Can Basketball Shoes Be Used for Running as Well – Find Out

The game of basketball is not only challenging but also the one that gets you a lot of attention. A player entering the court wearing a pair of perfectly clean white basketball shoes looking all cool from head to toe could be a scene you admired. And perhaps also wondered why do basketball players wear tights that look like their own skin and if that feels uncomfortable.

However, those shoes, did you know some people think them perfect for running as well? That means if you get one pair then not only would you have that captivating cool aura of a basketball player but also you would be able to take it for your evening running sessions. 

But then again, would those shoes be okay to wear for such activities? More precisely, can basketball shoes be used for running? Keep On Reading… 

So, Can Basketball Shoes Be Used for Running?

Well, for the most part, there should be no problem with running in a pair of basketball shoes. If you are not a regular runner and usually go for shorter distances on surfaces that are not outdoors, it should be fine. And many people love using it for such activity as it serves multiple purposes and saves them money. But there’s a catch.

Before that, know that the main difference between running shoes and basketball shoes is weight and size or shape. The basketball shoes are quite heavy, with a tall design and also a stiff body. While running shoes are usually lightweight so that it’s easy to run with them. Because the very low top of basketball shoes is quite similar in outlook with a running shoe, people tend to get curious if these would be alright for running as well.

It’s true that for casual wear, you can use basketball shoes. And it would simply need to go through some airing out before the next use. So that the pair stays fresh and does not catch bad smells. But that does not mean, you would be able to use them for running in a few typical scenarios.

However, depending on the designs of the shoes, they may or not come with certain limitations otherwise. Especially for runners who like to wear a specifically designed for running pair of shoes. That’s usually because with a pair of shoes that comes with a design for running, there’s the factor that this is a one-directional activity.

That means the key features here are having a high amount of stability as well as less bulk. While with basketball, it’s an activity that involves all body movement. And that thing definitely includes certain differences in both shoe types that could be felt by typically those who are used to wearing specific activity footwear.

And due to this fact, it’s safe to say that even if wearing basketball shoes for running is possible, it’s still not a great option for long distances.

Can Basketball Shoes Be Used for Running as Well

It Works Great for Overweighted Folks. 

If you are a person who is on the bulky side in terms of weight, and its’ been a while that you’ve seriously spent a long time on physical activities, then wearing basketball shoes for running can really help.

Because with extra weight, you want something that could support your ankle when running. And with a pair of basketball shoes, it becomes quite easy. That way there’s the right amount of ankle stability, lowering the risk of losing balance with running.

Superior In Cushioning Basketball Shoes May Help in Running.  

You might have tried running but what I’m about to share on it is most probably something you still don’t know. So, as you run, your body actually goes through a shock like thing. And this is due to the force of gravity. Your heels coming in contact with ground, basically means the body part getting hit by an object that is 2.5x weigher than its weight. Yap, that’s how it is!

Can you imagine kicking a wall with your fist, it would hurt, right? The same thing happens with your feet when you run. And that’s why having cushioning on the right spots is a very important thing in the shoes to make sure you don’t injure your feet with running.

Now, there are some really well-known basketballs shoe options that come with additional cushioning factors. These would surely be a great aid for your feet for running.

However, sometimes the thing becomes completely opposite of what should happen!

And that is due to the heel cushioning. In a few models, you will discover it is pretty hard and flat. And this would definitely work really well when it’s about landing from a jump, something that happens in basketball.

However, running could work as an additional load. And as a result, you would be hit on your heels quite hard. Then there’s also the traction making things even difficult. Because of it, there’s additional load and eventually, this does not add any value to activities such as running.

It’s Not a Good Enough Option for Long Distances Though.

The whole conversation would become invalid the moment you share that you’re actually looking to use it for long-distance running. Because in that case, it’s a complete no. In terms of running in shorter distances, the benefits could be somewhat visible. But that never happens with distances that are quite long.

And that’s because the weight of basketball shoes is quite on the bulky side. Having to run with weight on your feet would be really uncomfortable, if not guaranteed to give a whole night-long soreness. And so, any running plan that involves distances more than 10 miles a week, is not suitable to conduct with basketball shoes.

Snow, Sand & Concrete Surfaces Are a Pain to Run with Basketball Shoes. 

Typically, you should give yourself the idea of using basketball shoes outside. If you do, they would become pretty unusable for the indoor courts. Also, surfaces such as sand, snow, and concrete are a big no for basketball shoes.

Concrete is a surface that tends to be 10x harder than asphalt. And that’s why it’s going to be a horrible pain for your heels specifically. A bump with a pedestrian would be a good enough incident to cause a solid injury.

In the case of snow surfaces, those are quite slippery. With sand, you will find it super difficult to run with something as weighty as a pair of basketball shoes. And so, if you plan to run on such surfaces, just invest in a proper pair of running shoes.

Wrap up

So can basketball shoes be used for running, you now know more than the yes or no answer. If you ask for some advice, better get proper running shoes instead of depending on basketball shoes. Sometimes using the wrong style of shoe can literally lead to soreness and even serious injuries. It’s best to not opt for a risky route just to save money. However, if you simply want to go for occasional short runs that are 2 to 3 miles typically once or twice each week, things won’t be very bad with basketball shoes.

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