Can You Bring A Speaker On A Plane: Audio Boxes Allowed

We all love listening to music; therefore, we always carry our earphones whenever we listen to music or our speakers to entertain ourselves when we reach our destinations.


Several items passengers are not allowed to bring on a plane have left many wondering if they can carry their portable speakers or subwoofers. And if they can bring your wireless speakers onboard, can they be transported as checked luggage or part of their carry-on bag? 

So in this article, we’ll try to answer the question “can you bring a portable speaker on a plane?” and elaborate more on the regulations set by the TSA.

Everything You Need To Know About Bringing A Speaker On A Plane

Can you bring a speaker on a plane? The short answer to this question is yes; all airlines allow passengers to carry speakers on their planes. They’re not listed on items that folks are not allowed to carry while on a plane. When traveling, the only thing that matters with speakers is that they meet the weight and size specifications of the airline.

According to the TSA (Transportation Security Administration), you can carry your speaker while traveling.

But depending on their different parts, you can carry your portable Bluetooth speaker as either checked luggage or as part of your carry-on bag.

Speakers that are handy, like Bluetooth speakers, are usually allowed on the plane; you can include them in your in-hand luggage and take them to the plane with you. Unfortunately, you’re not allowed to use them to listen to your favorite music; instead, you can use your AirPods or wired headphones.

On the other hand, you can include the big and cumbersome speakers in the checked luggage. Even though these speakers are allowed on planes, the final decision to let anything into the airplane rests with airport security.

Bringing My Bluetooth Speaker In My Checked Luggage

You can bring your Bluetooth speakers when traveling, but in most cases, you may not be allowed to include them in checked luggage. And that is because many Bluetooth speakers contain hazardous parts that cannot be allowed in the plane’s cargo area.

Most wireless Bluetooth speakers come with lithium-ion batteries, which pose a threat to the plane and the passengers under harsh conditions.

These batteries are known to smoke and under certain harsh conditions, they can even catch fire. The lithium-ion battery may be considered a stable power source, but it can easily burst into flames when it gets punctured or overheated. 

Therefore, if the lithium-ion battery of your Bluetooth speaker catches fire while inside your checked luggage, it can end up setting the rest of the aircraft on fire.

Other than portable speakers, some electronic devices with lithium batteries, like cameras, laptops, and cell phones, are not allowed on planes as checked luggage. The American transport department has banned these batteries from the cargo region of their passenger planes.

The American government banned all devices with lithium-ion batteries from the checked area in 2019.

Therefore, when traveling with any lithium-ion battery device, you must include it in your carry-on instead of checked luggage. Other than the danger these batteries pose, they are generally safer in your hand luggage; after all, the way checked goods are handled can result in them getting damaged or stolen.

Bringing Bluetooth Speaker In A Carry-On Bag

All portable speakers are usually allowed on the plane as carry-on luggage, but you must ensure they can fit in the overhead cabin or beneath the plane’s seat. As long as it meets the requirements of any carry-on luggage, then you won’t have any issue carrying it on the plane.

As aforementioned, all portable devices are considered carry-on luggage. A huge percentage of your electronic devices like cell phones and Bluetooth speakers, powered by lithium-ion batteries, are allowed into the plane. Even spare lithium-ion batteries have to be carried in your carry-on bags.

Huge speakers can also be considered hand luggage if they meet the weight and size requirements.

Traveling With My Subwoofers As Checked/ Carry-on Luggage

Subwoofers are speakers; therefore, they can be allowed on planes if they meet the weight and size requirements. This means that they should be able to fit in the plane’s overhead cabin or below the seat in front of you.

Fortunately, subwoofers don’t have lithium batteries; therefore, they can be allowed into the plane’s cargo-holding areas.

However, the presence of powerful magnets and their wiring can force the TSA to open and inspect them.

Subwoofers can get damaged while in transit, we recommend that you pack your subwoofer well and label it fragile.

Traveling With A Soundbar Speaker As Checked Luggage

Soundbar Speaker

Yes, soundbars are generally long speakers that don’t threaten the plane or passengers; therefore, you can take them to the plane. But they must meet the required dimensions to be allowed on the plane.

Unlike a Bluetooth speaker, soundbars are too long; therefore, transporting them can be cumbersome since they can’t fit inside the plane’s overhead compartments. Therefore, you should contact the airline and find out if you can travel with your soundbar as a carry-on item, even though it’s not a portable speaker.

Due to their length and shape, these speakers can be easily destroyed during unloading and loading. Hence you have to find out if you can carry it as part of your carry-on luggage instead of checked luggage, where it can get damaged or, in the worst-case scenario, stolen. 

Outdoor Speak: Bringing along a speaker depends entirely on the type you like to stuff inside your bag. However, have you experienced listening to airplane music already? If not, then read our post — How To Listen To Music On A Plane.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Pack Your Speakers In Carry-On?

Yes, there are many things that you can carry on a plane, but speakers are not one of them. If they fit perfectly, then you can pack your portable speaker in your bag and place it beneath the seat in front of you or the overhead cabin. But if they are bigger and aren’t powered by a lithium-ion battery, you can transport them in your checked luggage.

Can I Bring My JBL Speaker On My Next Flight?

Yes, you can travel with your JBL speaker, but ensure that you have it inspected before getting on the plane. Simply take it out of the bag at the security check and let it be screened before getting on the plane. Remember, you can never use this speaker on the aircraft.

Unfortunately, airlines have different regulations, so you can inquire about the airline’s regulations on JBL speakers before leaving your home.

Why Do The FAA And TSA Prefer That You Carry Your Speakers In Your Carry-On Baggage?

Despite not affecting the plane’s electronics, most Bluetooth speakers are powered by lithium-ion batteries. These batteries are considered a fire hazard and under certain conditions, they can explode and set the plane on fire.


Several things are prohibited on planes, but your Bluetooth speaker is not one of them. They’re considered safe, and the only reason why they aren’t transported in the cargo region is that they have lithium-ion batteries. On the other hand, the subwoofers and soundbars are safe to carry on a plane.

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