Is a Backpack a Personal Item Delta – Answered & Explained?

Those who are a bit aware of different airlines and their policies due to traveling quite much will tell you good things about Delta. It is one of the few that are really convenient as well as understanding towards passenger’s need.

And that is one of the few reasons why many travelers love their service. However, one bad thing is the fact that Delta does not have a complete personal item publishing. Something that can help new passengers with more specific answers to their queries. There’s quite common confusion regarding the personal item segment. For Instance, if a backpack is a personal item to Delta or simply a carry-on. Let’s talk more about it.

Is a Backpack Considered as a Personal Item When Travelling with Delta?

Yes and no. A backpack could be a personal item. And the possibility of happening complete opposite also exists. Confused? Well, it all comes down to the size of your backpack. If it is pretty small, then most probably it can be a personal item to bring along. While with the ones that are a bit on bulkier and bigger side, things can be different.

To understand the whole concept, you have to consider whole size and weight matter that relates to Delta’s personal item regulation.

Is a Backpack Considered as a Personal Item When Travelling with Delta

Ensuring If Your Backpack is a Personal Item or Carry-on Based on Its Size.

So, you already must know that the list of items that are okay to bring along with a passenger on board is finalized by the airlines. And there are also further rulings on the size as well as quantity of items that you can plan to bring. So, when you are not sure about whether your backpack falls under the personal item category or carry-on one, best thing to do is referring to size guidelines.

Personal Item Dimension of Delta is a Bit Confusing.

In the case of a personal item, it should be something that easily fits beneath seat that is in front of you. Many people don’t really bother about the allowance. And take all space in the overhead bins. Something that could be shared by two.

It’s highly suggested if you plan to bring your belongings while keeping in mind that there are other passengers too. They also need space to carry the stuff of their own. Have the mindset of sharing, avoid bringing too much even if there’s a scope.

Now back to the under-seat guideline. One confusion that still seems to be there is exactly how huge is the space beneath a seat. Will your bag pack fit inside that space?

Well, unfortunately, there is hardly any data about that when you are traveling with Delta. And so, you should consider the general idea of space under a seat that’s available through many sources.

The Rule of Thumb to Follow for Under Seat Dimensions.

As there’s a lack of valid specific data regarding the size of personal items, you can do a few things to keep it risk-free. First of all, the purses that are regular-sized, small enough to easily fit beneath seat are a safe choice in all ways.

The same goes for briefcases that are already pretty small in dimension. The official website of delta refers to a diaper bag as well as a camera bag to be ideal size for a personal item. If your backpack is also similar to that small dimension of a mini purse, briefcase, diaper bag, or camera bag, then it should not be a problem.

And if you still are not sure, then refer to the dimension 18x14x8. As that’s the most probable cause with the delta seat underneath space. Make sure the bag pack has some squeezability. Also, you can check a few other airlines’ personal sizes referring rules. Usually, the ones with similar fleets would work for Delta as well.

In Case the Backpack is Obviously Pretty Large.

If from looks alone, you can tell the backpack is definitely not very small, then these are pretty tricky to consider as a personal item. The best solution here is directly contacting Delta and telling them about your situation before the flight day.

However, if your backpack is around 45 linear inches, it’s certainly a carry-on item. Most airlines want you to keep the carry-on size be under 22x14x9” mark.

Is Delta Very Strict with Their Personal Item Size?

From what most passengers share, Delta isn’t one of those too cruel airlines that stick with their rulings very strictly. But that does not mean, you won’t face any trouble when messing with the size, quantity, and allowance rules.

Now if you are not sure about bringing a personal item along with your carry-on, then it’s possible in one way. You can buy those items from duty-free. Simply take food or drinks once the security checkpoint formalities are done.

Another good thing about the airline is that if you are almost lumbering with your bags, umbrella, jacket, and other stuff, they won’t bother you with a measuring tape to check the sizing.

As long as you make sure the personal items are something capable of fitting beneath the seat, there’s actually not much trouble to worry about. However, if things don’t go that way, you’ll have to face gate checking. In the worst case, you may get denied boarding.

Now that means you may not be able to get your bag checked if the worst scenario appears. However, it can be terrible to have the necessary items inside that bag. Stuffs that you’ll surely need during or after flight.

Also, if you are someone who has lots of confusion on what items are permissible inside a plane, then spend some time researching about those. You never know. Maybe the backpack you’re trying to bring as a personal item won’t face rejection. But because there’s a restricted item inside, it got denied.  

Personal Item Tips to Keep in Mind.

  • Don’t overstuff the backpack and keep it capable of squeezing. You never know if a too- close under-seat space is what you’ll discover after being on board. Be ready for such possibilities.
  • If you are someone who has a good height, mind your legroom necessity. With the backpack being under seat, you should also be able to comfortably rest your legs. Not being able to stretch your feet in a long flight isn’t something anyone would enjoy.
To Save Time, Delta Wants To Carry Your Carry-Ons For You

Wrap Up

And that was pretty much all about the whole backpack being a personal item or not to delta drama. Hopefully, you have enough idea on what to do with the backpack you’re willing to bring.

Or maybe you just wanted to have some knowledge before going backpack shopping. In any case, good job! It’s always best to have a complete idea of such airlines’ dimensions and size matters. Because those are a few things that often make a plane journey tiring due to airline authorities questioning your belongings. Have a Safe Flight!

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