How Many Dimples On A Regulation Golf Ball Exists?

There’s a lot that goes into making a golf ball. And one thing that you may or not have noticed is the dimples these have. Because of the small indentations (that we called dimples), making shots are easier and effective.

Otherwise, there would have been no lift or travel of the ball, and basically, golfing would have been harder. Now most of us do know what dimples are, but when it comes to the number of them on a golf ball, typically, it’s quite rare for beginners to have an answer.

There’s no doubt that how many dimples on a regulation ball exist would also determine the performance it would provide. For example the duration to complete an 18-hole round and so on.

How Many Dimples on a Regulation Golf Ball?

Regulation golf balls, mostly, have at least 336 dimples in them. In most cases, golf balls shall have somewhere between 300 to 500 dimples. This is not something specified, depending on the manufacturer as well as model, it can change.

But why are there dimples on a golf ball? Talking about the average golf balls, which come with between 300-500 dimples. There’s a thin turbulent boundary layer creating ability that comes with each of these dimples. And so, the ball’s surface can sort of cling to those air layer

Objects usually go through the air in a fluctuating and inconsistent manner. And that’s because of the air-flowing pattern, something one has no control over.

So, producing golf balls with no dimples basically would mean allowing air to control the movement of that ball, and clearly, it’s not going to be a great thing for a golfer.

These dimples each shall also have an average depth of 0.010 inches. And if you don’t know already, the drag force as well as lift has a lot to do with the depth. This bare 0.010 inch of depth change can basically result in making a radical change for the ball’s trajectory. As well as the overall flying distance of the golf ball.

So, by adding dimples, you give the ball to cut down the drag and allow smoother flight. And for your information, this dimple theory works for not just golf balls but also cars.

Talking about the lift factor, a backward spinning motion basically gives the ball half-lifting power it gets. With dimples, the effect magnifies. And so, there’s a 50% increase in total lift.

There’re 336 Dimples on a Regulation Golf Ball Usually

Why Do Golf Balls Have 336 Dimples?

Again, it’s about the golf ball distance matter that relates to this question. Because of the dimples, golf balls achieve aerodynamic abilities. And so, the dimples would basically determine how far the ball would travel.

American golf balls usually follow 336 dimples as that seems like the standard amount to create a nice aerodynamic capability on the ball. But then again, British-made golf balls have 330 dimples.

So, it’s not something specific, just standards set that are slightly different than each other. If you are wondering how many dimples are on a PGA golf ball, it’s 336. Also if you are curious about how many dimples on a pro v1 golf ball exist, it’s almost 352. The Pro V1x has 328 though. So, it’s quite prominent that the amount keeps changing and it’s not always 336 dimples on a golf ball. 

In fact, there’s also a golf ball that comes with around 1070 dimples. And it basically holds a record for having the greatest number of dimples.

Dimple Pattern That You Should Go For.

This is hardly something to worry about if you pay attention to the performance characteristic of golf balls. Knowing the high and low launch would be something to consider. Also, the spinning amount is necessary to check. You need to be careful of checking performance specifics like so.

Keep in mind, there’s no one thing that would assure a good round of golf. Wearing proper gears, the right way is something that shall enhance the game apart from how good your golf balls are. For example, wearing the glove on your lead hand.

Also practicing tough to execute shots a lot before the competition round. And many other things. All of that combinedly guarantees a good game, not just the dimple pattern or quality of the ball.

However, make sure you know the dimple-related regulation USGA provides while making a hokier. The number of dimples is not limited, but it should be symmetrical according to the law.

Finally, here’s a golf ball dimple chart consisting of some models and the number of dimples those have for getting better insight:

Golf Ball NameNumber of Dimples
Nike Power Distance Long          432
TaylorMade RocketBallz 360
Pinnacle Soft332
Callaway HEX Black Tour 332
Bridgestone Tour B330330

Outdoor Speak: Golf balls are unique from each other despite their common appearance. Golf clubs follow the same principle; however, the materials used in producing one dictate their pricing. If you’re curious how much a golf club costs, then chuck over here for more info — Professional Golf Clubs Costs.

Wrap Up

So how many dimples on a regulation golf ball shall exist, will depend on the manufacturer, game type, and a few other factors. And more than the number of dimples, you have other areas to look at before buying a proper golf ball.

Those are the two things; I hope you take with you as we have reached the ending of this discussion. Will see you next time on some other relevant topic hopefully, take care!

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