What Hand Do You Wear A Golf Glove On?

Some fundamentals of golfing are where you start as soon as the feel of engaging in this game comes to you. And I understand, maybe during buying your necessary gears or practicing sessions, such questions come up in your mind.

As you have already seen many golfers wearing gloves in one of their hands, you were quite sure it’s on the left hand usually. But then, someone wore it on their right hand and got you all confused.

What could be the drill? What hand do you wear a golf glove on actually? Well, it’s not actually about the left or right hand, it’s on the functionalities they indulge in that decide the answer. Keep On Reading…

What Hand Do You Wear a Golf Glove On?

Usually left! And that’s because most of us have the right hand as our dominant hand. You are supposed to wear the golf glove on your weaker one, meaning the lead hand. For example, if you are a right-handed player, then you’ll need to buy a left handed golf glove.

Now, why do golfers wear a glove on one hand and not both? Because apparently, the most impact on the swing as well as the club is achieved through the lead hand. And that’s why having the golf on that one hand, does the job. 

Then again, the lead hand is in charge of doing bulk of the work. And this includes gripping the club as well. So having a glove really helps here. But the other hand might get sweaty due to the gloves which can affect tasks it conducts.

And there are also cases where a golfer may wear gloves on both hands. Usually during the wet and rainy conditions. Also, during the colder season. In fact, during that time, there are specifically made gloves for the purpose.

But it’s not very common though. Also, there are some golfers who prefer to wear gloves on both hands even during hot days. PGA tour-playing golfer Tommy is one of them, he consistently wears both gloves.

But does it have some sort of extra benefit that golfers like him make such a choice despite it being a less preferable way for others, and should you try that?

why do golfers wear a glove on one hand

Should I Wear Golf Gloves On Both Hands?

Instead of thinking both hands, consider the fact that one is your dominant hand while the other is lead. And your dominant hand would be in charge of grip as well as feel of the club to make better shots. So, it does make somewhat sense of people think, extra protection from gloves might help in those shots.

So, do you wear a golf glove on your dominant hand to have those better capabilities? Well, you don’t need to actually. In reality, your dominant hand is in charge of stuff that cannot work with loss of grip. And having a glove on that hand increases the chance of sweating, especially during the warmer days. This causes into problems, hardly any benefit. So, it’s best to not have a golf glove on dominant hand.

On the flip side, the lead hand placement on the club is usually on the top area.

This means here a good grip is necessary for crucial swinging. And so, having the glove for that purpose will increase your chance of sofa giving better shots.

This is why most golfers would prefer just one glove to have their lead hand that holds the club tightly protected. So that because of the tightness the skin of the lead hand does not face any blistering or ripping.

But then again, if your personal preference is what tells you to wear two gloves then go for it. It’s quite the same as the duration of completing an 18 hole round, the answer will vary depending on player. Some may like wearing it in both hands, while a few would feel not even bothering with one.

Yes, there are also those who don’t understand why wear a golf glove and basically skip it. That’s fine! If this thing makes no change in your game, then there’s nothing to worry about actually.

You Don’t Have to Wear a Glove for All Shots.

Now not every shot will need you to wear the glove. So, when should you wear a golf glove, is something you will automaticity have feel about. If the glove does not make it hard for you to pull a certain type of shot, then keep it aside.

However, putts are something that works better without using a glove. The same goes for any shot that you are likely to make around the green. Not wearing a glove for that would be a better decision. This is because such shots are more feel-oriented. As these are quite shorter ones, that demands some touchy feel for a golfer to hit the right one.

And having a glove on hand might do the opposite of the purpose. Also, whenever you feel the glove is just being an accessory you are wearing, and it is not contributing to your game, take it off. There’s no rule of playing with discomfort. And if the gloves give you that feeling, you don’t have to deal with it.

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Wrap Up

Now what hand do you wear a golf glove on is a matter you’re completely prepared to decide. Go ahead. Also, in case you do feel like a glove is necessary, be considerate on making a good choice.

You don’t want to buy something poor in quality, just to save money as in your mind it’s just a golf accessory that won’t make any difference.

To be fair, usually, people feel that a golf glove is unnecessary because they had a bad experience with a poor-quality golf glove. While there are also those who love using one, and usually it’s because they met a golf glove pair that gives them the flexibility it should.

On That Note, I’ll Be Taking Your Leave for Today!

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