Exactly How Much Does First Class International Flight Cost!

When I figured out generally how big are airplane seats, my thought automatically shifted to those who chose first class international flights. They don’t need to worry about such things. Then again, not everyone can afford that much.

Now you might be interested to travel in luxury aka the first-class flight. But before you take too much comfort in the lavishness, consider finding out exactly how much does first class cost international flight.

Usually, it will cost around $1000 – $14,000 internationally on average. It can be expensive or cheap based on which airlines you are going on.

Today, I’ll mention the popular airlines charge for flying in first class internationally. Hope That Helps!

How Much Does First Class Cost International Flight?

Everything comes at a cost so as the first-class ticket. Under this section, you’ll find the answer to how much do international flights usually cost on different airlines below.

How Much Does First Class Cost with Emirates Airlines?

Being one of the most expensive airlines in the world, its charge can vary based on the place where you are traveling to.

For example, the Emirate’s first-class ticket can cost around $10,000 to travel US and other countries.

In short, the first-class cost of Emirates airlines can charge $7,000 to $14,000 internationally on average.

How Much Does First Class Cost International Flight?

How Much Does First Class Cost with American Airlines?

The US airlines on an international flight can cost differently. Here’s the list of costs based on continents:

  • Europe Continent Countries: The US airline first class can charge around $477 to $4,000 on average to travel to Europe countries like Canada, the UK, and so on.
  • Asian Continent Countries: It will charge $460 to $3,995 when traveling with first-class tickets to journey in Asian countries like China, South Korea, and so on.
  • Africa Continent Countries: The overall cost of the first-class ticket would be $996 to $2750 to travel to African countries like South Africa, Egypt, and so on.

One thing you should know is that an international flight isn’t equal to a domestic flight that’s why they differ in cost.

For example, the delta first-class cost is $500 to $1700 on domestic flights while charges more on international flights. Something that contributed to the doubt regarding if delta domestic first-class worth it or not.

How Much Does First Class Cost with UK Airlines?

Based on the destination, luggage number, members, and many things, the price of first-class on British airlines can up and down.

It mostly cost around $300 to $7000 on average for a first-class ticket to travel in the US. In other places, UK airlines will charge between $13,000 to enjoy first-class services.

And, the overall price can cost more based on the zone where you want to travel.

How Much Does First Class Cost with Japan Airlines?

Japan airlines can cost around $1,100 to $1,500 to travel to America on a first-class ticket. It can charge more when the places changes but this count as cheap first class flights.

It will charge $2,500 (including baggage allowance) to move to Colombia in first class. On the other hand, Japanese airlines can raise the cost by up to $3,500 or more to travel in Brazil (first class).

What Is Special About Flying First Class?

The reason why people like to fly in first-class on international flights is due to all the benefits. Here are some of the good points:

  1. No stress over a huge crowd staring or screaming on the flight.
  2. Extra legroom and space to sit or sleep in comfort.
  3. Get free food and beverage which is rich as well as delicious.
  4. You can work or rest in your big zone without feeling exhausted.
  5. Find onboard shower and bed along in some airlines.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do first-class passengers pay baggage fees?

The answer is both yes and no! To put it simply, a first-class flight has a weight limit for baggage (70 pounds or 32 kg max for American Airlines). If you cross the line, then it’s necessary to pay the allowance for extra baggage. Even though you are paying a premium price, CannabisSensei reminds you to avoid packing anything on your first-class flight unsuitable for air travel, such as edibles.

Is first class worth it on international flights?

To get better treatment with a luxurious feel, first-class on an international flight do worth it. You can get a private space with a resting area and bed while having a mouthful of dishes that most can’t get. There’s a reason why it’s expensive, you know.  

Is first class better than business?

The main gap between the first and business classes is the seating type. The first-class seat tends to be big and roomy which can turn into a bed but cost a lot. On the other hand, the business class seat doesn’t offer ample legroom but cost less. It’s clear that first-class is better except when the deciding factor is cost solely.

Wrap Up

You’ll get comfort, necessary stuff, with the lavish environment when flying in first-class seat to travel other countries but at a huge price.

As you know how much does first class cost international flight, now you can decide whether to book or skip the ticket based on your understanding. But it’s going to give you a different experience than the business or economy class indeed. Good Luck on Your Journey!

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