How to Install a Peep Sight Without a Bow Press Easily?

There can be many reasons behind not having a bow press. And maybe that’s why you need to desperately find out about how to install a peep sight without a bow press. You can relax as the process is not hard at all. In fact, it requires pretty simple and straightforward steps.

Having a peep sight is the important thing you need to assure. As lacking this you can suffer from some serious alignment issues. Let’s talk about the actual process of installing one without having a bow press.

Everything About How to Install a Peep Sight Without a Bow Press.

Looking through your sight consistently can be quite difficult. And if you feel that’s going to happen, then don’t avoid installing a peep sight. If things are out of alignment then you will never notice targets, if you don’t have this important part.

Everything About How to Install a Peep Sight Without a Bow Press

Before Installation.

There can be a risk of your peep sight twisting later on. To avoid such a thing from happening you need to confirm the string is stretched properly. It should be seated the right way. And then you need to put the peep sight on bowstring.

This needs you to also target and launch at least twenty arrows without using the peep sight. This way you will allow the string to seat properly and peep won’t have any chance to rotate. You can continue after launching twenty arrows, and that’s better actually. So that there’s no way to go missing any accuracy.

There’s also a need to allow tension to release on a string. Make sure to take the bow down in poundage. You want to take it down as much as possible. So that the string can easily separate. It’s not actually a hard and fast rule for your compound bow to be taken down in poundage for any string tension release.

But if you’re looking forward to an easy installation, this can still help. Also, make sure you know the proper method of adjustments for bow poundage moving up or down utilizing limb bolts.

Also, make sure the limb lots are not going lower than their allowed to handle. Because that can make things worse. There should be more than enough required threads attached with each limb to rise.

Or else there can be a risk of causing damage to the bow. While being under tension, there’s a good chance of hurting your bow when the limb separates otherwise. As soon as the tension is low, you can allow string to split. And then you can carry on with the installation.

Peep Sight Attaching.

So now you have your string after it releasing enough tension. Time to attach the peep sight. Start by parting the string. You can part it either in triplets or even halves will work. And then you are good to attach the peep sight.

If you have a string splitter then this should not be very difficult. You can also use a blade instead of the tool in case it’s unavailable. However, make sure you know that with a blade, the separating will be very hard to do. You can slowly separate the string and then place peep sight. It needs your utmost carefulness as there’s a chance of damaging the bow.

D-Loop Placement.

As soon as you are done properly placing the peep sight, carefully pull arrow. This is for checking if the loop is in its right position or not. The direction of your arrow as well its powers totally depend on loop.

And so, this is a very critical part of this whole procedure. You want to pull it backward with gentle hands for checking the position. If the placement was not right, then you need to wind and unwind string. This should fix the issue.

And voila, even without a bow press, you’ve managed to attach the peep sight. The steps are a bit technical but can still end up well if you’re careful enough with arrow.

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Wrap Up

And on that note, we are by the end of today’s topic on how to install a peep sight without a bow press. Archery can be a bit technical and also very alluring at the same time. However, even with challenges, the thing is absolutely thrilling. And nobody can deny that.

When you are going for a hunt or a play, your best friend has to be the peep sight. As the absence of this thing can make the situation very problematic. And if you have the stuff but don’t know how to place it in terms of a sudden situation, like not having the bow press, then whole effort and importance go down the lane.

Hopefully, this guide was able to tell you something helpful that can save situations like this and you can continue with your hunt and play without fighting with an obstacle.

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