How to Make Electric Golf Cart Faster & Better?- 6 Effective Tips

To transport easily around the local courses, an electric golf cart can be your best means that is also relatively inexpensive. However, sometimes the unbearably slow speed of this transportation can be a reason for you to become annoyed.

And so, taking some measurements on knowing how to make an electric golf cart faster may cross your mind. Luckily through some careful considerations and by going for a few upgradations, you can improve the speed of your electric golf cart. Today let’s talk more on this matter and see what options do you have.

How to Make Electric Golf Cart Faster With 6 Tips.

The good news is that its relatively easier to get higher powered and faster components for an electric golf cart. You don’t have to bother much about the modification process for better performance with these, unlike gas-powered golf carts. Here are six solutions to get rid of your cart’s speed tragedies.

How to Make Electric Golf Cart Faster

1. Better Torque Might Be the Answer.

To get a fast golf cart you’ll need to improve its quality by thinking about one essential element, the Torque. Some people may have difficulty understanding the term and confuse it with horsepower. However, the concept is not similar actually.

Horsepower is not as crucial as Torque and even with a minimal amount, there’s nothing to worry about it. However, with Torque it needs some consideration of yours. Basically, it means the motor’s pulling power. It also dictates speed in a number of ways. A cart that can pull higher weight levels without much problem definitely has a high Torque as well. Also, it will be able to give a high speed by running the engine at a good rate.

With an electric golf cart, the torque is directly in connection with the provided battery’s current. So clearly with upgrading the battery that has more voltage and amperage, you’ll be able to drive the cart faster. Also, by upgrading the motor, spending for new tires, and keeping the weight of the cart significantly low, you can improve torque as well as the speed of your cart. We’ll be talking about these in more detail in the next paras.

2. Change the Batteries.

Changing the batteries timely is a good way to keep your cart’s speed upgrading by right means. To do so, you must look for a battery that is capable to provide you with good towing power. Usually, the updates of battery are a very easy concept to understand for the general users. So, you will be able to find a good pick by the end with less effort.

Also, if you simply go with a high-powered battery than the existing one, it’s almost always going to work for giving you better golf cart speed. When buying one, make sure to check the amperage and voltage with the utmost attention.

Because this voltage is actually in charge of giving your cart the pulling power. It is also the key factor in improving Torque. The very typical batteries come with 4 to 8 volts. These are capable of providing an output system o round 36 to 48 volts. If you manage to get a 12 volts battery in its place, then definitely the electricity flow will be much higher. And this will help you greatly with improved speed.

But then again, you want to check the manufacturer’s specifications as well. Don’t just go for any random type of cell that won’t fit your cart. Also, if you forcefully use an overpowered battery, there’s a high chance of damaging the cart’s engine plus the motors. So be very mindful of that.

3. Go for a Motor Replacement.

The motor of your cart has a job to translate the battery’s electric power into pulling motion. That means if you pay attention to upgrading the motor then the cart can get faster. Your motor has a field coil which is the most important for dictating the cart’s speed. It produces a magnetic field that helps in powering the cart and keeping the battery’s health in good condition. If you get a larger coil here, then getting better magnetic power will result in producing greater torque.

You should be able to find the size of the coil printed on the battery and its box. It’s usually measured with spines. However, sometimes even with larger field coils, you may not be able to get high speed.

Because there are a few types of motors that are capable of making high torque levels. But that’s for pulling more weight, not to benefit the speed feature. One solution to this situation is ensuring a careful balance between the speed and torque.

4. Upgrading the Speed Controller & Solenoid Contractor.

There are two elements in most golf carts that may be the reasons behind the limitation of how fast it can drive. And these are the speed controller and solenoid contractor. Some people mistakenly believe that turning these off is going to help in immediately improving the speed. However, that’s not always true.

To ensure that your motor is not running too fast and cause any damage, these elements basically functions and controls. And that’s why there’s no doubt that both of these are essential elements for the engine. But that does not mean you can’t work with a few tricks here and improve the engine speed. And the trick is to get pieces that will exceed your engine’s maximum amperage.

Suppose you have a battery that is capable of producing around 500 amps. In that case, you need a solenoid contactor and speed controller that can handle the levels well. But the majority of the standards ones will be able to handle not more than 275 amps. And this is why your engine limits down its level.

So, you should browse through options or contact the manufacturers to find out parts that can meet these levels. Usually, these are located under the performance labeled sections. These cost quite more than the standard ones as well. Also, keep in mind that upgrading the solenoid contractor and speed controller will only work when you ensure a motor up-gradation as well.

5. Pay Attention to The Cart Tires Too.

Now that you have paid enough attention to items that were limiting the speed of your cart, time to think about expansion and improvements. And this includes going for a larger and higher quality tire. With bigger tires, you will be ought to get better speed since it will easily translate the torque and turning power.

With the smaller ones, they’ll need to rotate more often to reach the same pulling force of a less rotating larger tire. Some even say that if you change the tires to 24 inches newer ones, it’ll singlehandedly provide better speed even without any other upgrades.

However, you should not go for tires that are more than 24 inches. Since too big tire may end up showing the opposite of what you’d like to have. Also, then your carts will need additional upgrades such as huge wheel beds. Moreover, it’s not very favorable when your cart has to deal with the extra weight of tires.

6. Try Reducing Weight from Your Gold Cart.

And finally, this tip is a more obvious one that you might already have guessed by now. Try to keep the overall weight of your golf cart on the lesser side. So that the motor does not drain quickly due to overweight and loses its speed enhancing capabilities.

You may not realize but dirt, grime, and rocks can also be reasons for causing additional weight. So, you need to give your cart frequent cleanups. Focus on the exterior of the cart and ger rid of any rock, dirt, mud, or similar unnecessary items creating extra weight.


And these were six simple ways on how to make an electric golf cart faster. By utilizing these tips for your electric golf cart, you’ll sooner notice a higher speed result. Your golf cart needs these up-gradation, modification, and maintenance once in a while anyway. And so, going for these enhancements will definitely give your golf cart more flexibility to work better. So, give these considerations some thought and decide whether or not you’ll like to go ahead with it.

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