What Are the Drawbacks to Solar Tube Lighting?

With the increasing electric bills, it’s not very unusual for you to think about replacing it with natural lighting solutions. However, is it really worth and capable enough to give that convenience you’ve been used to for these many days?

Before you jump into a decision, it’s important to find exactly all the parts including drawbacks. Especially if you are thinking about solar tube lighting. What are the drawbacks to solar tube lighting and is it going to be good enough for your house? Let’s explore all of these today.

Let’s Know What Are the Drawbacks to Solar Tube  Lighting & More.

The more common natural lighting that people go for is solar tube one. From what exactly it is to the significant drawbacks, everything will be serially given below. Keep on Reading.

What Are the Drawbacks to Solar Tube Lighting

1. A Bit About Solar Tube Lighting.

The other common names for solar tube lighting are tubular skylight, light tubes, sun tunnels, and daylight pipes. A narrow tube is basically placed on your roof. This runs through the ceiling of your house to make outside lighting available.

From 10 to 22 inches diameter, there’s a wide range for sizes available with it. You can get even clear and weatherproof dome included capped versions. A polished or reflective material is in charge to make the sunlight amplified while passing through. Now, what’s wrong with the lighting? In the next few paras, we’ll be finding out.

2. No Control Over the Lighting.

Light bulbs usually come with remote or certain controlling function access. But with a solar tube, you can’t expect controllable functions. You only have the option to choose from two stages of lighting for most cases.

In case of harsh sunlight, you’ll need to use a matching diffuser for reducing the light. You can also use a window film to lessen the intensity. But there’s no other way to do anything about the brightness of light.

When in need of brightness, you might end up with low intensity. And also, the opposite can happen when you want low brightness. And this can make things really annoying for you. Also, to fight intense sunlight, you’ll have to spend a pretty generous amount on buying a high-quality diffuser.

3. Water Condensation is Usual.

Water condensation is another major drawback related to solar tube lighting and it’s a pretty disturbing one. Especially when the weather is humid. The moist air will get into tube creating issues. The buildup of water is not at all good for solar tube’s longevity.

If that was not enough, it can even negatively impact your house. Sometimes the situation results in poor leaking and then your floor gets dampen. The water condensation is also bad news for walls of your house.

If by any means water gets to spread into all walls, the paint will have horrible consequences. When the water is contracted in one single place, it usually ends up containing harmful bacteria and germs. Your family member getting in contact with this toxic element can really bring unwanted problems for their wellbeing.

4. Not Meant for Installation in All Houses.

People often get confused by the fact that solar tube lighting is absolutely efficient as a device and so it can be installed anywhere. But this assumption is sadly not true. Another huge reason for you to probably not consider solar tube lighting in your house. The lighting may just not be compatible with your house’s design.

A traditional pitched roof is necessary for the lighting to install. And if you don’t have such roofing, then the solar tube lighting won’t be easily installable. People who have a flat roof need to look for the special design of solar tube lighting that can be on pricier side. In the worst-case scenario, if you have an A-frame roof, then the installation is almost impossible for such lighting.

5. Cost is Significantly High.

You may want to install the solar tube lighting to get a fewer electric bill by the end of month. But you also need to consider the factor that this lighting is initially very expensive to acquire and setup. You will require changing your regular power supply system into a natural solar energy setup. And this is a pretty costly affair to invite. You will need a quite high amount of investment into such wish

6. The Stargazing Is Not Actually Included.

Some people love the entire idea of installing solar tube lighting because of stargazing. This isn’t supposed to give you any view of the sky or not even to check weather. The view is entirely blocked with a channel that basically plays as a connection between ceiling and roof. So, you won’t be having any viewing experience with solar tube lighting.

7. No Design Improvement.

People often opt for skylights basically to enjoy designs feature and enhance the appearance of their room by making it look larger plus airier. This luxurious feel is not quite possible with solar tube lighting.

In fact, they have very little impact on how the room will turn out in looks. It doesn’t make any notable difference to a certain room’s appearance. And so, for deco enhancing needs, you’ll not find these convenient.

What Are the Drawbacks to Solar Tube Lighting

8. Ventilation Crisis.

You can’t install a ventilation system along with solar tube lighting. There’s no chance of allowing the heat to release due to lighting. Also, it blocks the chances of enjoying any gentle breeze. On top of that, the long tubes will result in providing less light. And this can be a bit ineffective for certain eras of your house.

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Wrap Up

So, what are the drawbacks to solar tube lighting and how it might not be an ideal solution in some case, you’re now aware of all of that. But this does not mean the solar tube lighting is absolute garbage. There are some plus points you get to enjoy with it when your house setup is actually compatible with such natural lighting installation.

And if you think the inconveniences or drawbacks are not quite relating to your home, then it might be a good alternative to go for. Just make sure you take both the positives and negatives into account to make a final call.

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