How Strict is DELTA on Checked Baggage Size & Carry-On Too?

You are all set to take your next flight with Delta and the whole family is quite excited. Until you come across the packing chore. Now suddenly you have this question, how strict is delta on checked baggage size. You also need to know about Delta baggage allowance. And so, you sit down, look for the answer on internet, and come across this writing.

Well, you can relax, I’ve got it. Today, let’s go through the whole thing of Delta baggage rulings on size and figure out their strictness.

How Strict is DELTA on Checked Baggage Size & Carry-on Weight.

Those last-minute fees can be easily avoided with such a type of discussion. Being aware of delta airlines carry on bags size as well as the data for checked baggage, you’ll be able to sidestep sudden shock of prices at airport. Keep on Reading…

How Strict is DELTA on Checked Baggage Size & Carry-on Weight.

First Know About the Allowances.

Taking good notes of the total number of checked suitcases plus carry-ons that you’ll be entitled to, is the very first thing you need to sort out. Checking the allowed number to bring on a flight is also necessary. Delta is known well for allowing one to two checked bags with quite all of the available fares. Below talk about the allowance and fees for both checked and carry-on bags.

For Checked Bags.

Depending on your booked fare, the allowance of checked baggage will vary. In the case of a Delta One, 1st, or Business class fare, you can take around two checked bags without paying anything. However, there’s an exception for Economy fares. Here you need to expect fees for all the checked bags you’re taking along.

Depending on what route you’re taking, the exact amount of fee will vary as an economy passenger. For instance, if you are taking flights with US, then the 1st bag would cost thirty dollars. For the second one, you need to pay 40 dollars. In the case of long routes, for instance, US to the UK, you can however enjoy one to two free checked bags even as an economy class passenger.

One fantastic way to determine the exact fee you need to pay is by checking directly with DELTA before your flight takes place. Based on your destination and fare type, they will give you specific information regarding this.

For Carry-On Bags.

Along with the delta personal item size, you need information about the carry-on item allowance. One standard carry on item is allowed along with a personal item without any extra cost.

This is applicable to all Delta passengers. There’s no specific outline for restricted size, however. But generally, it should be something small such as a purse or laptop bag. Something that can easily be fitted below one’s seat.

Now for the carry-on size allowance, measurement should be nothing more than 22x14x9 inches. Wheels and accessories with the carry-on bag are includes in this measurement. Or at least for the sake of accuracy, you should consider including those.

Anything bigger than this size will automatically need to check at the gate. And you will pay the applicable fee. There should be more specific data on this with the carry-on-size guideline of airline, check that too.

Bonus – What About Baby Stuffs?

If you have a kid under 2 years old age, then carry him or her on your lap and there will be no extra charge. But there’s no free service for extra baggage meant for the kid. For the stroller, you can free check at ticket counter. It’s also fine to check directly at the gate. There’s also a checking system at the airport’s curbside.

In Case You Need to Take Extra Bags & Bulky Luggage.

Determining how strict is delta on checked baggage weight that is extra is also a part of this conversation. So, this segment was necessary. Now in terms of checked bags, they should not be any more than fifty pounds. That’s for the economy fare passengers. Now you can bring a bit more, around 70 pounds of weighing checked bags as a ONE, 1st, or Business fare passenger.

No matter what the fare, measurement of checked bag should not be any more than 62 linear inches. Quite the same as Alitalia checked baggage. Depending on how much exactly over the weight limit baggage is, fees will keep on varying. This also bases on your route.

For example, let’s think you have an economy fare ticket. The bag you are carrying weights somewhere between 51 to 70 pounds. This usually leads to an overweight bag fee of hundred dollars for maximum routes. Larger fees, which are typically around two-hundred dollars, are applicable for any weight more than 70 pounds. Also, some routes may even not allow such bulk for bags.

The factor route can also impact this fee. Suppose you are flying within Canada or the US. The fee will be 200 dollars for oversized bag in such a case. But if its flights for Europe or North Africa, this fee can increase to three hundred dollars. International travel meant luggage can be a good solution that you should give a thought on buying. Also, you can bring up to 10 extra bags on the flight.

Tips to Avoid the Consequences of Delta’s Strict Baggage Ruling.

There are few tips I want you to keep in mind that can help in avoiding this many baggage fees. I mean nobody would like to pay for these extra hassles. Let’s have a look at the tips I’m talking about right below:

  • If you have American Express Credit Card, then there’s a travel card offer included for traveling in Delta Air Lines. Check with your credit card company for such baggage fee reimbursement, they might have such an offer.
  • There’s a chance of availing of free checked bags as a SkyTeam Member. This basically needs you to enroll in their SkyMiles Loyalty Program.
  • If you are traveling on military orders, make sure to get your free checked bags facility. For the US military members, airline provides such allowance for even personal travel or certain fares. You get to bring 2 to 5 checked bags for free under this.
  • And finally, try to sidestep the costs with packing limitation. Try limiting baggage on carry-ons. This also means you don’t have to wait for baggage claim after the flight.

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Wrap Up

So now you should have a good idea of how strict is delta on checked baggage size as well as carry-on luggage. The discussion also includes charges and fees so that you can everything in one place. Hopefully, this was helpful.

On any trip, it is best to travel light and bring as little as possible. However, sometimes that’s unavoidable and you need to bring stuff. Taking notes of what to expect with all your baggage will help to avoid any sudden shock of charge. Have A Safe Journey!

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