What Items are Allowed and Not Allowed on Airplane?

One of the best things you can do to make your traveling experience smooth and less free is to plan earlier. About everything! From booking to packing. Now when you are thinking about packing, there’s definitely a need to understand what items are allowed and not allowed on airplane.

This information will help to avoid unnecessary charges that on the flight day can really disappoint and upset you. Also, it’s very important to fly responsibly. So, make sure you take notes from today’s piece of writing where I’ll be sharing what you can bring and things you’ll need to avoid bringing.

Exactly What Items are Allowed and Not Allowed on Airplane?

There is stuff you can take in your carry-on bag. However, a few may need you to go through checking and include them in the checked-in bag. While there are also items you cannot absolutely bring along. Let’s talk about all of them…

Exactly What Items are Allowed and Not Allowed on Airplane?

What Items are Not Allowed in Checked Luggage & Carry-On Bags?

Let’s start with the most common set of items that are not right for you to bring along in a flight nor in check bags.

Anything That is Sharp.

Any type of thing or tool that is sharp should not be in your carry-on bags. This includes ice picks, meat cleavers, box cutters, razor blades, swords, and scissors as well. However, if the blades of item you want to bring inside carry on are equal to or less than 4 inches, then there’s nothing to worry about.

If you want to bring a knife for food, pick a plastic or butter knife simply. Something that has a round bade should be ideal. While inside the checked bags, you can include absolutely nothing that has a sharp edge. Here there are no exceptions.

Firearms Are Strictly Unacceptable & Also Self Defense Items.

You cannot carry a firearm inside your carry-on bag. This list also includes gun powder and flares. And it goes true for both carry-on bags. All the items meant for martial arts or self-defense are not suitable to bring inside carry-on bags.

Carrying Sports Gears.

Inside carry-on, you cannot typically bring most of the sporting equipment. Such as baseball bats, cricket bats, lacrosse, sticks, golf clubs, bows and arrows, pool cues, and so on. If you really want to include then pack these inside your checked luggage.

Anything That Can Explode.

All the items that are prone to explode, flammable liquids, and also certain chemicals are strictly unacceptable to include in both checked and carry-on luggage. This list also includes gas torches, grenades, explosives replicas, dynamite, lighters, chlorine, spray paint, and such items. You should contact the airline if not sure about a certain thing.

What Items are Allowed in Checked Luggage & Carry-On Bags?

Now let’s talk about the items that you can bring along on flight. Some of them are okay as carry-on baggage. While a few may need to enter the checked luggage.

The Carry-On.

You can bring matches and lighters for safety purposes along as carry-on baggage. A few electronics are also good to go on the flight. For example, a mobile phone or tablet is okay to bring. You can also travel with a standard size laptop. In the case of any larger gadget such as video game consoles, those need to go through individual screening at checkpoints.

You can also carry a few handy tools such as nail clippers and razors for personal use. Tweezers are also fine to bring. Just make sure the blade is not more than 12 cm coming from pivot point.

All non-flammable liquids are acceptable for carry-on. You can also bring gels and a few aerosol items. Toothpaste and hair gels are not a problem. And same goes for body perfume, mist, and similar spraying stuff.

Small tools

Tweezers, razors, nail clippers, and scissors with blades that measure less than 12 cm from the pivot point. Just make sure the containers are not more than 100 ml. Also, all the items should be inside a zipper bag. And altogether it must not be more than one liter.

You can also carry some medications if necessary. All the over-the-counter medications are not a problem to bring in a carry-on. You can also go for individual screening and carry other items such as inhalers and insulins.

Baby food is also alright inside the plane. If you are traveling with your kid, items that are necessary are usually acceptable inside. For example, food, liquid-filled teethers, and even breast milk. However, the thing cannot exceed 100 ml restriction.

Vaping devices and E-cigarettes that fall under the “less than 100 ml rule” are also good to go. However, you cannot carry vape and e-cigarettes that run through a battery.

The Checked-In Bag.

As carry-on, you cannot bring weapons like I already said. However, you can bring the flare guns and firearms in a specific manner. You need to keep it unloaded, then pack it inside a container with hard sides and lock, and finally let airline personnel know the existence of it for them to check and allow.

If you want to carry a compressed air gun, then it should go with the checked baggage. The cylinder needs removal for you to bring along. In terms of ammo, the rules differ from one airline to another.

You may be able to bring pepper spray, a nightstick, and a few things for personal safety inside checked baggage. Also, the pepper spray should have a well-working safety device. So that it can stop any sort of discharge from taking place.

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Wrap Up

And on that note, you know very well understand what items are allowed and not allowed on airplane. Hopefully, the next packing session you go through will feel less traumatic. At this time, you have some legit information on what to pack and what to not.

But then again, some items can still feel misleading or unsure. If that’s the case, don’t hesitate to contact your airlines. Also, you should always check the airline’s website for allowance regulations anyway.

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