How to Clean White Basketball Shoes & Make Them New-like?

Looking for some solution on how to clean white basketball shoes is a very common thing today. Because these are tending to become dirtier than regular ones and also are harder to clean.

However, if you incorporate a few easy-to-follow tips and tricks for cleaning them, there’s a good chance of returning the shoes to their new-like form. Or at the very least close to that. The fact is true that basketball shoes are not just there for you to look nice on court but also something that helps in your performance.

You cannot take the risk of a dirty sneaker causing slipping and sliding tremendously making your winning chances go down the hill. So, let’s get into the topic then.

Let’s Find Out More on How to Clean White Basketball Shoes.

Cleaning the white basketball shoes is not very different than how you’d do with regular ones. But since these are super white, you may need some special steps to include for maintaining the whiteness. Make sure you clean them after every match to avoid a cleaning session that requires too much hard work. And on that note, let’s start the actual discussion.

How to Clean White Basketball Shoes & Make Them New-like

Get Rid of Stains or Soiling Without Delay.

Getting rid of any new stain or soiling as soon as you can, should be your best plan. The more you give time to these grime and dirt to settle in, harder it’ll be to get rid of those. It’s best to clean them after every use for this very reason. In case your shoe is made of a material such as suede, mesh, or canvas, then the scenario is a bit different.

Because now we are talking about absorbent materials that can’t be washed too many times. If that’s so, then let the mud dry well. Then you can use a stiff brush. Carefully brush off that unwanted stuff as much as you can.

Then you can begin cleaning. Or else there’s a good chance of smearing the mud instead of eliminating those. You can use a toothbrush as well. If the mud seems slightly moist and you can’t wait until it dries off, use a lightly damp cloth to wipe gunk out.

Making a Solution.

Now let’s focus on making a gentle solution that is safe to use on white basketball shoes. Which means something less harsh and definitely not like severe detergents. Use a small bucket and fill it with warm water. You can also use a bowl here.

Get some mild dishwashing soap. You need to add just a few drops into the warm water. And then use your hand to give the water a good swish. So that everything mixes together nicely and well. The solution will seem a bit bubbly, that’s what we are rooting for. Now here you must avoid any chemical bleaches absolutely. No to abrasive cleaners as well.

Wiping the Surface.

Get the shoelaces out before cleaning shoes. You can later wash them using the same solution that you just made. Use a damp soft cloth or a brush with not-so-hard bristles to gently scrub the surface of your shoes.

You need to moist them with the solution that you’ve just made. Then after wiping one time, dampen them once again. You can wrap your fingertip around the cloth or simply use the toothbrush to work on areas with creases and seams. This will help you to really get into the stubborn spots and eliminate them easily.

If the stain is a bit too rough and disagrees to go off, then a circular motion of slightly aggressive scrubbing is alright. You can add a very tiny dap of toothpaste. Not the color added ones. Go for plain white types. Use this with the dampened cloth or toothbrush and focus on the spots.

Get Rid of Any Residue with a Clean Cloth.

Once you are done removing the spots, bring some clean water. Get another cloth or fabric and moisten it with the water. You don’t have to dunk the shoes into water. It’s also best to not run the shoes under the sink faucet. These can harm a few types of materials for certain shoes.

Simply wipe it as many times as you need to and get the residue of previous cleaning solution out. And your white shoes should be already shining as new.

Completely Drying the Shoes.

Let the shoe air dry, never use any heating element such as hair dryers to do so. You can wipe it with another dry cloth for once. But leaving it in an airy and warmer spot is the best thing to go for. Apart from hair dryers, you should also avoid radiators, clothes dryer as well as any artificial heat source. These are some of the many reasons why shoes suffer from cracking and shrinking.

Now for the inside of your shoes, it can still remain damp, you can use some old newspaper for getting water completely out from internal areas. Simply stuff them inside and leave for a while. The paper will suck all water elements out. Then remove those newspapers out and your shoes are all ready to be stored for next use.

A Little Bit About Storing Your Just Cleaned White Shoes.

As soon as you are done making your white basketball shoes clean and shining, pay attention to storing them properly. Some prefer throwing them inside their gym bag and hang in front of the entrance door.

However, if those are pretty high-end, that way of storing should not be implemented. Get rid of the crumbled newspaper out from inside of shoes. Then get some huge zip-close separate bags for placing the shoes inside. You can also get some desiccant packets. These are quite similar to silica gel packs that come with new shoes. Simply insert one of these inside the bag and you are good to go.

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Wrap Up

That was basically how to clean white basketball shoes the right way for best results. The impact of your basketball shoes is more than you’ll ever realize. These are some of the many companions that help you move inside court with comfort and grip. And so, taking care of these essential wears is really important.

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