How to Make Portable Generator Power Clean – [4 Unique Methods]

In a modern-day house, there’s no way one would love the idea of having a power shortage. Especially for households that depend on their home appliances now more than never before. From the simple coffee maker to air conditioners, everything needs enough energy to provide service. And that’s why, people don’t take a chance with power outage events anymore. And they do that by simply getting a backup plan, which is usually a generator.

With amazing power flexibilities of a portable generator also comes the big responsibility to maintain it well. And one of the major areas of maintenance is all about power cleaning. Let’s talk about how to make portable generator power clean and keep it working fine for many upcoming years.

Everything About How to Make Portable Generator Power Clean

From what does dirty power mean to how you can clean it up using different methods, let’s walk through every crucial part of this matter.

A Bit About Dirty Power

You can think of dirty power as electrical pollution. This is becoming quite common and prevalent in many households at the present time. The quality of electricity that is getting delivered to your regular usable devices is directly connected to it. The abnormality of this quality is basically what dirty power means. And it can be very harmful to all expensive devices, gadgets, home tools, or anything that is connected to your portable electronics generator.

The issues that get created by dirty power will result into varying degrees of loss for you. In one line, it’s going to be expensive and very disruptive for your regular life. Not to forget the chances of breaking down and malfunctioning your devices. But through, normalizing or simply cleaning up your generator, you can bring the power back to normal.

Once you figure out that your generator is showing some significant signs of dirty power, don’t take a chance to delay the process of cleaning it. The major signs are blinking and flickering lights, heavy vibrations, bothering noise and excessive heat. Also it can show variation of frequency, poor power elements, tripping of nuisance breaker, and unexpected low system capacity. You’ll be able to discover the presence through your sensitive electronics’ regular functioning. Such as PCs, mobile phones, laptops, and other apparatuses.

How to Make Portable Generator Power Clean

1. Use an Inverter Generator for Power Cleaning.

The most convenient and easiest way to achieve clean power is through an inverter generator. This is basically a type of generator that has the capability of creating power depending to load. If there’s more load, it simply creates higher power. While in case of less load situation, it smartly reduces the rpm.

So, you get safe powering. Plus, you’ll be saving fuel and energy. A good quality inverter generator will also be able to detect any harmonic distortion. It will instantly remove those after recognizing such harmful events. The efficiency of an inverter generator to maintain proper amount of voltage is excellent. And that’s why it’s known to be more upgraded than typical generators available these days.

2. Using Uninterruptible Power System AKA UPS.

UPS is one of the simplest types of devices available in power supply industry right now that people are using. The devices come with basic circuitry. This part basically connects to one or more huge batteries. It’s excellent at power supply needs. And so, you can connect it with your portable generator for getting a smooth wave output.

There are more than just a few types of UPS available in the market now. But you definitely have to be choosy when it comes to finding a specific model. Something that will match with your portable generator. The UPS will drastically covert all dirty power into a clean and perfect sine wave.

And that converted power will run your daily devices. So that it can maintain a safe electrical environment. There are even smart UPS available that can provide functional powering for all of your sensitive electronics.

With the AVR or automatic voltage regulator that comes within UPS, this whole power cleaning function takes place. However, UPS may not be a very ideal solution if frequency variations are the main problem of your generator.

3. Using an Individual Voltage Regulator

To counter any frequency variations, there’s no better device than an AVR. It’s also known as an automatic voltage regulator. This can make your generator produce clean power without any trouble.

In most cases, automobile owners use it for ensuring a stable power performance. Any change in power supply will be easy to detect with this AVR. It can then adjust according to that changed load. And then, it effortlessly converts any dirt power into a clean one. You won’t have to worry about the conversion of supply to DC here also.

Just make sure you get an AVR that matches your generator. It needs to be capable enough of handling the capacity as well as load. Adding a surge suppressor will make its functionality even better. So, you can add one if there’s no problem with such inclusion.

4. Using Power Line Conditioner.

Another effective way to try is to get a generator line conditioner. It’s quite affordable to get one and pretty good for conventional style generators as well. This line will ensure that there’s no damage done to the expensive appliances due to high voltage. It’s simple and easy to use, even for someone who is new with generators. Here also, you need to get a matching line conditioner depending on your generator.

A Few More Alternatives to Try.

Now the above-provided solutions are pretty much enough to solve your problems with dirty power. However, sometimes, the case can be solved without any of these. So, you should try these alternatives first. And check whether the situation is possible to bring under control through it.

Sometimes the fluctuations that take place constantly with power supply are actually due to some loose or frayed wires situation. This may be the underlying cause that’s resulting in weak connections and eventually distorted power supply.

Also, some people don’t really do anything about the grime and dirt that is getting accumulated in engine. If that’s the case with you, then this can also be a possible cause of power issue. So, make sure to get rid of the excess grime and dirt from engine more than a few times.

You should also think about owning oil filters. People who don’t invest in these filters often face engine damage that causes the power situation as well. And finally, make sure you give your generator some good maintenance and care. Often times its nothing technical but just your generator asking for some caring.

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And that was basically some of the most convenient methods of how to make portable generator power clean. It’s actually not a difficult issue to solve. Just pick the one that suits your situation best. And the matter should be under control.

It’s actually pretty disturbing to live in the fear of frying your sensitive electronics due to dirty power. So, don’t let that compromise ever take place in your household. And do something about the power cleaning of your portable generator. Let Your Electronics Live in Peace!

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