Dometic RV Refrigerator Reset Process (How-To Guide)

When going for camping trips in your RV, you’re expecting stress-free, quality time spent all throughout, especially when you’re with the family. That’s why you want to make sure that everything is in good running condition.

Well, sometimes things can just suddenly break down and that’s where you also have to pack the quick-fix skills when it comes to your RV appliances.

In this post, we’ll talk about a few things about your camper refrigerator and the simple steps to reset it. Specifically, we’ll talk through the whole Dometic RV refrigerator reset button and some situations where you need to use it.

The Reset Process

Food, drinks, and even medicine should be kept in the proper fridge compartment, some in the freezer compartment, to ensure they’ll last for the whole trip. This is one of the vital reasons why you should know how to do the reset process on your RV’s fridge. The quickest way to do that is to try the first step, which is to reset a Dometic refrigerator.

Here's Everything You Need to Know About Dometic RV Refrigerator Reset Process

About the Reset Button Location & More

The location of the reset button on an RV fridge can be quite confusing to some. First of all, know that simply turning the fridge’s power button on and off, won’t reset the fridge and can also cause another issue. And the best way to a quick fix is to know where the reset button is located.

It is also best to have the owner’s manual handy in case you need to check the control panel for other issues.

There are different models of RV refrigerators available, so the reset button placement will vary. However, from the usual scenarios, the most common location of the reset switch button is inside the RV fridge. You’re lucky if that’s the case because you should be able to see the reset button easily after opening the fridge.

Remember that he reset button is meant to help you with more than a few necessary technical troubleshooting.

Now like what we’ve discussed earlier, there are different scenarios that might come up with your Dometic refrigerator, so let’s go through a few more assumptions that might be your case.

For example, if you have an RV fridge that comes with two-way settings. In such a case, there should be a propane tank or 120-volt electricity support for running it. There are even three-way models available. These are meant to work on the propane tank, 120-volt electricity as well as 12-volt electricity.

rv ref checking

You should look for the blown circuit in your fridge. If it works on a 120-volt circuit the wiring should be similar to your home’s electrical system. There could also be a tripped circuit breaker, so you might as well look for it. You need to simply switch it on for restarting or resetting the fridge.

If there are no tripped wires then probably your fridge has some problems with the heating element. The other possible reason could be a faulty control board. By replacing those parts, you can get rid of the situation.

An RV technician can help you with your Dometic RV fridge resetting to its default settings in case you’re finding it difficult to do on your own. Always keep their numbers at hand!

Issues with Pilot Light

The first case where resetting your Dometic fridge can help is when your pilot light cannot trigger the burners of the RV fridge. You may try relighting it, but there’s no benefit. It will continuously burn out.

The first thing you do to solve such a problem is to check thermonuclear. It may be faulty, and so you need to make a replacement. If even after replacing the thermonuclear, things don’t work, then the issue must be too much air in the gas line. This can lead to restricting pilot light from working the way it should.

To fix this problem you need to access the gas valves in the fridge. Simply power those down and go for a reset. In the case of newer models of RV fridges, you would be able to do this by pushing one simple power button. Otherwise, simply follow the manual resetting process.

rv fridge

The issue with A Failed Burner

There are a lot of people who may take the camper fridge running on propane gas or electricity thing as a guessing game. And this can eventually lead to a problematic situation of the faulty burner. If you don’t really know what it runs on, then there’s a good chance you’ll end up getting into trouble.

Usually, it’s best to stick with AC power instead of gas once you have to surpass 5,500 feet altitudes. There’s a lot that the altitude can put on liquid propane. And this can make the burner burn out if you fail to switch things when it’s the right time to do so.

If things are already out of your hand, then the solution or fix is going for a reset because, by now, the excess air may have already made space in the gas supply lines. And this could be why the burner is failing.

By resetting your RV fridge as well as propane cylinder purging, you’ll be able to get rid of those extra air. And that should be enough to fix this mess. Just make sure the next time you don’t delay switching as soon as altitude changes.

rv ref repair

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Wrap Up

Finding the reset button and knowing the reset process plus knowing when to use it are some of the really important things you need to figure out before a trip. Your food and water need to stay fresh inside the RV refrigerator. And if things go downhill, you should not be just stuck finding the location of a basic reset button and spoiling the trip.

Having read and learned some basic troubleshooting in this post, you can now think about other things for your trip plan. Have a great RV trip!

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  1. I have test my RV fridge, it came on and trips again after about 5 minutes. What should I do to resolve this problem.

  2. I have a Dometic RM2826 fridge the RV is a 2007, I had to replace a failed converter the new one has 3 step charging, The fridge will get the freezer portion very cold but the fridge box itself does not get down to proper temperature. The question I have is the converter is sending 14.5vdc to areas on the power board and other areas that should be seeing 12vdc. is this a problem or should it work at 14.5 vdc ? I am testing now on propane onley to see if that cools the fridge box properly. I have 2 battery operated fans in the fridge box for air circulation


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