What Countries Border the Atlantic Ocean?

The 2nd largest ocean in the world has its own charm in many ways that has made geography lovers always come and look upon it for fun information. And one interesting thing to know about is its surrounding countries. And how they take benefit of this magnificent ocean.

Getting your geography knowledge stronger with knowing about what countries border the Atlantic Ocean sounds fun, right? Writing on that matter also sounds great to me so that’s what I’ll be doing for today, stay tuned…

So, What Countries Border the Atlantic Ocean?

Basically, there are five continents right on the border of Atlantic Ocean. These are South America, North America, Europe, Africa, and Asia. There are a total of 133 countries as well as territories here. And this includes the four largest world countries too.

European countries are a total of 33. There are African countries a total of 26. And the remaining includes 13 Caribbean, 7 Asian, and 9 North & Central American countries.

Bordering both the pacific and Atlantic oceans are 11 countries. Also, the only state that has coastlines on both Indian and Atlantic oceans is South Africa. The Atlantic and Pacific waters are converging at Cape Horn as well as Chile. And a waterway with a 51-mile length is also there to connect both oceans. It’s called Panama Canal. It’s basically a artificial waterway.

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Some of the Significant countries that reside on border of Atlantic Ocean are Brazil, Cuba, The Bahamas, Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados, France, French Guiana, Ghana, Guyana, Argentina, Chile, Sao Tome and Principe, Trinidad, Tobago, Saint Kitts, and Nevis, Guinea-Bissau, Ireland, Spain and so on. Also, the United States, United Kingdom, Morocco, Liberia, Cape Verde, Cameroon, Cote D’Ivoire, Angola, Dominican Republic, and more.

What Countries Border the Atlantic Ocean? -- Full Guide

What Benefits It Has on Bordering Countries.

The neighboring state of Atlantic enjoys a good economical contribution due to the fact that they are on border. The transoceanic transport median is one of many reasons for that. Also holding a huge amount of gas and oil reserves is a good reason behind.

There’s a good transportation benefit because of the Atlantic. Especially the traverse that takes place between North America and Europe. The same goes for South America and Africa. And not to mention the traverse between Northwest Africa and North America.

The ocean also is home to many varieties of animals that breathe in marine. Million tons of fish are provided by the ocean too. The global climate is also something that Atlantic impacts on. This includes wind and water streams. Reducing gas from the atmosphere as a crucial reservoir of Carbon Dioxide is one of the greatest controllers of global warming.

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Wrap Up

So, what countries border the Atlantic Ocean, hopefully, you know now. After talking a lot about the whole border country thing in detail, you may have already realized how one great thing can impact its surrounding. Because the Atlantic Ocean has a huge impact globally. And we can say that from looking at its contribution towards the countries that surround it. Both economically and environmentally. See You Soon In Some Other Fun Similar Topic, Have a Nice Day.

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