How Much Liquid Can You Take on a Plane in Checked Baggage?

Traveling safely also depends on the fact that how well known you’re regarding following rules and regulations. When you book a flight, obviously there is certain guidelines. The ones that you cannot skip to check before getting into your packing chore.

One confusing part is about the liquid limitation for baggage. And according to different airlines, this ruling has a slight difference in each case. Now let’s stick to the general idea. And find out today about how much liquid you can take on a plane in checked baggage.

How Much Liquid Can You Take on a Plane in Checked Baggage?

Liquids are of different types. And depending on that information you will have to consider the limitation for a certain flight. Keep that in mind.

How Much Liquid Can You Take on a Plane in Checked Baggage?

Checked Baggage Liquid Amount.

The limitation for baggage liquid carrying is not fixed. In most usual cases, you don’t have to limit yourself when packing liquids in bags that will go through checking already. And this is valid for both container and total measurement wise. For both the USA and EU, rule is valid. And passengers follow accordingly.

But in the case of cosmetic and medical supplies that are liquid, expectations can be there. The information of no liquid restriction for baggage is proven by many instructions. And that’s why you can rely on the data.

In the airline’s website, you usually don’t find very in-depth information on liquid carrying stuff. And so, it can be difficult to determine the one substance your carrying in liquid form will whether be permissible or not. Also, you usually don’t get the total amount of liquid okay for carrying in baggage. The rules that are available usually refers to carry-on baggage rulings. And that’s why this information is so confusing to confirm.

One thing you can do is directly get in contact with the TSA on Twitter. Or a platform that is available for asking if there’s a limitation. The TSA is known to respond fast and consistently on this matter.

In Case Of Cosmetic & Medical Belongings.

There is exceptional ruling that applies to a few items. And this includes makeup stuff and medication items. Especially the ones that are not radioactive. You want to consider items such as dispensers as well as aerosols. Also, include non-flammable and non-toxic stuff. A few good examples are perfumes, colognes, alcoholic drugs, hairspray, and such items.

For baggage that will go through inspection, you must follow a special rule regarding these items. The sub-total net quantity of these non-radioactive items cannot be more than 2 liters. Each individual item cannot be more than a half-liter. And this goes for all the stuff belonging to the 2.2 subclasses. This is accurate as a collective quantity for both hands and hold baggage.

You also need to get protective caps if carrying aerosols with valves. As there’s a chance of accidental discharge with the stuffs.

Tips for Traveling with Liquids

You can simply download the TSA application that will have information on the items that are commonly accepted. It will also include the items that you cannot bring. And so, the packing will be convenient.

Buying some travel-size toiletries can be a fantastic option to try. There are sets available with multiple transparent containers. This you can use for carrying your liquid items such as shampoo or body washes. These are available online as well as quite popular within grocery shops. Make sure to get these before your packing session. So that you can bring questionable items in moderation. And there will be fewer problems to face in the airport that way.

There are also plastic cases available that can hold a number of liquid items. If you are carrying any item that can be misunderstood for being something illegal, bring original packaging. So that the security can identify and verify the safety of that item without questioning out further. The whole experience can be a lot embarrassing if they misunderstand your belongings to be something inappropriate.


Usually, there’s less to worry about how much liquid you can take on a plane in checked baggage. Because in a typical scenario, the items that get limitation on carry-on are okay to pack inside luggage that goes through checking. Just be aware of the special category. The one that includes flammable liquids or aerosols. And make sure there’s no trouble in bringing them. Have a Safe Journey.

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