year at least according to deer nature. Female fawns however spend around two years with their mother. If you just found a fawn then it’s probably because the mother is on a quest for food.

Helping a Lost Fawn.

It’s very common for a mother deer to leave her fawn daily alone. As the mother needs to go after food. However, sometimes there’s a chance that someone picked the lone fawn by believing it is abandoned. And that’s when the trouble begins. There are many cases in Native Animal Rescue of lost fawns that were actually pretty unnecessary. As the fawn was not abandoned, just left alone for some time.

Now if this is your scenario, then first thing to do is instantly return the fawn back to its exact location. It must stay in the spot you discovered fawn to be alone. The mother once done finding food will eventually show up to her kid. But if she senses you around, then there’s a good chance she won’t come. Once you leave the spot, deer mother will join her young as now her sense of danger is gone.

If you discover any fawn lying in the woods quietly, then it’s better to not disturb. The mother deer should be nearby and waiting for you to go away. So that she can take her baby back. You can choose to pick the fawn up if it’s obviously hurt or ill.

Another sign that the fawn is lost can be it wandering aimlessly with cries. This can mean the mother deer is hurt and she won’t be returning. That’s the right time to call the Native Animal Rescue and follow their instructions on what to do next.

Also, pay attention to the fact the fawns have no scent in them. There are white camouflage spots all around them. If you touch the fawn then the human scent may get left behind. And this will make the mother deer abandon fawn. Also, there’s a chance of predators attacking the fawn, if you have touched fawn then first wear some rubber gloves and bring a towel.

You want to rub the towel into grass. Then use this towel to wipe fawn’s body and human scent will go away. Wearing the gloves, pick up fawn and place it from where you’ve got it. And there you have the fawn scent-free waiting for its mother like before.

Final Verdict

And that was some talk on how does a mother deer find her fawn and tips on helping both meet soon. Typically, it’s a misunderstanding that most of us get and bother picking the fawn up. While usually there’s nothing you need to do as the mother deer will eventually find its fawn after she’s done looking for food. Hopefully, the guide was able to feed you some information on this very commonly seen animal.

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