How to Replace String on Greenworks Trimmer Easily?

How to Replace String on Greenworks Trimmer

Anybody who uses a GreenWorks trimmer will come to realize one day that they need to change the string of it to continue using. With constant and long-time usage, that’s a quite obvious thing that your trimmer will need.

And at that moment, you should be completely prepared by knowing the right process on how to replace string on GreenWorks trimmer. So, today’s piece of writing is for all those GreenWorks trimmer users who need an effective method for changing the string.

How to Replace String on Greenworks Trimmer

The process is both straightforward but complicated. After you try it for once, it’ll becomes simple but your first time of replacement will be a bit confusing. However just hang on there, try it anyway and you’ll eventually get used to it. Keep on Reading…

How to Replace String on Greenworks Trimmer

1. For Single Line Trimmer.

So, this first step is all about GreenWorks trimmer head removal. This means you need to take the cap out. This will make your spool to turn out. Inside you should be able to find a tiny gap after this.

Now, this where you need to start your trimmer line. Also, if you focus on the spool then you’ll notice there are arrows around it. There should be about two or three arrows here. The arrows are basically an indicator of which way line needs to wrap. You need to get rid of the connection or turn off property trimmer at this point.

Then focus on finding the retainer. Now you need to twist the head either counterclockwise or clockwise. This will depend on your trimmer. There should be a release button. You need to press it in order to let the clip unwind. It also helps in discharging the spool.

There are various types, so if the system is a bit different, you should be able to find instructions in manual of your device. Usually, the counterclockwise twisting works for loosening just right. Once you figure out the way, just detach trimmer’s head spool. Once you are done with this significant step, move onto the next one.

Now in the spool, find out starter hole. The trimmer line’s tip needs to go here. Follow the direction of arrows to wind it properly. The line should be wrapped in straight rows in a neat way. So that there are no jams later on. Once you think there are around five to six inches of line remaining, simply snap it into the spool’s retainer. So that it can hold in place.

Next, you need to change spool into head of the trimmer. Get it out from the retainer and pull through slot. Make sure that the feeding is done smoothly here.

Line up the retainer with slot on outside of head. Replace spool into the trimmer head. Remove the line from retainer, and pull it through slot to make sure it is feeding smoothly. Finally, you need to get the retaining cap back to its place.

2. If It’s a Double Line Trimmer

Depending on your trimmer, you’ll need to figure out right length and width of line. Anything wrong here can be a big headache for your trimmer since it won’t work the right way. So, don’t do the same mistake as others by buying a guessed size line for your GreenWorks trimmer. Also, if you can’t make it to find the right size, go for a bit too long line. So that later you can cut it short accordingly.

Now start by turning off the trimmer. Make sure you cool down the gearbox. So that there’s no chance of meeting an accident later on. Next, you need to get rid of the retaining cap from head. You may need to press one or a few tabs here. In some models, this part involves unscrewing the cap. Also, you may end up doing both steps for removing the retaining cap.

Then you need to find the starter hole in spool. There should be two starter holes in this variant. You need to insert first length of trimmer line in one of the starter holes. Now following the arrow directions, wind it securely. Make sure you are wrapping the line as neatly as possible. It should be in straight rows to avoid any sort of jams later. Once the line is remaining around five to six inches, you need to snap it inside retainer. And this will make it hold onto place. Now you need to do the same thing once again with your string line trimmer.

You’ll repeat the exact line inserting and wrapping process for second line. You should be able to find the ends of line on spool’s opposite sides. This is to match the eyelets. You should find them on the trimmer head’s outside portion.

At this point, you need to detach the lines from retainers. On the outside of trimmer head, simply thread them within eyelets. Change the trimmer head spool. Make sure to pull the lines through slot and check whether feeding is smooth or not. Finally, you need to reconnect the retaining cap.


Looks like we are by the end of today’s discussion. Hopefully, now you have a clear idea about how to replace string on Green Works trimmer. Fixing the string or simply replacing it from time to time is actually pretty important. Or else, you won’t be able to enjoy the smooth performance of your trimmer.

Make sure before trying anything at all, you give the manufacturer’s guidelines attention. Sometimes depending on the specific model, there can be a special note that user needs to follow with replacing string. To ensure you don’t mess up this procedure with any wrong step always start safely by reading the guidelines.

On That Note, See You Next Time with Another Fun Topic.

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