Can You Bring Pepper Spray on a Plane Inside Carry-on Bag?

Visiting a new place is fun and thrilling, no doubt to that fact. But some of us are definitely not brave enough to consider things safe when entering a new zone that has a different type of people and culture. While some may love the fact of wandering in a place and greeting locals on their way. It could be a bit uncomfortable for adventurers who pay very thorough attention to safety matters.

And if you are someone traveling to an unknown place, for the first time, then it makes even more sense. Perhaps that is why you are wondering about bringing pepper spray on a plane inside your carry-on bag or at least have it inside checked baggage to use after arrival to the destination. Well, here’s what you need to know…

So, Can You Have Pepper Spray on a Plane Inside Carry-On?

Unfortunately, you cannot! The majority of airlines won’t allow you to carry a pepper spray. Even if it’s in a mini version that comes along keychain. In short, if the formulation is of a typical self-defense spray, it is forbidden inside one’s hand luggage.

This is due to the fact that terror threats, as well as dangerous attempts, are quite severely taking over the world. There are so many terrifying incidents that can take place from even the least dangerous substance. So being stricter about items that possess even the tiniest bit of risk is always taken into consideration before being permissible or forbidden.

And airlines would never take the least preparation to avoid such horrible incidents inside their plane. In fact, when you are traveling, there are certain countries that may completely outlaw any sort of pepper spray product. In the USA, you cannot carry product from one state to another. That’s how strict rules are in a typical scenario.

Now due to the restriction, some passenger considers hiding pepper spray in their body. And that definitely can prove to be a terrible decision. Because once you walk through airport security, metal detectors will catch the presence of pepper spray. And there are other screening methods as well. This is a sure invitation to suspicions and you will unintentionally become guileful to the officials who are in charge. So don’t try such things. There are even cases, where people had to miss their flights.

On the other hand, if you are considering packing it inside your checked luggage then things are different. Keep on Reading…

Can You Bring Pepper Spray on a Plane Inside Carry-on Bag?

TSA May Allow Pepper Spray in Checked Bags.

While you can do absolutely nothing with pepper spray being forbidden inside your handbag as carry-on luggage, there’s still some scope left if using it after reaching the destination is your actual motive. Because apparently, a few airlines do consider passengers carrying pepper spray inside their checked-in luggage, in inadequate quantity course.

According To TSA, Passengers Can Carry Pepper Spray in Checked Bag.

And that would be within the applicable size and strength limits of course. TSA has no problem if you are bringing a 118ml or 4 fl. Oz. container of pepper spray inside your checked baggage.

Another crucial measurement the TSA would like you to follow is ensuring there’s no chance of accidental discharge. A safety mechanism must be within the design of pepper spray you are carrying. And also, there cannot be more than 2% mass of tear gas for the formulation of spray you’re bringing.

But Your Airlines Can Choose to Restrict Carrying Pepper Spray Inside Checked Bag.

For example, the United, Southwest, as well as JetBlue, don’t allow any sort of pepper spray inside passenger’s bag. However, with Frontier Airlines, you can go head and carry pepper spray inside checked luggage in an inadequate quantity.

The quantity must not exceed 4-ounces for each container. Also, you must ensure proper sealing of the container inside bag. This is also the rule with American Airlines.  However, there could be other policies regarding the matter that may get updated. So, it’s best to always contact the airline one day before your flight date to make sure there’s no problem.

With Alaska Air, you just need to follow the TSA guidelines strictly. And then, there should be no trouble with holding self-defense or spray inside the bag. Another thing that you must keep in mind is about your luggage getting lost by the airlines. And that is a risk you must take if insist on carrying pepper spray inside your checked luggage.

What Should Be The Best Thing To Do In Such Situation?

The whole situation of bringing pepper spray on a flight seems pretty daunting to be honest. And so, if you can avoid carrying it, that would be best. Maybe you can get yourself a new one at the destination after arrival.

If you have no idea where pepper or such self-defense sprays are sold in the destination spot, go for ordering one online. You can have it pre-shipped at the hotel or resort you’ll be staying at.

And things won’t have to be tricky at the airport. Also, there are quite a few DIY methods of making such sprays yourself. Learning a recipe to make yourself a pepper spray at any moment, isn’t a bad idea after all.

Wrap up

So, you now know that bringing pepper spray on a plane is not a wise plan and it’s best to avoid such a thing on board. And also, if possible, avoid packing such questionable sprays inside your checked luggage as well. Taking a flight and handling matters inside the airport is already going to be quite stressful. It’s best to keep the experience as laid back as possible. And avoid things that can cause further conflicts, suspicion, or just a bad flight day.

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