Know The 5 Shortest Golfer On The PGA Tour?

Golf fanatics love playing golf and even finding news, know-how as well as facts about it. People search for what did Justin say on golf course that made him go through such backlash. And also look for topics that enrich them with better playing quality.

In today’s world, everyone has become a fanatic of Hitting Bombs when it comes to golf. And anyone into this game will already know, long levers make it easier for taller players to have better driving distance. However, even without that, so-called long height, there are golfers who have done good, great actually, in this amazing game of golf. And to be honest, having the standard pro golfers height and weight is not really that big of a deal.

If the question, who is the shortest golfer on the PGA tour, ever crossed your mind.

Go bring your favorite soda, to give this thing a read. I’m here to talk about a few of them as well as the legend who’s the main character of this theme, Tadd Fujikawa. Yes, he’s the shortest golfer who had a phenomenon career despite his small stature.

Who Is the Shortest Golfer on The PGA Tour?

Tadd Fujikawa being only 5-foot 1 inch, he is the shortest golfer on the PGA tour who mesmerized golf game watchers with a successful career. But there are other shortest golfers on tour too whomyou need to know about as well.

Who are the shortest golfers on PGA Tour?

Let’s give you a complete list of such legends.

The Shortest Golfer On The PGA Tour

1. Tadd Fujikawa – 5”1’ | American.

So, we already know, Tadd, who is the smallest PGA golfer, had a wonderful career that graced the game of golf. However, that was far from anyone’s imagination when he was born. A baby who faced 12 weeks premature birth! And not to mention, a weight of just 1 pound 15 ounces. Doctors just declared him to have a 50% of survival chance.

But destiny had something else, and this soon-to-become legend survived that tough infant face. He plays on NGA Pro Golf Tour as well as PGA Tour. It’s true that there’s no such thing as taller golfers having any advantage on the field. And this is why some of the shortest players in the game have bought grace to golf. You can literally find lots of golfers who are role models for a short-height person who loves playing golf.

2. James Barry Kruger – 5”5’ | South African.

He is a legend from South Africa, who played professional golf and won the Sunshine Tour five times. Along with that, he plays golf for Asian Tour and European Tour. With a very average height of 5 feet 5 inches, he still is a great golf player who golf enthusiasts love watching.

3. Ian Harold Woodsman – 5”4.5’ | Welsh

The Welsh professional golfer has an average height of 5 feet 4.5 inches. And despite that smaller structure, he is known as one of the most powerful hitters of golf. He had a lavishing career, known as the Wee Welshman.

World Golf Hall of Fame in 2017 was under his belt as well. Another fun fact about him is that the Big 5 gen of euro golfers have his name included and everyone else was born within 12 months of each other.

4. David Lingers – 5”7’ | Swedish

Lingers had a height of 5 feet 7 inches which might be slightly more than the people on this list. But that’s still a very average height considered for men. This Swedish golfer was a part of the PGA tour.

The golfer had two professional-level victories. One is winning the Korn Ferry Tour. And also, he got the victory in the PGA tour. With the best ranking of 35, he is a great golfer who is also not really tall.

5. Brian Harman– 5”7’ | American.

Another American golfer who also played the PGA tour. He had a height of 5 feet 7 inches. The starting of the 2020 PGA tour season was when the golfer showed a really strong performance.

Special Tips for Short Golfers:

If you are feeling self-conscious because of the height and don’t know whether to keep going or just give up on your golf love, then I hope after reading about these legends, you have somewhat inspiration to thrive. Apart from that motivation, here are two tips that work excellent for short golfers. Enjoy!

  • When choosing clubs, make sure you pay attention to the fit. Go for a standard one, the off-the-rack type targets the average build golfers usually.
  • Be very cautious when hitting the driver. A wide stance will really help. You should have the feet inside portion beneath the shoulders outside portion.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average height of a pro golfer?

A pro golfer, who is supposed to win more tour events, on average has a 6 feet height. However, that’s just a study-based idea, you can never determine the skills through height, especially in the game of golf.

Wrap Up

So now you know the name behind who is the shortest golfer on the PGA tour. As well as a few more golfers who made it despite their shorter stature. It just shows how physical appearance was never the deciding factor. No matter what game, talent and passion are always proven to stand out. Hope This Gives You Some Inspiration.

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