How to Entertain a 1 Year Old On a Plane?

Flying with a toddler means you need some random ideas on how you can keep the child busy and not bored. One of the most common questions of new parents is regarding such ways. As a screaming baby is not just pretty annoying but also embarrassing.

So today let’s talk about some ideas on how to entertain a 1-year-old on a plane. There are things to get that can do the job of keeping your baby busy. Or probably games or activities that you can involve in too for entertaining your kid. Keep on Reading…

How to Entertain a 1 Year Old On a Plane with Some Flight-Friendly Tips.

From some travel toys to a few tips for the fly, there will be a lot of interesting stuff in today’s conversation hopefully…

How to Entertain a 1 Year Old On a Plane with Some Flight-Friendly Tips.

Motor Skills a One-Year-Old Wants to Play With:

Typically, one-year-old would prefer moving their bodies more than anything else as they are mastering the pinching grasp for building motor skills. And this involves lots of grabbing practice.

So, toys that help your kid with that without giving up on a little bit of abuse are what you should be looking at. At the same time, these playable things need to be safe for the child apart from being entertaining.

You also don’t want to trust only one toy. As toddlers become bored very quickly. So, a huge assortment of tiny toys should be more appropriate. Here are some quick notes on things that can keep a toddler engaged throughout the flight.

Kids love to fill and dump things from containers. They also enjoy stacking and nesting. You can buy cups or blocks for that. Other favorite motor activities are walking, toddling, crawling, and so on.

If there’s a toy with buttons, they’ll pass a good amount of time pressing and pushing it. What happens after pushing a button is one huge curiosity of toddlers and it’s cute.

You can also arrange some music for them to dance to, as kids love music. Toddlers also love pulling and ripping, something parents will definitely feel not fine with. And finally, there are airplane toys that keep them involved in plane seats.

Let Them Stack Cups.

You can simply pack the carry-on nesting enabled cups that usually kids play with on bath. As these are okay to be stacked, clipped, and even nested together. It makes a wonderful activity on a flight for your kid to engage with for a pretty long time. Once you reach your destination, these can play the part of a bath toy as well.

Buy Your Kid Children Glasses.

One-year-old toddlers love putting things on their face and see themselves. And if it’s children’s sunglass then there’s no way they won’t like it. So, get a pair of pretty sunglasses before the flight. These are going to keep your kid busy for a while and the good thing is, it does not cost very much. Just know one thing, there’s a good chance these sunglasses won’t survive after the flight. Your kid will probably ruin it entirely while playing in the flight.

Sticky Notes from Supply Store.

Your local office supply store can be a great place for you to buy some travel toys surprisingly. As there are post-it notes pad that can be one of the many things to get from here. The kid will love to stick this around in the plane windows and seat.

And since the adhesives are usually great to get out without leaving residue behind, there’s nothing much you need to worry about. Some kids love pulling the sheet off again and again from such a pad, making it a fun activity to consume time.

You can also buy them some pretty stickers. So that they can stick and create beautiful memories on the plane. However, such decorating paper thing needs your monitoring as the child should not put it in his or her mouth. Also, you may need to clean after the play is done.

Activity Books Can Help.

There are kid-friendly books available that are touch and feel friendly. Also, you can find the lift-the-flap ones. There are also soft, cloth travel books for kids. You can keep your one-year-old busy with these. However, if he or she tears off the tabs of these books, then things may not please you. Buy the sturdy ones with a board-style design for withstanding a flight with your one-year-old.

Arrange a Puppet Show with Fingers.

Kids love puppet shows and if parents hold one inside the plane with their fingers it can be a great way to keep them busy for a while. You can make the finger puppets sing and dance. Go ahead and tell them stories along with it. And your kids will find it very fascinating to forget the boredom inside a plane.

Fun Movies & Apps.

It’s true that parents don’t want their kids to be very attached to electronic devices. But maybe for a long flight, you can bend that rule for one day. A one-year-old can stay calm and engaged with a fun movie to watch inside the plane.

It’s one of the easiest things to do and also, maybe you can watch the movie with them. Just make sure to download a few options previously before coming to the flight. The good thing with one-year-olds is that they’ll prefer watching one movie several times once they like it. So, you may already know which movie to play for them. You can also install a few baby-friendly apps to give your kid entertainment inside the plane.

A Few Tips to Keep in Mind:

The best way to avoid such worries is traveling at night as your kid will sleep rather than finding what to do for entertainment.

You also need some mental preparation as a long flight is basically going to be a lot of hard work to do.

You will need quite hands-on access, so choose seating arrangements wisely.

Comfort, foods, snacks, drinks, and things that are going to help, both basics and non-basics, you want to bring along all without missing anything.

Rather than falling short with toys, it’s best to pack too many as you never know how quickly your kid finds stuff boring.

Keeping your kid wowed by giving him surprises with new stuffed toys and food treats can make the whole thing better for you, as they love such approaches.

Flights don’t allow speaker setting for watching a movie. So, you need something that will let your kid enjoy the audio of a show or movie. Headphones may not be very comfortable for one-year-olds. You need to explore options and get a suitable one beforehand with such plans.

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Wrap Up

That’s all for how to entertain a 1 year old on a plane. You can now use these tips, or research for a few more and finally make a plan on keeping your kid occupied. Of course, it won’t be easy as usual, kids are very quick at becoming bored with one thing. And so, the more ideas you have on board, better chances of surviving flight struggle with your baby.

However, if this is a much-wanted vacation for you and your family, it’s also important that y’all are enjoying it. As being busy with regular stuff not finding enough time for a trip is a very common thing. You don’t want to spend precious family time in only worrying, make sure to have fun.

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