How to Determine Arrow Length for Beginners & Experts?

Finding yourself the proper arrow length can be a bit intimidating if you’re basically a noob in this area. However, through some clear and easy instructions, you can find a worthy one without being absolutely perplexed. And today that’s main theme as we’ll be walking through a guide on how to determine arrow length when someone is at the beginning of their archery journey. Keep on Reading…

Here’s How to Determine Arrow Length Using Two Common Methods.

You may already know, that not getting a proper arrow length is going to mess up with your archery as well as put yourself in danger. Sometimes due to avoiding importance of correct arrow size too, the risk of mishaps becomes more evident. Keeping safety in check is by far the most crucial thing for a beginner, there’s no denial of this fact.

How to Determine Arrow Length Using Two Common Methods.

A Beginner-Friendly Method.

If you are willing to learn a method that is pretty straightforward to follow, then this is the one. You basically need a measuring tape and a person next to your side. Start with standing in the right position.

You want to imagine the archery stance. And then stand correctly with the bow so that your arm is extending on side. Some people prefer keeping their feet a bit wide. Do so if you want to.

This is basically the position or posture you would follow when using your compound bow. Your back should be straight and also keep your chin up. Assume there’s a target in front of you and keep your eyes focused on it.

Now use your middle and index finger for holding the measuring tape. You want the other helping person to stretch and hold it until your other arm’s thumb. Keep your shoulders parallel with your arm. Or else there’s a chance of miscalculation. Now you are in anchor position once you’ve put your index finger near your mouth’s crook area. Your bow hand’s thumb needs to stretch enough.

Keep your arm in the stretched position while your assistance is holding measuring tape. Take the measurements in inches and add an extra one inch to it. And that’s the proper length of your arrow.

The More Accurate Expert Friendly Method.

If you want to follow a more accurate result providing method then this is the one. But it meant for those who are not absolutely new in archery and quite veteran. Once again, you’ll be needing a friend for helping with the calculation.

First of all, you need to find out the draw length. Stand in a straight posture with comfortable clothes. You don’t want clothes that will feel tight or restrictive. Also, there should be no hunching over because we need to move elbows for the measurement.

Now to make your arms be parallel to the ground, simply bring them to sides. Your friend should get ready to help. He or she needs to calculate the distance between both arms using measuring tape. Get the measurements in inches and then divide it by 2.5. Go for a round down figure and that’s your draw length. You can check more than once to be completely sure of this calculation.

After having the draw length, you want to add half or one inch to it. And that’s the arrow length basically. If you figure out the draw length result is 28 inches then your arrow length will be 29 inches. From end of shaft to groove, this is the length measured basically.

Wrap Up

And you now know how to determine arrow length. With an arrow that is too long or short, using will become pretty difficult. You may drop a short arrow and hurt your hand. Sometimes it basically drops on the bow’s rest. And this makes it shoot your forearm or hand.

While with a long arrow, there will be a lack of accuracy. That’s why you need to be careful with finding the proper size to avoid such consequences later on. So, give the whole process enough time and patience. Make sure you’re ending up with accurate arrow length results, Good Luck!

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