Thoughts on What to Give a Dog for Long Road Trip!

It’ll be an absolute lie to say that I’ve never felt burdened when there’s an upcoming road trip that my dog will accompany me. Since he has a lot of drama to show when it comes to long drives. My wish of living the best life on tempting open road often gets sidetracked as I become busy comforting my dearest pet child. And this case can be quite relatable.

Now even if it feels a bit annoying, there’s no way we’ll stop caring about the fact that dogs do need special attention when out of house factor. But sadly, some of us take a wrong step by depending on a dog sedative in the heat of moment. And this goes without saying that often time due to serving such a thing without much information, we cause a lot of damage to our loving pet child. So, the matter of what to give a dog for a long road trip is something we must discuss in depth. That’s exactly what I plan to do for today…

What to Give a Dog for Long Road Trip, If That’s Safe & Right Time to Consider.

Now you may already know how to prepare your dog for a flight in cabin. And so, you might think that experience will help in the road journey too. But some dogs tend to be really calm during flights while being anxious on road. And vice versa can also happen. There are numerous ways of making the situation turn in your favor. But when due for some reason, you are thinking of sedatives, a few things need your serious consideration.

Today let’s talk about first when exactly you should consider sedatives, the safety factor to it, and of course some safe options to count on. Keep on Reading…

What to Give a Dog for Long Road Trip, If That’s Safe & Right Time to Consider.

Understanding When to Prefer Sedatives.

A good start is always by identifying the core of problem and working on it. For dogs, car rides are often anxious and fearful. It’s just their personality that might not like the whole experience. Now if he is not comfortable with such a ride, it might be because of confined in space or due to the vehicle’s motion.

Perhaps he has a negative memory to associate with cars. A scary accident, a vet visit, or simply something that caused anxiety. No way does your dog enters the car. Even if it at some point surrenders to do so, barking, drooling and even vomiting ends up being the next scene.

Try to build a positive association of your dog with the car. Go for short drives to a location that he likes to visit. The place where he sits needs to be comfortable. Get some nice time spending toys for him. Calm favorite music of your dog can also help. And finally, give the thing enough practice, patience, and definitely treats.

Now suppose, you have tried every little thing that I just said and more. Even some training methods experiment on your dog. But nothing changes his behavior. Then it may be a clear indication that you need to take the help of medication.

Sleep inuring, brain calming, and side effect free sedatives are what I’m referring to. Now that you know when to consider taking them, let’s find out the truth of safety about it.

Dog Taking Sedative Is Safe?

After being sure about giving your dog the sedative as there’s no other way, you also need to know the safety and dangerous factor related to it. This is a tough decision as sedatives are meant to act as anesthesia. Something that can cause drowsiness.

A few options out there are total disasters. And if you make the choice of sedative recklessly, it can cause potential danger. But then again, why would you do that? You will surely talk to your dog’s vet and make sure the sedative choice is right and safe. Something that won’t be causing immense danger.

If you view it from this perspective and take necessary actions on ensuring safe usage, sedatives can prove to be quite helpful instead of dangerous. Here are some tips to keep things extra safe:

  • Overmedicating should be avoided at any cost.
  • Allow him to stay steady as there’s a chance of drowsiness.
  • Dehydration can show up, so keep your dog hydrated.
  • If using for a puppy, try to skip giving sedative.
  • Keep your dog under watch and observe for any negative signs to take quick action.
  • Mild effect sedatives should be your only choice, nothing severe.

Suggestions on What Sedative You Can Get for Your Dog.

There are quite a few options that are meant to work as effective sedatives. But depending on the reaction of your dog and quite a few factors, the choice should vary. Here are few recommendations of sedatives that are less likely to cause trouble.

  1. To calm your dog’s sense, you can try Vetoquinol Zylkene Behavior Support Capsules. These are safe to use daily, cause zero drowsiness, and suit pups with a sensitive stomach.
  2. High anxiety suffering dogs can have the NaturVet Quiet Moments Soft Dog Chews. It comes with ginger for soothing sensitive stomach. However, it does causes drowsiness and so, you should use it as last resort.
  3. Now one homeopathic treatment for anxiety management can also help in dogs having stressful situations. With five flower essences, the Bach Rescue Remedy for Pets is a safe to use and gentle option. It contains zero alcohol and causes no adverse results.
  4. The mimicking of mother dogs to their young for reassurance is what SENTRY GOOD Behaviour Calming Spray for Dogs is all about. It does not only help with calming your dog but also helps with an elevated heart rate reduction.
  5. A drug-free solution is also here that can apply consistent pressure on the dog’s body for causing a calmness and relax feel. And it’s the Thunder Shirt Classic Dog Anxiety Jacket that is also very simple to wrap and put on a dog.

Now no matter which option you are willing to try, it’s best to consult with a vet first. Because your dog is one of a kind. It can have some type of adverse reaction or allergy issues. Only an expert who has previously examined your dog can truly tell you an option that is free from all harm.

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Wrap Up

So now the whole matter of what to give a dog for a long road trip should be crystal clear. You can go ahead and make a decision for yourself. Just keep in mind that a sedative cannot be a long-time solution for your dog’s condition. If your pet child shows a bit concerning signs when riding the car, there can be some serious problem laying underneath.

Let a vet know that you have this negative feeling and they can hold a complete test on your dog. It’s best to be safe than sorry, you know…

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