How to Travel Between Islands in Hawaii?

Those who live in or have an idea about Hawaii will already know that the place is coordinated by so many exceptional islands. And this includes fascinating destinations such as Lanai, Maui, Molokai, Kauai, Oahu, and of course Island of Hawaii. It’s more like a ritual for Hawaiian to explore routinely the islands. Let’s find out how to travel between islands in Hawaii today for those who have no idea.

How to Travel Between Islands in Hawaii According to Your Scene.

Paring the islands for an incentive trip can be done through many combinations. And this gives chance to many possibilities with touring plans. Here are few ideas you can use for a safe and fun trip experience.

How to Travel Between Islands in Hawaii According to Your Scene

Understand the Basic Geography

There are a total of eight major islands that makes Hawaii. These are Niihau, Kauai, Kahoolawe, Lanai, Maui, Oahu, Hawaii, and Molokai. Big Island is largest one in the chain and it stays on this state’s southernmost end. The chain’s northwestern end covers Kauai.

The islands of Maui, Lanai, and Molokai are under Country of Maui. And the most popular one that captures most visitors to shores is Oahu. The Waikiki’s sandy beaches are main reason. Also, the Honolulu that many metropolitans offer.

Airlines for Island Hopping.

Hawaiian Airlines are one of the major commercial options that provide routes to most major islands. You can also catch the offer of US mainland, Australia as well as Samoa. Pacific Wings, one of the small carriers also have puddle-jumper services for islands visitor. The same goes with Mokulele Airlines.

There are inter-island flights too. And most of them go through Oahu’s Honolulu International Airport. Direct flights to Maui from Big Island are also occasionally available. If you will visit Kauai from Big Island, there’s a quick stop on Oahu too for that.

There are two airports in Big Islands. One is located on the side of Hilo. While the other is on the Kona side. The tourist enclave of Kihei has a nearby Kahului Airport. And most flights come here on Maui.

There are commercial airports available in all neighboring islands. And this includes Kauai, Molokai, and Lanai. From Honolulu International Airlines, to reach the destination islands it should take not more than 30 to 40 minutes.

You Can Take a Trip on Ferries Too.

In Hawaii, you can take service from only two ferries that are inter-island type. From Maui and Lahaina, one ferry departs two times every day towards the Molokai island. It’s the Molokai Ferry and this journey takes around one and a half hours.

Another one departs five times every day from Lahaina. It’s the Maui-Lanai expeditions ferry and it travels for 45 minutes to reach Manele Bay.

If you take a ride across the Auau Channel, then to reach lanai it’ll take around an hour. While to Molokai, it takes half an hour more. A ferry ride is very charming to voyagers. This enables you to have a visual of the shallow warm water. And also, it’s the habitat of humpback whales that occasionally give glimpses.

Something to Expect When Island Hopping.

Having routes inside your vacation means you are far from getting only relaxation. Because once you arrive at the hotel, there’s chore of unpacking stuff. During the visits, they’ll be getting sandy, dirty, and sweaty. And you will be packing them with your fresh clothes despite the fact because there’s no other choice, you need to get to next hotel.

Loading up the rental car comes next. Driving and dropping at the airport after that. Another rental car would be there at the next airport. You may have a tight vacation budget and this will keep on giving you extra stress.

Picking the correct flight will be a worry too. Checking out of the hotel timely also includes stressful list. And not to forget checking timely to the next hotel as well. Some decide to reach early and wait.

So, you should now know for the fact that a trip to Hawaii will not be just relaxation and fun. But it will also have some evident exhilaration too. Island hopping should be only on your list when you are okay with all the moving parts.

A Cruises Can Take All That Stress Away Though.

Getting in cruse can be a fantastic solution to all that stress stories. You will be able to visit all the islands without having to deal with hassle and fuss. There are many cruises that offer such services. There are even the ones that take you to highlight spots such as Na Pali Coast.

Each night will go with you sailing in ships while the mornings will be a new port each day. Usually, they let you stretch on each island for at least eight hours. It could be a bit too short for a few. But considering the fact that you’d get to visit more islands, the period is pretty reasonable. It’s good to have a few destinations picked to explore on each island to keep the voyage fulfilled.

Scooters to Rent.

Near ports of calls, there is hardly any car to rent. But you’ll have the chance to rent scooters easily as there are quite a few rental offices. A low-powered scooter will be okay to rent if you have a traditional car driver’s license. Any special training or motorcycle driving license is not necessary.

The 50cc engine scooters are not considered motor vehicles in this state. It’s more like bicycles here. There is not even a license plate with these.

When exploring with a scooter, you’ll have more freedom to have a look at each island. Also make sure to get all controls down before venturing out. Or else hitting the gas while trying to brake could be a possible thing to take place.

It may take some time to get used to it. You’ll be able to go 30 miles per hour with a typical scooter. Steep hills will be difficult to climb. You can proceed with steady hands and patience, however.

A scooter ride can be one of the best things you do for island exploring as the unobstructed views will be there to cheer your mood. However, be sure you are not completely distracted to lose track of riding the scooter safely. Scotting off the road is definitely not something you want to go for.

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Wrap Up

And the whole saga of how to travel between islands in Hawaii comes to an end for today. Hopefully, the notes and ideas will come to use for you when you’re going for island hopping. It’s for sure one of the thrilling things to do in Hawaii.

But it definitely needs your consideration before the trip. As you’ll need to know about the possibilities of what obstacles might show up and how to deal with those. Hopefully by going through this piece of writing some of that information was able to reach you.

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