How To Make Your Basketball Shoes More Sticky For Grip?

Having a pair of Clean White Basketball Shoes that are also pretty amazing with the right amount of weight and looks makes you quite a player who grabs a lot of attention. All of this won’t be enough if that pair of shoes lack grip.

Imagine not being able to make that incredible turn you had in your mind for earning the team a much-needed score, just because suddenly the shoes caused you to slip slightly and make you lose your focus.

I know that scene isn’t something very rare with such pairs that unfortunately lack proper stickiness. So, should you dump them and buy a new pair? Well, if you have the budget, go ahead. But it’s still best to give things a bit more chance and try learning how to make your basketball shoes more sticky that might just save you money from not having to get the new pair. Let me help you with that.

Exactly How to Make Your Basketball Shoes More Sticky to Have The Right Grip.

Let me mention that there’s no way you think of using a regular pair of everyday shoes for playing basketball even if those have the right grip. Sport-specific few wears are essentials.

Ever thought Why Do Basketball Players Wear Tights when they can simply grab comfy trousers instead? Don’t laugh! My point is there are certain things you will require, to have right support in the right places.

And if you don’t want it to ruin the entire game taking away all your potential, don’t even think about putting those basketball shoes aside and doing nothing about its slippiness just because you have another everyday wear snickers that feels like enough grippy. 

Coming to that, here’s how to make basketball shoes more grippy and sticky

The Very Basic Way Is Cleaning.

I understand that this could be something you’ve already tried. But some might just have not cleaned those shoes for quite a long time and never really knew that the lack of cleaning could cause reduced grip. I’ll keep this short. 

Use a basic toothpick or any tool that comes with a pointy end such as scissors or even a screwdriver will work. Get those tiny stones or rocks out of the back of your shoes. It could be a mud cluster as well causing the sole grooves to become less grippy. Once you are done getting rid of the rock, clean it with a soapy mixture.

Use regular eco-friendly detergent and some warm water to make it. A toothbrush will be enough for scrubbing the grooves. 

Use fresh water to clean the area and get rid of any remaking residue of mixture you just used. A clean cloth or paper towel would be necessary for drying the area. Leave in an area with good ventilation next for proper drying. 

Keep In Mind:

  • Before and after each game, you must get the shoes cleaned.
  • Never wear them outside the court and catch extra dirt. 
  • Make sure the basketball court is also swept regularly. 
  • Never scrub, use hard bleach or leave any soapy mixture for too long. 
Basketball Shoes More Sticky to Have The Right Grip

Use Special Sticky Mat. 

There are special mats available in the sporting goods section of a store. These come with rubbed rubber back. And there are also polyethylene sheets of several layers on them. You simply change the layers whenever necessary

The sticky surface on top of these mats is great for catching any dust or dirt that could be compiling on soles making it less grippy. So, if you get them and use them before as well as after each match, there should not be any problem of slippiness with them.

You can simply keep one on the basketball court’s sideline. And even if during the match, you feel like there’s a lack of grip, go to that corner and step on the mat with your shoes for a while.

At some time, the mat would become quite dirty and sort of losing stickiness it had before. That’s when you simply need to pull the top sheet off. The freshly new sticky one would be ready for you to use just like before.

Making it Sticky with A Wet Towel.

Another easy hack to make those shoes grippy is by using a regular towel that is wet. You just need to place that thing on the floor and step on it with shoes on.

And this would make the shoes feel sticky afterward. It’s not a very long-term fix. However, if you are in a middle of a match and don’t have time to do long DIYs, then this could be an instant solution. It’s also known as the traction action.

Using Sticky Lotions. 

There are special lotions available just like special mats that are meant for adding stickiness to basketball shoes. You simply apply the liquid on the soles of your shoes. And then wear them as regular.

You’ll feel this thing has added a stickiness instant after application. It’s meant to be poured on a towel first. And then you can step on top of the towel. Do this before entering the basketball court, you’ll have best results. 

The Grip Enhancer Tape. 

This method is the best one till now as it gives finest and securest grip out of all. These are quite thin strip-like supplies. And there’s adhesive stuff on the strip basically holding a substance that is quite abrasive.

This is the part that adds grip to shoes basically. You directly put them on the existing grip of shoes. And that’s it. The thing works great or players having a great amount of traction to play with on the court. With more grit, it is supposed to provide you better grip basically.

On the area where you need to put it, go for a perpendicular application of the stripes. Usually, the front area. This is where the texture feels less likely to serve with grip.

A Grip Gel Works Wonders. 

Finally, we have grip gels that are great for adding stickiness to basketball shoes. You can easily get these on the sporting goods section or a store that sells sports stuff. And also, these are pretty affordable.

By using this gel, you will experience better traction with the shoes. And also, this method is known to work for a long time compared to other ones in this list. Follow the application method given on the label of gel and you should be good to go.

Video: How To Grip Your Basketball Shoes With Vaseline

Wrap Up

Looks like you now have a bunch of ideas to choose from and try. Learning how to make your basketball shoes more sticky using this many ways will definitely help you at some point.

Hopefully, you will pay attention to keep those shoes enough grippy and avoid all the slipping around inside the court that can cause a horrible mishap. The right comfort of your shoes and it having proper stickiness to give best support, are some basics you don’t want to miss in that pair by any means. 

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