How Much are Extended Stay Hotels Per Month | Explained!

Seeking some information on extended stay accommodation can be due to many reasons, let’s not go there. As a housing option, this has become quite popular and the comfort is praiseworthy. Once you manage to fit such stays within your budget, there are many perks you’ll get to enjoy.

Finding how much are extended stay hotels per month can be a great way to figure out whether you can think of it as an option for your case. So, let’s talk in-depth about this matter today.

So How Much are Extended Stay Hotels Per Month & Tips to Find the Best Ones.

The monthly cost can vary according to hotels’ setting and arrangements. Let’s keep those points in mind too when talking about the cost. Plus, I’ll include some tips on how you can find the best suitable one for your stay.

So How Much are Extended Stay Hotels Per Month & Tips to Find the Best Ones

About the Cost.

In most cases, the average monthly hotel rentals will charge you around 800 dollars or more. However, this can depend on a lot of things including type of hotel you chose to stay. There’s also the factor of where this hotel is located. Many find it confusing or hard to believe that living in such hotels can be cheaper than apartments.

However, the whole matter actually can be true or false depending on a lot of other things. Because the answer depends on how you are willing to live. As if you chose to make it an expensive stay, there’s no way the bill will come less. The standard of our living will have an impact on expense of hotel stays. You can deduct the cost by being sensible with it as well.

There are weekly rates available with some hotels. And in such cases, you can expect to spend somewhere between 90 to 125 dollars per week. However, this category often falls under the affordable range. And the reason for this low costing is because they are located in not a very safe neighborhood. Also, there can be amenities missing with these.

While if you are curious about the expensive ones, expect charges to be between 325 to 450 dollars each week. These come with proper amenities and facilities to live pretty comfortably. You should explore and browse available hotels online that are nearby to be more aware of the whole costing.

A More In-depth Cost Explanation.

This segment is meant to compare the cost with expense of living in an apartment. For instance, we can say that typically it’s a 150-dollar bill to pay for staying a night at an expensive hotel that comes with quite good facilities.

This means you will be spending 4500 dollars for a nice room. But if you are basically here to travel, which is the probable cause, then there’s a good chance of vising friends and family. As the more you travel, you’ll want to spend more nights visiting different places.

Not to forget camping and other activities that make you stay outside. Now that means you are getting quite a few free nights on rewards. It won’t be hard to cut down half the cost each month that way, making it 2250 dollars.

Now think about the money you save by not renting a place. For gas and electricity, it should be around 50 dollars. The cost of garbage and water will be around 25 dollars. Then for TV, cable, Internet, replacing sheets, cleaning supplies, basic living stuff, toiletries, and similar items you would have to spend around 200 dollars.

House cleaning and furnishing will need another 150 to 250 dollars. And not to forget around 1500 dollars for the rent. If you prefer traveling, then 300 dollars will be added as well. Now add all those and you can clearly see it’s closer to what you’ll spend on living at a hotel for 15 days.

Not to forget tax if the stay is for work stuff. Hotel stays are usually tax-deductible giving you some extra discounts. And you won’t need a car as well saving a good amount on gas, insurance, depreciation, parking car washes, oil changes, tickets, and so on. Overall, an lengthy hotel stay can be actually better than renting a place, even cost-wise.

Things You Get for The Cost of Extended Hotel Stay That Saves Time.

The things you don’t have to do while living in a hotel can hugely be time-saving. And interestingly, the consistency of getting benefits from these things is pretty constant.

For example, you don’t have to make your bed every morning. There’s no need to worry about washing sheets as well. You don’t have to worry about spending time washing dishes. Your laundry will also be managed by hotel staff.

It’s true that hotel living may not be a very friendly option for many. But for those who don’t have kids or family members, this can be a very flexible option overall. An apartment with furnishing worries that also costs pretty expensive can be more like a burden to certain people. And to save time plus money, such potential hotels stay at setting and different surrounding isn’t a bad thing after all.

Tips for Choosing Extended Stay Hotels.

Be very careful in choosing a safe neighborhood. To save money, don’t decide to stay in an unknown surrounding that is not also safe.

Hotels should have proper hygiene and health standards despite being cheap. You should spend enough time reading reviews online before checking in one.

The choices that come with convenience of nearby groceries and similar important spots are your best bets for lengthy stays.

You don’t want to be face a hidden fee or charge. Make sure to read the fine print carefully and be aware of charges for housekeeping and anything else.

Hotels that come with free breakfast, parking, fitness center can be a great fit for lengthy stays.

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Final Thoughts

From how much are extended stay hotels per month to some tips on finding one, looks like we had a long talk about a lot of things today. Hope this helps you with whatever you’re willing to find out from reading this matter.

It may feel a bit intermediating to think about an extensive stay at the hotel, but if your circumstances seem to be more flexible with this option then go for it. Just make sure you know about the whole thing thoroughly. It’s best to be prepared with the proper information rather than suddenly choosing to move out of your house.

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