How to Hang Outdoor Curtains with Wire: 6 Effective Ways

A huge part of your patio decoration is curtain planning. It’s one simple and effortless way to add both style and comfort to a specific area. Also, during the hot summer, it’s one great way to keep your porch cool and comfortable overall.

And at the same time, these are going to play the main role of a little color enhancer to your outdoor arena. Curtains are also pretty good to keep road noises a little less disturbing by softening them.

So, they are a great way to add style, privacy, and calmness. Plus, they’ll help your outdoor furniture to last longer.

Let’s talk about how to hang outdoor curtains with wire using a very simple process.

Here’s How to Hang Outdoor Curtains with Wire from Start to End.

Buying extra rods for outdoor curtains might seem a bit unnecessary to you. In that case, you can very well go with a wire instead. However, those wires need to be of enough strength to hold the weight of your curtains. Also, a few other matters that we’ll be starting with and then continue into the actual installation process.

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How to Hang Outdoor Curtains with Wire

1. Pay Attention to The Wire You’ll Be Using

Wires for hanging curtains outdoor is definitely an affordable route to go for. But don’t miss out on looking for a quality wire for your outdoor curtains. Or else after mere a few days of installation, it may end up on the floor with no surprise.

You can pick a wire made from wrought iron, brass, copper, aluminum, or stainless steel. Aircraft cables are a good choice to go for that will stay strong enough to handle those curtains.

2. Grab These Materials

  • Good Quality Aircraft Cable.
  • Curtain Hooks or Rings.
  • Wire Cutter.
  • Wire Rope Clips.
  • Bit for Drilling or Piloting.
  • Measuring Tape.
  • Stud Finder.
  • Screwdriver,
  • Adjustable Wrench.
  • Screw Hooks.

3. Marking Height on Stud Location.

For this step, you’ll need a stud finder. Simply use it for locating studs on both walls, which will have the curtain in between. On each stud, you need to mark down both edges. Use a pencil or marker to make a visible mark. Now you need to measure height at which you’d like the curtain to hang from. You can do this from the ceiling or even up from floor. Simply use same marker to mark down your preferred height on the stud locations.

4. Adding the Screw Hooks.

At the height mark, you need to create pilot holes at this point. Make sure holes are right in the center of each stud. Next drive screw hooks into the holes. The screw hooks need to hold wire that will carry curtains. Make sure you use some heavy-duty screw hooks for this reason, that will be able to hold the weight of curtain. Go for screw hooks that come with coarse threads. The ones that are designed for wood, quite similar to a lag screw.

Once you start screwing these, use an adjustable wrench as the leverage for driving it properly. You can also use a plier with a large tongue and groove to drive better.

5. Cutting the Wire into Proper Size.

Next, you’ll need to get the measurements for distance between both hooks that you just fixed onto studs. Now add around twelve inches extra to this figure. After that, you need to cut the aircraft cable into this dimension. You can simply use a wire cutter for the cutting process.

On one end of the cable, you need to loop and create a 7 inches long tail. To secure the loops, you’ll need at least two or more than that wire rope clips. Make sure to securely loop them with the clips. You should use a screwdriver or adjustable wrench for tightening those clips. Now bring a one looped end to the wall’s hook that you installed earlier. Simply hang it onto the hook.

How to Hang Outdoor Curtains with Wire


6. Onto the Next Wall Hook.

You need to loosen the turnbuckle now. This will make the thread ends completely extended. Onto the remaining wall hook, simply put one end of turnbuckle. Through the free turnbuckle end, you need to thread cable’s loose end next. The cable needs pulling next. And then simply secure that with the wire rope clips just like before.

Use the wire cutter to trim away any excess cable that is remaining. To make the cable have your preferred tension, simply tighten turnbuckle gradually. Finally, you can put the rings or hooks for hanging curtain. In case of any sagginess with the curtain while hanging, simply tighten the turnbuckle until you get satisfying results.

Keep in Mind:

In case you are using some very heavy curtains, make sure to avoid using bennett bolt trim tabs in place of hooks into wall studs. These are not good for wide areas that cover heavy curtains. Vinyl coated cables are good for avoiding any sort of discoloration issue later on.

Wrap Up

And this was an easy method on how to hang outdoor curtains with wire. You can follow the step-by-step instructions carefully to get a good result. Also, anyone can try this since the process is actually very easy to do. Those who have never tried any home improvement projects can also very well pull this simple chore off.

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