Can You Bring Glass on a Plane Carry on Baggage?

The number of questions going on regarding things that are allowed on a plane while flying is crazy. People are really in concern about what they can take on a flight and whatnot, and that’s a good sign actually.

If you are planning to bring something that is made of glass, then of course having concerns about the rulings is obvious. Now there are many things that could use glass for making. Considering that fact, let’s talk about if you can bring glass on a plane in your carry on. Keep on Reading…

So, Can You Bring Glass on a Flight Inside Your Carry On?

According to the TSA website, you can bring glass on a plane inside your hand luggage. And this can make confusion to some people as glass is an item that may break and become a sharp thing causing potential danger risks and how it is still okay to bring inside the plane.

Now the whole thing will depend on what type of glass you are talking about. There are plenty of things that uses glass as main component. And so, the regulation or matter of taking it or not will vary.

According to the rulings most glass items are okay to bring inside plane. But there can be possible occasions when the security refuses to let you carry it. Also, generally, you are only allowed to bring a glass item if it’s not too heavy as well as not very sharp.

For instance, you cannot bring a glass knife inside the plane. As that’s definitely very dangerous. In the same way, any glass item that can cause injury to passengers or hazards of wracking head is totally forbidden to bring.

Now let’s go through a few types of items of glass that you may want to bring inside your carry-on and find out if those are good to go with the regulations.

Can You Bring Glass on a Flight Inside Your Carry On?

Vases of Glass.

In case you want to gift a beautiful glass-made vase to a friend at destination spot, carrying the thing might just be what you’re worrying about. Or simply you want to buy one from the visiting place and would like to take it along back to your country. Perhaps the reason is something completely different.

Now in all cases, carrying a glass vase can be perfectly fine as long as you’re not taking a very heavy plus huge one. Also, make sure you use a separate container or box to pack the vase properly.

Just ask the shop person to pack the vase for shipping purposes. Chances are they’ll do it with pleasure for you. And of course, just to be extra sure, try to contact the airlines and ask them directly about glass vase to find out if there are any chances of decline because of weight or size.

Carrying Medication Inside Glass Vial.

When you want to bring along some medication for your health conditions, there can be a prescribed one that comes inside a glass vial. In such a case, there are two regulations to worry about. One you are bringing a glass item. And two, you are carrying a liquid material inside of it.

According to the TSA liquids rule, it’s fine as long as the quantity does not exceed 100 ml or 3.oz. Now mostly, all the medications that come within glass vial are not more than this quantity anyways. So, you are good to go with the liquid rulings.

And bringing a glass vial that holds a permissible quantity of liquid is also going to be no problem. Just make sure you use a separate liquid bag to carry the vial. So that it can is clearly visible to the security officer along with your prescription. There’s usually less doubt to the fact that by showing the prescription and packing responsibly, you will have zero problems carrying your medication in a glass vial.

Jars Made of Glass.

You can go ahead with your glass jar and pack it inside the carry-on. But the jar cannot contain anything that is restricted. And this includes any forbidden liquid as well. Also, in terms of carrying liquid inside the jar, it cannot be more than 100 ml quantity.

Drinking vessels such as shot glasses, goblets, and cups of glass are okay to bring in a plane. Just make sure all can fit inside your cabin bag allowance without a problem.

Picture Frame & Mirror of Glass.

This can be surprising and hard to believe, but even large picture frames that come with a covering made of glass, are permissible usually with most airlines. However, if this does not fit inside your carry-on bag, then the situation is different. Also, with mirrors, the rulings are similar to glass frames.

Glass Fish Tanks.

This can be a bit weird to believe but bringing a glass fish tank inside a plane is a very common query that people ask TSA. Now according to regulation, one can bring it through security. The fish inside should be swimming in a glass container that is clear and also spill-proof.

Containers that are huger than 3.4 ounces are fine to bring however these need to go through visual inspection at checkpoint.

A Few More Types of Glass to Bring Inside a Plane.

♦ If traveling with a baby, then you can bring baby food inside glass containers.

Bringing empty wine or champagne bottles made of glass is also fine.

♦ If you bought wine or spirits inside glass bottles from duty-free, then bringing them inside hand luggage is okay.

♦ A Glass snow globe that is not large than 100ml and comes inside the resealable liquid bag is also fine inside the plane.

♦ Glass-made Christmas ornaments, paperweights that don’t pose weight or size-concerning risks, containers holding solid wax candles (not gel candles) and water pipes, eyeglasses, and magnifying glasses are not a problem to bring along inside carry-on luggage.

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Wrapping Up

Looks like the matter of bringing glass on a plane inside a carry on luggage is well sorted after having a discussion. One more thing you should care about apart from getting this information is how to pack the glass item for air travel.

There’s always a chance of the glass breaking. And so, you must pay extra attention towards packing it in a way that the chances of shattering are less. Use bubble wraps or your cozy clothing items to provide a cushioning effect to the glass stuff. Also, if you are packing glass items that may require checking at the security checkpoint, then don’t overpack. Because then you won’t be able to show them what’s inside and it might get declined.

On that note, will leave for today, see you in some other fun chat soon…

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