How Long Does It Take to Get Global Entry?

International travelers have a lot of things to know about every now and then to keep up with ongoing traveling rules and regulations. Global Entry application and renewal is one crucial thing to figure out for a few as they want to enjoy the benefits of their traveling life.

And if you are someone looking into Global Entry, then being curious about how long does it take to get global entry and other related matters is a very usual thing to happen.  Let’s help you with the query today a bit, and other important factors as well hopefully…

So How Long Does It Take to Get Global Entry & Related Information?

Clearing the customs in a matter of moments as well as some other phenomenal benefits does make the global entry a fabulous slice of cake to devour. But that will be tough without having a solid piece of information about how you can get one and the length of time necessary for it.

How Long Does It Take to Get Global Entry & Related Information?

Two Matters Decide How Long It Will Take.

There is a total of two steps that decide the duration of how long it’s going to take for you to get Global Entry. The first phase involves reviewing your application. This is done by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection or CMP in short. After reviewing they approve on conditions.

The second phase involves the interview competition. And this happens after the conditional approval and duration of how soon it finishes will also vary. Now if you are first time applying for the Global Entry, this in-person interview is necessary. But in case of renewing, the conditional approval will be fine and there’s no need for a complete interview.

Now you may be able to schedule the interview time and get over it as fast as possible. But the main part here is the first phase that involves conditional approval.

The Approval Duration.

According to the latest finding, the average amount of time an applicant will have to wait for approval is around 6 months. And I’m talking about the conditional approval for Global Entry.

Now there are also instances where a person has to wait for more than just six months and it’s totally possible. Because there’s no sure proof way of giving you an exact duration as this matter will vary depending on the applicant.

In 2018-2019, the duration for this approval was relatively less. And after late 2018, it started to take more time than previously. After Jan 2019, this time period was somewhat 11 weeks. But during the summer of the same year, it was 100 days. And in the fall, this became 3 to 5 months. Because of COVID-19, the delay started to increase in processing.

Ways to Decrease the Delay?

Now according to CBP’s regular working process, you can do absolutely nothing till six months have passed since you applied. However, after this time period, you can escalate the application. Now this duration can be six months or what the CBP asks you specifically to wait for.

Another quick tip for those who are willing to renew. You must apply for it before the expiration date of your Global Entry. This is because the CMP grants a one and half year grace period to applicants. And this will only come into use if you apply before it expiring. By doing so, you will be able to have the Global Entry while renewal application stays pending.

Wrap Up

And on that note, the exact answer to how long does it take to get global entry is pretty much null. As this thing can take quite a long time or happen very shortly. It will depend on the related matters and time you’re applying it for.

Those who are willing to renew, just do it one year beforehand of the expiration. Trust me, it saves from a lot of extra hassle. And new applicants will have to agree with the needed approval time as there’s nothing that can hurry it up.

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