Can You Bring A Taser On A Plane: TSA Ruling Divulged

Are you planning on packing your taser for your next trip? We all need some sort of self-defense in places that are foreign to us, don’t we?


Can you bring a taser on a plane? While the answer may depend on multiple factors, we’ll go deeper into this topic to ensure you know what to do next.

Why Tasers May Not Be Allowed On Planes


Since most tasers are made of Lithium batteries, the Transportation Security Administration doesn’t always feel so great about them.

The 100ml rule from the TSA strictly implies that carry-on baggage must only contain 100ml of liquid and nothing more. If the battery of the stun gun has an accidental discharge or leak, then that’s a hazard.

Lithium batteries also have a record of exploding or catching fire when they’re damaged or short-circuit. So lithium-conducted electrical weapons are not just a threat of electrocution like they seem to be.

Infliction Of Harm

Although you may promise never to use your stun gun on anyone boarding,  that wouldn’t assure the other passengers enough. It works the other way around too. Knowing you’re in a plane with someone possessing a taser would definitely make you feel uneasy. Without stun guns and any weapon that may inflict harm, everyone will rest assured and be able to enjoy their flight.

Can You Bring A Taser On A Plane According To Baggage Type

Checked Luggage

Tasers and most types of self-defense weapons are allowed in a checked bag. That is because they would be out of the owner’s reach and are tightly secured anyway.

However, certain rules apply, just like how each weapon should be safely and securely individually packed.

Carry-on Luggage

TSA themselves have strictly announced that no stun guns may be packed into a carry-on bag.

In this case, not the airline nor your country can help you out because even they are strictly against it.

Some people continue to bring stun guns into their carry-on bags hoping they’ll get through. But, they never get past the screening. And the consequences may range from confiscation to cancellation of a flight or even a criminal charge.

Can You Bring A Stun Gun On A Plane According To Airline

While most airlines follow TSA’s regulations, there are some that prioritize their preferences first. 

This topic is crucial for most passengers because while most airlines may allow a stun gun in a checked bag, some rules apply.

Checked BagCarry On Bag
Delta AirlinesAllowed (must not use lithium batteries)Not Allowed
Southwest AirlinesAllowed (must be securely packed)Not Allowed
United AirlinesAllowed (power source must be removed)Not Allowed
American AirlinesAllowed (batteries must be in a separate plastic bag)Not Allowed
JetblueAllowedNot Allowed
Spirit AirlinesAllowedNot Allowed
Alaska AirlinesNot AllowedNot Allowed

How To Pack Your Stun Gun Into Your Checked Baggage

You may have heard or read that weapons must be securely packed, but how secure do they have to be? Let’s start with their power source. If your stun gun simply plugs into a charging port due to its internal rechargeable battery, then all you have to do is to pack the charger and the stun gun separately.

However, if they are battery operated, then you’ll have to take the batteries out, wrap them in paper and tightly seal them in plastic. Some airlines may allow batteries inside stun guns on your checked baggage, but it’s better to be safe.

The best place for you to put your taser is not on the pockets or zippers of the checked baggage but in between folded clothes instead. This way, you can prevent breakage or accidents.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many batteries does airport security allow?

Civilians are allowed to carry a maximum of two (2) individually wrapped batteries on their checked luggage. Take note that they are not allowed to exceed a 160 watt/hour rating but should be at least a 100 watt/hour.

What self-defense materials are allowed by TSA?

To be straightforward, no weapon or object that may inflict harm is allowed on carry-on baggage, according to the official TSA website. However, pepper spray, knives, firearms, and even ammunition are allowed when it comes to a checked bag!

What do I need for airport security to allow me to bring stun guns?

Although a stun gun isn’t allowed on checked baggage most of the time, there may be exceptions. For example, some airlines and countries may allow you to carry stun guns if you have a Concealed Carry Permit or a Dangerous Weapons Permit. Permits for defense equipment like these may be granted if your life may be under threat or simply an on-duty official.

There are also instances where the TSA agent may perform a background check on you to ensure everyone’s safety. And if you’re lucky, they may allow you to bring your taser if your background is exceptionally clean.

Can a TSA officer confiscate my taser?

Yes, they can, especially if it’s packed in carry-on bags. It also depends on the gravity of the situation — specifically, the airline, country, and background and it may even depend on the officer.


Now that you have reached the end of this article, we hope you have found your answer. Remember that tasers are only allowed on checked baggage!

If you still find yourself lost, you can always call or email your airline ahead of your flight and discuss the situation with them. You may also check the official websites of the airlines and even TSA’s site.

We’re sure the Transportation Security Administration appreciates civilians like you who do take the time to know and follow the rules and regulations. Remember, it’s better safe than sorry!

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