Exactly What Did Justin Say On Golf Course?

It’s unfortunate that a top-class golf player, the No. 3 player literally in the world, loses his control and spills something so disturbing. Homophobic slurs are not very rare but the world now seems to be more aware of standing against such people.

And that’s why Justin Thomas was facing so much backlash because of a term that got picked up by the microphone during the tournament. People were on their social media, sharing about what did Justin say on golf course and most of them were very disappointed by the American golfer’s act.

What Did Justin Say On Golf Course?

He used the “f****t” term, a very offensive homophobic slur! Not intentionally according to him. He did not think it would be picked up by the microphone. But soon the realization hit him. That the social media was going crazy, and the backlash was unreal. This was on 9-January, as he was not able to get the 5-foot par putt at the tournament.

Golf lovers were going nuts after witnessing this. And those who heard from someone else were quick to find what did Justin say on golf course in Florida. 

What Did Justin Say On Golf Course?

Now If You Don’t Know Much About Justin Thomas.

He is a 2013 turned pro from American who won his first tournament as a professional in 2014. The incident came to the sportsmen’s ears, after finishing his round. 

Justin Thomas Response to The Incident – He Apologized.

After people were sharing disappointment on what did JT say, He was quick to go for an apology. According to his statement, the thing was inexcusable. And he also mentioned that as an adult, he’ll not back off from a deserving apology demand.

He further adds, that as a grown-up man, the foul language and irresponsible terms were not something anyone would expect at all. And there’s no reason for him to justify it. He also called his own thoughts terrible.

Justin also felt embarrassed due to his act, also he did share that he is by no mean a person like so, but in the heat of the moment, he could not think straight. And there’s no turning back of time but it’s also true that he feels deeply apologetic.

And from his apology comment, it was pretty clear that the American sportsman was feeling quite sorry for his action and wills to do better in near future.

On January 10, He Went for Another Explanation.

The whole situation was nowhere to be shut down, even after the apology last day. So, Thomas tried to bring an explanation on it again. And he assures the event that this incident was his main priority even when fighting for the top spot at that time.

That day, he told the reporters how sad he feels and that the judgment call was terrible no doubt. That day he wasn’t thinking only about winning the golf tournament as he does typically. Because the previous night was full of guilt and lots of things due to the incident. According to Thomas, that’s how he was feeling.

He also shared that people grow over time and that was also on his mind after this incident. He wishes to learn from the situation to be able to grow different from then ons. Also, the fact that it’s a past thing which he cannot do anything to change now, only feel sorry and do better in the future.

The Biggest Justin Thomas Sponsors Dropped Him Off & He Will Also Face Penalty.

An apology was not something that saved Justin Thomas after his homophobic remark. Because the PGA has declared to take necessary action against the golfer. However, since there’s no rule of disclosing punishment, people won’t know exactly what the penalty would be.

Apart from that, Ralph Lauren also decided to drop Thomas. And this means he lost his biggest sponsors because of the incident.

Clearly, the incident has caused a lot of backfires to the golfer. But the fact that his remarks were nowhere something one should ignore is also true.

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Wrap Up

Now you know what did Justin say on golf course that definitely made him pay quite a big price. It’s true that the golfer was trying to offer a heartfelt apology. But the damage was not something he could recover from easily.

Also, the hurt that he caused to many people’s sentiment was unfortunate no doubt. Overall, it’s definitely a shameful event that happened in a graceful game of golf. And, what we all can do now, is learn from Justin’s remark that we need to be more considerate of what we speak and not burst out in the heat of a moment. Only to regret later!

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