Can You Take Tweezers On A Plane: TSA Policy Revealed

Yes, you can bring tweezers in your carry-on, although you must observe a few conditions before TSA lets you get on a plane. They aren’t impractical conditions that’ll have you leaving your tweezers at home. No! They’re things you can do as you pack.

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Can you take tweezers on a plane in a bag? Yes, you can bring tweezers in either hand luggage or checked bags, and the TSA won’t stop you. Let’s discuss this topic further below.

What The TSA Says 


Since we all want to look good on a business or leisure trip, taking care of our eyebrows is part of the grooming process. If the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) can’t allow you to bring everything you need for this grooming task, you might end up spending some money on tweezers every time you go on a trip. 

Fortunately, tweezers aren’t on the list of items you can’t bring in a carry-on or checked bags. 

At the security screening, the airport security will ask you to remove electronics from your carry-on; however, other items like food may remain inside unless they’re on the list of items with special instructions. 

Therefore, place everything inside a plastic bag for a clear x-ray image, and you won’t have to empty all your hand luggage at the counter.

Tweezers are among the sharp objects that the TSA allows you to carry in your carry-on or checked luggage. 

Other sharp items are sewing needles, straight razors, nail clippers, disposable razors, and safety pins. However, there are items you can put in a checked bag that you can’t take in your carry-on, such as razor blades that don’t have a cartridge.

Can You Take Tweezers On A Plane In Checked Baggage?

Yes, the TSA allows you to bring tweezers in your checked bags. But, as with other sharp items, have your tweezers securely wrapped so that they don’t cause injury to inspectors or baggage handlers. It’ll also be safer for you as you unpack later.

These airport security rules apply to local and international flights, so you can bring tweezers when flying into the US. 

The TSA is clear that the type of tweezer or its size doesn’t matter, whether a slant-tip or wide-tip. That’s good news for beauty professionals who need such grooming tools when going on to work on a client.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will the TSA confiscate tweezers?

The TSA allows you to carry tweezers in your carry-on or checked baggage, but it still has the final decision if there is reason to confiscate them. You can only put it in carry-on luggage if it’s a multi-tool with scissors less than four inches long.

Earlier, we listed some reasons that may prevent you from taking tweezers on a plane, such as if you haven’t securely wrapped them or they’re multi-tools with knives. If your tweezers are part of a multi-tool item with a knife, put them in your checked luggage.

Can you take tweezers and a razor on a plane?

It depends on the type of razor you want to bring on a plane since some aren’t allowed. For instance, if you have razor blades and box cutters without cartridges, they go into checked luggage.

However, a disposable razor is permitted in carry-on luggage or checked bags. On top of that, since these are in the sharp objects category, consider wrapping them or using any strategy so that the blades aren’t exposed, as they can hurt a luggage handler.

Can you bring nail clippers and tweezers on a plane?

Yes, you can. The TSA allows you to bring nail clippers and tweezers in a carry-on bag or checked luggage. Don’t forget to wrap them. 

One thing you can do with all the sharp objects in your luggage is to put them in a clear bag so that security checks all of them at once. It also prevents the tips of such sharp objects from piercing any fragile item in your checked bag or carry-on.


As we have found out, you can carry your tweezers through the security checkpoint at the airport, and the security officers won’t flag you down. On top of that, the TSA allows you to carry tweezers in your carry-on baggage or your checked bags.

However, wrap them securely to prevent injuries if you or the security officers go through your luggage. That’s one thing you can’t skip, especially if you have point-tip tweezers that can tear a plastic bag.

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