Who Can Go Inside the Kaaba (Tips to Enter in 2022)

After defeating the Quraysh tribe, Prophet Mohammad (Peace be Upon Him) and his then larger than before, more powerful follower army got full control of Mecca. And the very first act of declaring control on that city was by him entering the Kaaba and destroying all pagan idols housed therein.

Then he dedicated the shrine as a spot for worshiping One God.

During the Hajj, the Kaaba remains closed because of the unbelievable number of Muslim pilgrims who come to visit it. Now, let’s talk about who can go inside the Kaaba and some more fascinating stuff about this holy place.

door of kaaba

So, Who Can Go Inside the Holy Kaaba?

Kaaba is a stone building in the court of the Great Mosque or the Masjid Al Haram at Mecca. The place contains a sacred black stone and is the main point toward which the Muslim ummah turn to pray.

The interior of Kaaba is very beautiful, with white marble made lower half wall. While green cloth takes over the half area above. The inside is very tiny and has just 3 pillars that are tall and made of stone. A tiny table and hanging lamp are also there. To reach the roof, there’s also a staircase.

In this segment, we will keep it short by including who is allowed inside the holy Kaaba.

Inside the Kaaba

Kaaba is in the city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia where the Grand Mosque is situated, and is only open to Muslims. The Saudi Arabian government is very strict about this and allows no non-Muslims to enter the holy city. The chances of Non-Muslims entering the spot is, however, not completely impossible as there were cases like these in previous decades.

Based on facts about Islamic traditions, tens of thousands or perhaps even millions come here each year, and comparing this fact, the chances of such a thing happening are very minuscule.

If a western Muslim wants to travel for hajj, he or she has to show documentation that an imam must provide to prove the fact. And also, the testification of the Imam is necessary; it can be in written form. This is to verify if the person is a true convert or not. And if he or she can get permission to enter the city of Kaaba.

praying overlooking the kaaba

As for direct entry inside the Kaaba, all Muslims can do so. However, at present, dignitaries usually get the chance to enter, and that too with the request. The Kaaba’s guardian needs to give permission for entrance as well.

In Sahih Bukhari, it was mentioned by Aisha (May Allah Be Please with Her) that when she asked Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) about Hateem being a part of Kaaba, he told her it was. Then she asked the reason why it was not a part of the walls. The Prophet (ﷺ) told her that it was due to not having enough funds by the Quraysh.

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Wrap Up

Muslims consider their way to Mecca one of the most valuable pilgrimages of a lifetime. It marks their fulfillment of one pillar out of five in Islam. The once-in-a-lifetime obligation they perform to please Allah is for sure the “closest to heart” experience for them. Being around the house of God in daily prayers makes people feel blessed and fulfilled.

Knowing who can go inside and set foot in the holy Kaaba might be something you are curious about. But for Muslims, everything that relates to Kaaba and the religion is more than just curiosity. It is to them a religious duty of worshiping God that is forever sacred and holy.

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