Can you bring candy on a plane carry-on or checked baggage?

Can You Bring Candy on a Plane Carry-on

Plane journeys are not the most fun thing for sure, especially when you are traveling pretty far. So, planning extra things such as what movies to watch during the long session, having some good flight music’s to tune on and of course bringing fun snacks can be really great ideas.

Can you take food on a plane in your suitcase and what type exactly must be the next thing you’re wondering? Well, that’s some broad discussion. However, one tiny snack or amusement that this piece of writing will focus on is candy.

Maybe because you love to have some after a meal or simply want to keep it because kids love it and you’re traveling with them. No matter what the case, let’s talk about if it’s possible for you to bring candy on a plane.

Are You Allowed to Bring Candy on a Plane or Checked Baggage?

The regulations of TSA do not restrict you from bringing candy in any amount. You can bring them through the airport security inside your carry-on baggage. And there’s no limitation to worry about with the quantity as well. So, you can go ahead and pack your favorite candies as much as you want to. Until your handbag does not allow any more.

The regulation is this flexible with carrying candy is due to the fact that it’s basically solid stuff. And so, candy no matter what brand and shape, would be permissible for you to travel with.

The list includes lollipops, candy canes, gummy candy, peanut butter cups, candy bars, fudge, licorice, chewing gum, hard candies as well as chocolate-covered candies. You can bring skittles, Reese’s, M&M’s, Jolly Ranchers, Smarties, mints, Jolly Ranchers, and such solid bars.

When packing those, you want to use a resealable bag or container. And it should have a secure lid. However, the ones that come with original packaging won’t need this extra packing.

Also, there’s no restriction with bringing candy inside your huge baggage that goes through checking too. The quantity of the candies does not matter. And so, you can bring them in large quantity for gifting the kids you’ll be visiting at the destination.

Are You Allowed to Bring
Candy on a Plane or
Checked Baggage

In Case of Liquid & Gel Candy.

There are candies sold that are not solid in form. Instead, these are available as gel or liquid. And you can see many squeezable candy tubes like that as well as spray candy. Not to mention liquid candy tubes. Now, this type of candy won’t belong to the regulation I talked about above. It clearly is a gel or liquid that falls under the 3-1-1 liquid rule of TSA. And according to this ruling, the candy cannot be more than 3.4 ounces. Also, all must come inside a quart-size plastic bag. The bag should be transparent moreover.

Now, this does not include solid candies that come with liquid or paste fillings. The same goes for the bars that come with gel fillings. Any sort of squishy substance for fillings in a solid bar or candy is not a concern for you. And you can keep them inside a carry-on bag considering a solid item.

But then again, jars of peanut butter are not a thing you can consider candy (a few people love these as a candy snack so need to mention). These fall under the liquid substance. The chocolate cuts that come with peanut butter are however solid. And you can bring them inside the plane without limitation.

Wrap Up.

Now you know about bringing candy on a plane and so, go head pack your favorite solid ones without anything to worry about. But if those are under liquid forms, make sure to pay attention to the regulations and follow them.

You want to be sure of not breaking any rules set by the TSA to avoid embarrassing situations. It won’t be a fun scene to watch the agent throwing away your liquid candy bars while you being able to do nothing about it. Also, other passengers will be watching everything. So be mindful of the whole matter and have a nice journey with less thing to worry.

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