What Forms of Id Are Acceptable to Buy Alcohol – Find Out!

Looking for information on what forms of id are acceptable to buy alcohol can be tricky. Because different places have diverse rules regarding this. The alcohol buying regulations can vary and so does the form of IDs that are eligible to prove you can buy those.

Usually, the rulings are pretty strict and consider enquiring anyone who looks younger than 25 years old. Let’s talk about some of the common forms in USA, New Zealand, Canada, and Australia for today. Keep on Reading…

What Forms of Id Are Acceptable to Buy Alcohol Depending on The Country or Place.

So, you now already know the ID type keeps varying depending on which country we are talking about. Here’re a few of them explained.

What Forms of Id Are Acceptable to Buy Alcohol – Find Out!

New Zealand

Here the alcohol or commonly known to local people as liquor can be found in clubs and bars for sale. Now when you want to buy them, the staff will ask for a valid ID that shows you’re above 18 to 21 years old (Can Vary).

Some like to believe they look mature enough to not face such a thing. But actually, in New Zealand, they really check strictly before giving alcohol. There are some establishments that will demand to see the ID if you seem to be younger than 25 years old. The law regarding photo ID acceptance is pretty strict as there are three different types only that can help you here usually.


Here too the staff will demand to see some sort of acceptable form from you that proves you’re not underage for buying alcohol. And the form has to confirm your identification. Government issues, recent and photo forms are the one that gets accepted.

An example of such an ID can be your driver’s license. There should be your picture on it to confirm it was issued for you. Then the Canadian passport is also a valid ID form. Some use Canadian Citizenship Card with their photo as a valid identification and age check.

The list also includes armed force identification cards from Canada. LCBO issues photo card is also an acceptable form to get alcohol.  The government of Canada also issues a secure Indian Status Card and this is a valid form of ID. Apart from these, the permanent resident card will also work for confirming your age and letting you buy liquor.


In case you are trying to get some alcohol in the USA then there are a few types of ID you can use to prove you are eligible and not underage. First, the California Driver’s license is a valid proof of this fact. Then there also the out-of-state driver’s license that basically does same thing.

You can also show them your U.S. Military ID but this needs to be free from any physical description. Also, the US and foreign passports that have photographs can help you grab a bottle of liquor without any problem. Some try to use two forms of unacceptable IDs to make it work as one acceptable ID. But that method, unfortunately, won’t work.


You are going to need an Age card or Post key pass identity card for proving you are eligible to buy alcohol. This can be any sort of photo identification card. The learner permits will also work. The same goes for the driver’s license. You can use both Australian and Foreign driver’s licenses by the way.

Also, any country passport will be solid proof. Basically, any age-proofing and recognized ID form will help you get over the situation in Australia.

Showing ID for Alcohol Buying.

In most countries, generally, the acceptable age to have alcohol is between 18 to 21. Now there are very strict rulings that an alcohol seller needs to go through. If by mistake, he or she serves a drink to a minor, then there are charges that can apply. And such mistakes are taken very seriously as an offensive act.

When traveling, some tourist misunderstands and believe the seller is being mean by trying to check their ID as if they are committing a crime. But there are numerous places that are very strict with alcohol allowance like I said before. So, when someone asks you for the ID in a new place, it’s actually something they have to do and no, they are not trying to be rude.

Also, you should know, that there’s no legal right to buy alcohol. So, if someone chose to not sell or serve the liquor, it’s lawfully not wrong. Usually, when you don’t refuse to show evidence of your age, such circumstances do not take place.

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And now you know what forms of id are acceptable to buy alcohol. This drink is definitely controversial for a number of reasons and so, facing an ID checkup is not something you should not want to do.

With the youth going downwards because of alcohol addiction, drugs, and such harmful stuff, crimes have become easy to them. It’s linked as one of the main reasons why so many youngsters decide to steal, fight on-road, and go for illegal driving.

Right now, the young generation is going through so many problems including school skipping, depression, self-hurt and even suicide more than any other generation behind. And researches have shown high impact of alcohol and drug to be one of the major reasons behind such lifestyle.

So, if you serve alcohol, be responsible about it and know who your patrons are. And if you are buying them, then make sure your age is eligible to do that and cooperate with the shop owner when they ask such an identification check.

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