Why is Northface so Expensive – 4 Influential Reasons

The debates that take place today are usually without any reference. People are curious about trends and endlessly talking among themselves about it. Some find it a matter of criticism while other wants to blindly follow it. And that also without giving any second thought to actually learning the truth behind it.

However, some certain trends are not actually sightlessly followed. These are actually worth the hype due to its amazing certainty behind. And today, you are ought to find many people across the country who love North Face brand jackets.

People are wearing it while going on a walk with their dogs or even for a casual outing at a nearby café. It’s not an overhyped brand and the ceasing popularity actually has a solid base. With that point in mind, the North face jackets are not very inexpensive too. Another place where some come to complain.

And that’s also one key reason why some people are afraid that they’ll end up being regretful later on after buying. So, from a self-convincing point, how about knowing the actual reasons behind why is northface so expensive.

Let’s Figure Out Why is Northface so Expensive & If The Things are Worth It.

Those who are also having a hard time with matters such as north face versus Patagonia dilemma, or should get it or not, and so on, this piece of writing will help you out hopefully…

Why is Northface so Expensive

1. Talking About the Brand

The North face is one of the most selected, reviewed, and recommended brands that come with a huge list of outstanding features to talk about. There durability providing game is no joke.

This American brand started its journey in 1966. Their first selling products were mostly climbing and backpacking gears. Then in the 80s, they decided to expand and bring some camping gear as well.

Today they have a broad range of outdoor trips and adventure relayed equipment. No matter if you want something as an occasional sportsperson. Or simply to shop for some amazing camping as well as hiking stuff. They have it all. However, the most selling and crazy popular item of North Face has to be their insulated jackets. These are hugely famous and favorite among men.

2. Their Stupefying Fabric Technology.

Very first reason, a good one, that comes to my mind for its pricing policy is the technology North Face uses for its fabric. They are one of those renowned high-end brands that use their own fabric technology. However other rivals of North Face hardy manage a wide range considering their own fabric technology thing. But North Face has a very broad selection option on the contrary.

Not only this, but North Face is also regularly collaborating with many companies. So that they can enrich their insulation and jacket membrane quality. Another huge reason why their jackets are revolutionary.

One excellent example is the ThermoBall™ development. This amazing synthetic insulation works exactly as down to trap heat. But there’s no problematic downside of losing capabilities due to dampness unlike down insulation.

Most of North Face’s weatherproof jackets include GORE-TEX®‘s membranes. Surpassing the limitation that most waterproof jackets in market come with, North Face ones are highly breathable.

Not to forget their harsh condition survivor insulations known as WINDSTOPPER® and Polartec®. Their own developed fabric called DryVent™ is also an amazing example of North Face’s waterproof, windproof and breathability providing capabilities.

Let’s end this fabric technology praising party with the TNF™ Apex. This one is an exclusive material that most of the best-selling soft-shell jackets from this brand use. The shell is super at breathability and also there are no overheating problems.

Why is Northface so Expensive

3. Their Integrity to Environment.

In route to provide well-made and best quality jackets, this brand also gains respect for the fact that they are very environmentally conscious. They organise a lot of campaigns plus donations for a number of organisations. This is another reason why they have a hugely impactful and reliable image on their consumers and the general public.

4. The Extensive Range of Variety.

The jackets not only use their own brilliant manufacturing scheme and technology. But these are also available with some amazing selection options. You get to enjoy a very broad range to pick from. The designs, colors, and sizes are planned to be comprehensive for user ends. And that’s another place where brands competing with North Face hugely fall behind on.

Are They Really Worth the Hype?

In some debate, there’s no one actually wrong or right. It’s just people with different perspectives. The thing that sounds amazing to me might be “meh” to you. And from that point of view, it actually depends on whether the items from North Face are worth your needs or not. But here’s the thing! Just like any other thing in this world, there are both good and bad sides. However, the price point should be something measured according to what good compared to the bad is being offered.

So, let’s consider what they are offering to the user end and how well people are receiving that approach. With that point, it’s pretty fair to say that its price is worth the returned quality. You can also view things as something like this. If you are thinking to buy a jacket that seems more like an investment and not some money-saving scheme, then definitely North Face is going to work up to your expectation. Because in the long run, it really proves its worth.

By lasting long, providing good insulation, sidestepping overheating issues, and also making you look good. Those who are into sports and outdoor stuff passionately, not occasionally, will agree on the fact that there are very few brands that play as hard as North Face. It’s one perfect example of the phrase, you get what you’re paying for. Also, today people of all ages, different social statuses, and even various continents are appreciating the makings of North Face. It’s truly one ubiquitous brand!

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  1. I used to think The North Face brand was too expensive. But, about two years ago, my wife asked for me to donate some clothes. And, I noticed two long-sleeved shirts that still looked great and I still wear that I bought in the previous century. When my family go to the outlet mall, I always make sure we visit The North Face store. When we go skiing, I buy North Face clothes, layers, jackers for my family. And, now I use The North Face for my running and workout clothes. I wish they made cycling shorts. The brand has a life-time warranty on virtually everything. It is made so well and creatively. I belong to the company’s VIP club. My question is: Why wear anything else?


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