Can You Bring Creatine On A Plane: TSA Regulations Explained

Taking a white powder on a plane? Are you having second thoughts about it?

Don’t worry.

Creatine is allowed on a plane compared to other white powders, and we’ll help you ensure you’re spared the doubts. We’ll discuss how to bring creatine luggage-wise while including the do’s, don’ts, hacks, and tips. We’re here to ensure all of your questions about “can you bring creatine on a plane” are answered. 

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Why Creatine May Not Be Allowed On A Plane


As mentioned earlier, white powder tends to give off suspicion. Not only have people tried to sneak in drugs through an airport before, but they have also tried tainting creatine powder with it!

All you have to do is explain to them that the powder they found in your bag is creatine. Nothing should go wrong unless, of course, you don’t pass the background check.


Believe it or not, some countries do not allow creatine, whether in pills or powder form. So, you have to ensure that the airline and the country would allow it. You wouldn’t want it to be confiscated or get charged.


Bringing too much creatine powder may turn into a hassle. Not only might they think that you’re planning to sell it abroad, but some rules govern how much powder a civilian can bring to a plane. For carry-on luggage, you’re going to want to pack not more than 12 ounces of non-essential powders. Remember, 12 ounces is the limit. Either follow the rules or get charged!

On the other hand, checked luggage sets no limitations on how much creatine you can bring. Just make sure you’re still following the standard weight and dimensions of the bag.

Can You Bring Creatine On A Plane Through A Carry On Bag?

Yes, you surely can. Just keep the things mentioned above in mind to avoid any difficulties.

To be straight up, we don’t always recommend packing your protein powder into your carry-on bags. That’s because not only is there a limit, but also a screening process.

Even if you put your creatine into its original container, it would still mark up suspicion, which is why airport security is responsible for checking it. This includes a separate x-ray process. This may take some time and even hold up the line, which you wouldn’t want.

Can You Bring Pre-Workout Supplement On A Plane Through A Checked Luggage?

You may also bring your creatine pills and powders in your checked bag.

This may take up some space from your luggage and be out of your reach during your flight, but it will allow you freedom on how much your want to bring and the ability to avoid a longer screening process.

However, if you’re going to pack protein powder into a new container or bag, you’re going to want to label it. Having airport security guessing what white powder you have in your bag may lead to a hassle.

How To Pack Your Protein Powder For Your Next Flight

Pack Your Protein Powder

Now that you’re ready to bring creatine let’s talk about the proper ways to pack these capsuled and powdered supplements. Since creatine supplements usually come in hard plastic containers, they will take up some space and weight on your carry-on luggage and your checked luggage.

So what you’ll want to do is repack them, don’t worry, it’s alright. Creatine doesn’t go bad when exposed or taken out from the original container.

To make things easier, you should grab a couple of zip lock bags, measure your daily serving sizes, and pack creatine into them. Before you seal them, make sure to compress them and remove as much air as you can.

After you store creatine into serving sizes, put them all into one big ziplock bag. Most people compactly pack their luggage, and the tendency here is that the plastic would pop (especially if you didn’t remove the air inside) or there would be a leak.

We can’t guarantee that the airport security checking your luggage will be gentle, so it’s best to make sure none of your personal belongings would get powder on them, just in case. The last step would be to label the bag. This is necessary to avoid explaining to the officials what the white powder is. It also helps save time during the ray screening process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is taking creatine to a plane risky?

Although creatine may be legal to bring on flights according to transportation security administration, there may be a couple of disadvantages. Aside from confiscating your muscle-building supplement, you may also end up getting charged. It all depends on the circumstance.

If your background check isn’t promising, then you may end up detained for suspicion. Additionally, if you don’t pack them properly, then these may end up everywhere in your luggage.

Should I take my creatine on a plane?

It depends. Think of how long your trip would last. If it won’t last long, then it might be a good idea to let your body rest from the supplement powder. Also, consider if purchasing creatine on your trip would be cheaper than bringing it. This way, you could also try new things and even take them home if you like them!

What should I bring with along my creatine powder?

It’s ideal to bring some sugary drinks along with your creatine. This is only, of course, prior to your flight. Otherwise, you should just purchase the drinks in the country you’re flying to.

You may also bring some melatonin with it. Researchers say that taking creatine and melatonin alongside each other helps increase muscle mass more than usual and also ensures a tight restful sleep.


Creatine is legal to bring on a plane, whether it may be on your carry-on or checked luggage. Always follow the rules, limitations, and tips we mentioned above to ensure your trip is hassle-free. Don’t get scared of the TSA agents! They’re there to help you and make sure everyone is safe. Just explain what you’ve got going on, and you’ll be fine. Have a safe and enjoyable flight ahead!

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